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  1. Thanks peeps. I'll probably sell it since I'm not a collector but looking on Ebay I did get a good price. Got an accuball trackball, the Epyx, this, and one other for let's say, super cheap. Technically, I'm sort of a collector since I have a bunch of stuff but I suppose it's more accurate to say I'm not a completist.
  2. The motorcycle grip one. What's the story there? It's coming to me in a lot. The left one is Epyx minus the applique, I know.
  3. I put some boot disks on Ebay as well. Can make Mac, Apple II (GSOS, ProDOS, DOS3.3 on either 5.25 or 3.3), and as soon as my power supply gets here, Atari if the 1050 works correctly.
  4. PM Me. Have a whole SE computer and an extra Plus mouse.
  5. Def. got a bad one. No input to A1 whatsoever from the X axis. Anyone got one or a trackball that has an axis that works but the other one doesn't? Some on Ebay but for $14 seems high.
  6. I did design and print some different IIgs covers, they're on ebay along with some X/Y caps. Ended up getting a second IIgs so will fix the other later.
  7. Yeah, only the first 15,000 were joystick only. Service Manual.
  8. Thanks for the responses folks! And thanks for the subscribes. Wouldn't it be great if I could at least make a part-time living doing the same dumb stuff I do for free now? Help out by keeping the subs coming! Exactly why I put it up? Probably lots more tape adapters lying around than Atari DOS disks.
  9. I made a video of me using an iPhone to boot an 800XL. Further, the audio at the end of the video is a copy of the .WAV so you can boot DOS 2.5 using the video itself. Anyone else ever see a YouTube video used to distribute the actual software?
  10. Thanks for the quick response. IIRC, this is enough for the 1010 tho? I think mine has belt issues but IIRC 1.0A works for that at least.
  11. Necro thread, RISE! Ok I did this and booted my 800XL off my iPhone. I'm going to make a YouTube video with the audio at the end...so you'll be able to boot an 800XL off a YouTube video. Dark magics indeed. But, it boots right to the DOS menu so I presume the poke and reset aren't necessary except on a 400 or maybe 800? "Once it boots, POKE 9,1 then press RESET (for some reason my init routine didn't quite work properly). You'll be able to do disk operations but have to use the XIO command to do the format. " I tried a couple of operations that sort of worked but I'm pretty sure my AC adapter is too weak. It's 1.0Amp for a 1050 disk drive. Rotation seems slow and seems to speed up slightly when the head isn't seaking.
  12. PM me I can knock a little off vs. paying the Ebay fees or if you just want the wires and socket you can get the battery when needed down the road. Sorry you had to unsolder/solder yours...I was too late!
  13. Ill take a Japan 1010. The eBay guy said he wasnt sure hed ever seen one. Must have been N America to get the version I guess. He didnt have any. I presume the cost is similar to his. Mainly at this point to complete the Will it Boot? YouTube video I started for Zaxxon. Heck a Zaxxon T shirt costs as much as a tape drive on EBay...
  14. I've sold at least 10, maybe 15 or so on Ebay with no complaints, only positive feedback: https://www.ebay.com/itm/293012012749 The issue: the IIgs ROM 1 uses a soldered lead lithium battery. Why, Apple?! This kit lets you clip the battery leads, press on two very tight fitting wires that won't slip off or short other things like alligator clips would, and the other end press fits onto a PRAM type 3.3V lithium battery holder you can mount where you like. Zip tie to power cable, tape, etc. Lithium also probably won't leak ever, unlike those AA kits that are also much larger. So: No desoldering No leaking No potential shorts No soldering Mount where you like I did this to solve all the things I didn't like, so, I'm not just the inventor, I'm a user.
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