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  1. I'm not laughing at your statement. In fact, I'm fucking thrilled to see you standing up for yourself and setting shit straight. Not that anyone was buying into Kieren's "alternative facts" one second, but you get what I mean.... However, I'm sorry, but "I couldn't coerce a fruit fly to eat a banana." 🤣😂🤣😂 Crying. Dying. Now. Thank you for that bit of levity.
  2. LOL! Yes. Yes, it was. He's still talkin' shit, calling me dumb ass, dick lick, and saying that I'm dick buddies with Lawrence....just so many dicks, ya' know? Either he thinks I'm homophobic, or he is in fact homophobic. Regardless, it just makes him look like an even bigger idiot than people imagine, which is quite remarkable after reading his ridiculous "copyright claim" against me for the JagZombies and Saucer Wars videos.
  3. Thanks for the support, bro. I've heard this bullshit for awhile now, my being banned for trolling, and it's just aggravating. I'll take accountability for when I fuck up, but I didn't troll him. When I've come at him it's been a reaction to something stupid he has said or done.
  4. I have my own guess. He'll run silent for two weeks, return with his account still set to 'private', though Kieren will claim that he took a break to receive treatment for self-harming and therapy. Then he'll soon launch into a series of Tweets promoting himself as an advocate for anti-bullying (maybe even try to ally himself with the Anti-Bullying Alliance), cut-and-paste inspirational quotes about strength, not giving up, etc. If he's really clever, Kieren will say that he forgives all those responsible for pushing him to the brink of self-destruction, trying to look enlightened and healed, which will last for - maybe - 15 days. Before you know it, Kieren will be "back to normal", robbing people of credit, stealing others work, occasionally extracting this episode from his ass whenever he feels threatened.... Second option? If his excuses are as lazy as his writing, "I was hacked! Obviously, it was AA trying to ruin me. Liard's Liar? Very funny. I assure you I never contemplated suicide for even a moment and I'm deeply disgusted with these tactics. Rest assured these incels will be reported to those with authority to rectify this situation and finally end this toxic environment they have created." Anyone wanna' place bets?
  5. I've heard conflicting reports on CD conversions of Mortal Kombat II. Some go back and forth over 32X and Saturn being best, though I've only ever played 32X and Super NES. Are the load times the main issue?
  6. One of the Dungeons & Dragons title required the 4MB cart though. Why not Street Fighter Zero 2, or Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo? Would be like a middle-finger to both Super Nintendo and 3DO.
  7. You're making a reference to Airplane!, aren't you? I approve.
  8. This is fucking awesome, man. Great to see that it has a proper title now. Looking forward to when it's released.
  9. LMAO! I have no idea, but.... Damn! Volcana's pure fire. Were there any pics taken with Buzzsaw?
  10. Not to just jump in here, but I love Ultra Vortek. Visually, it's like an Iron Maiden album cover come to life. Control wise, I'd sooner compare it to Virtua Fighter for it demands more precision than Street Fighter II. The music, 90% of the time, is fantastic. Heavy metal/industrial sound. The finishing moves are awesome! Just as over-the-top as Mortal Kombat, but with more of a sci-fi edge. Unlike Kasumi Ninja, you can't really 'jump kick' your way to success, excluding the final boss. He has no legs and jump-attacks are best served here.... Long and short, I'd say it's worth a try. I enjoy Kasumi Ninja in spite of its many - MANY - flaws, but Ultra Vortek is what I grab when I want a polished game with legitimate challenge.
  11. Oh fuck... Not Power Crystal. *shivers*
  12. I forget where I read this (possibly HardcoreGaming 101) but it's been said the creator of Another World didn't care for 3DO remaster either, though I'm not sure how accurate that is. I like 'em. Wouldn't want it to be my only option, but still. As for Thrusty, it's lookin' damn good. Very cool to watch how the project's evolved since that first test video. Wish more developers did this.
  13. Would've liked to have seen an update of Combat in the vein of Defender 2000. Digitized sprites for the background and tanks. Make a single-player mode so you can go up against computer controlled opponents. Provide a variety of tanks (I'd say at least four) with differing 'armor', 'power' and 'speed' stats. Include hazards like exploding barrels, pits of acid or flame, and road spikes. Power-ups that provide temporary invulnerability, speed boost, weapons boost, etc. Vibrant explosions. Also, rotary support.
  14. Perhaps. After having played the Genesis, SEGA CD, SNES and 3DO versions, Jaguar still looks the best of them all. Resolution's better and colors are a pinch more vibrant. Jaguar makes the rest look muted and soft. I mean, if it could have looked better - something a kin to 3DO's remaster of Another World - I'd be all for it. If I have any complaints with the Jaguar port it's the odd bit of slowdown in certain parts (SNES had a similar issue) and music's been shuffled about (again, much like SNES). Otherwise, it's the version I play the most.
  15. Accurate. @CyranoJ That reminds me, are these sprites 'final' or place holders? Forgive if it's been mentioned already.
  16. @Sporadic Dude, the work you guys are doing with Doom is phenomenal. You already know I'm loving the progress you've made with NotOutrun and Crumbs. I know you're gonna' knock this shit out the park.
  17. True, though I'd accept it, just as I accept Virtua Fighter on 32X. Doesn't live up to its arcade original, but it's still a blast to play. Kind of the same for T-Mek.
  18. It's either/or. I don't know. I'm not a coder. Does it really matter though? Say it's possible, then great! Who would do it? It's T-Mek. Haven't encountered too many people crying out for that one.
  19. The only title on 32X I'd wanna' see on Jaguar is T-Mek. It's an Atari game for one, and the Jaguar would allow for link-play. Not that I have anyone to enjoy that with. Still, it would be nice. As a few have already pointed out, porting would undoubtedly be difficult or outright impossible. In any case, T-Mek with Jag-Link functionality would've been cool.
  20. In my opinion, seeing as how it came out well after the system's demise, I wouldn't consider it an "official release" really.
  21. I like Atari Karts, but the power-ups are kinda' pointless unless you're going up against a friend. When playing alone, didn't feel like they had any impact on other racers. It's enjoyable, handles well, looks pretty, and sounds good. Still, best played with a friend.
  22. I have a re-production of Gold. It's a reasonably fun game, though I feel it's definitely one of those titles meant to be enjoyed with a friend. Otherwise, there are more exciting games to play by yourself (Alien vs. Predator, Tempest 2000, Ruiner Pinball, Flashback, Attack of the Mutant Penguins, and so on). Would love to link-play this someday, just for the experience.
  23. Yes, an arrogant presumption indeed, considering it's a Facebook promotion. I'll gladly accept that dunce cap, sir. In exchange, please accept this Snickers bar.
  24. Well, we all know where Top Hat gets his Jaguar information from these days.
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