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  1. It's not disc rot IMO. Usually disc rot stems from improper storage (i.e. high humidity, hot/cold etc.) and the early manufacturing process for disc games that made them more susceptible to it (which is why you see it mostly in Sega CD/Saturn etc.). I've opened Wii U games that had a pinhole on the center of the disc. My guess is is the format Nintendo used for Wii U discs had manufacturing problems. The errors manifest in pinholes in the discs but also the top layer of artwork not adhering properly and flaking off. Maybe something akin to the MGS: Twin Snakes crackling issue on Gamecube. I've had 2 Wii U discs not work so far (read error) and neither suffered from either of these problems (or had any scratching for that matter...) I've also had several PS2 games that I accidentally removed some the disc artwork (rental DVD hub stickers) that still worked fine. Same issue with flaking on some later PS2 disc pressings in my experience.
  2. I can't seem to find the info but is this going to get a physical release?
  3. It boggles my mind that people are willing to pay (sometimes a lot) of money to watch someone play video games. I don't even do it for free. You would have to pay me to watch someone play video games. But then again some "streamers" make tons of money from people just giving it to them (besides the ad revenue) so what do I know?
  4. I did some back of the envelope math and it's hard to justify the cost. They say 25 MPS download is enough but people weren't getting decent results without extremely good internet on project stream from what I've read. So without knowing more I'll assume you need the best internet available for comparable results to a console or PC with the game installed. My current internet plan is 50 Down/10 UP 300 GB CAP per month which runs $60 after tax. In my area 1 GB down 50MB UP uncapped data plan runs $120.67 CAD after tax per month. So it's $80.67 P/M more expensive than my current plan or approx. $970 per year more. That's without the potential subscription cost of the service. So it's be generous and say Stadia will be $15 CAD/Month or $180 per year after tax. So using Google Stadia would cost me $1150 per year. $1150 is enough to buy an Xbox One X, 12 Months of Gamepass, 12 Months of Gold and a cheap 4k TV. Mind you this is the first year cost equivalency.... which drops precipitously in year 2 when hardware is no longer needed to be purchased. Plus you could always recoup some of the money by jettisoning the Xbox One X and 4K tv if you needed to. I'm in a large city as well and not like i'm out in the boonies. Who is this service for?
  5. I collect and enjoy sports titles. I've noticed in the collecting scene they seemed to be frowned upon for whatever reason. If a game is fun to play and you enjoy yourself why not? I know I played and enjoy them with my friends as a kid as well but the same stigma was never attached to the games then. I never got into any of the sports games past the Xbox 360 because they moved to simulation style gameplay and I prefer an arcade version.
  6. It may be as simple as having a dirty contact pad under the X button. You just have to disassemble it and clean the rubber/pad with a q-tip and some alcohol/contact cleaner/windex (it doesn't really matter that much which solvent you choose) Youtube has various videos of people taking apart a PS2 controller I bet. Search for cleaning a PS2 controller and start from there. I actually have 3 DS2 controllers that I need to refurbish. Never throw away game stuff that can be salvaged IMO!
  7. Video game grading is a joke to me. If it ever catches on it will ruin the VG market like it ruined the comic market. That thing is an investment in the same way tulip bulbs are. Only worth what some other sucker will pay for it. The only people that seem to care about VG grading are those that stand to profit from it - grading agents or people who own games that will increase in value because of grading. Nobody else gives two fucks about it.
  8. Inexpensive option: Nintendo DS Lite for GBA games Expensive option: AGS 101 for GB, GBC & GBA games. Maybe modding or 3rd party units gives you a better experience but I prefer 1st party hardware unadulterated if I have the choice.
  9. I've tried looking online but I can't find a list of PS1 disc games that have trouble being emulated by the PS3. FWIW I use a Super Slim PS3. I'm also sure it's not the discs themselves because I test it after on a PS2 & PSX to make sure it's not a disc error. These are the PS1 games I've found the Super Slim PS3 can't play correctly: Brain dead 13 - Game starts but there is skipping during the introduction sequence and various buzzing/pops and audio drops. Unplayable. Red Asphalt (Rock & Roll Racing 2) - Game has no video but does load the audio. Unplayable. I guess it would be nice if people could add some they've encountered or if I encounter anymore I'll add them as well for future reference for anyone looking.
  10. PS3 Super Slim is really the best model IMO. I've had the slim PS3 as well but I didn't care for it. I guess the biggest gripe people have with the PS3 Super Slim is how it looks. I have mine on a vertical stand it it looks great! That being said I test PS1 games on the PS3 over HDMI and it's not a perfect solution. Some games have specific glitches to being played on PS3 and quite frankly it looks pretty ugly. My solution atm for playing PS1 games is using a PS2 over component cables. It looks great and I have not run into nearly as many glitches as on the PS3. I would prefer to play with original PS hardware but the console only carries svideo natively and the cables are pretty expensive for a decent one.
  11. It was $59.99 CAD at a couple of places in Canada (EBgames/Amazon) but I believe it's not a permanent price drop only a "sale". My sweet spot would be $39.99 CAD or like $30 USD. I would hack it though but it would be nice to display.
  12. There are some games like Xenoblade Chronicles & Fire Emblem Warriors that require the "New" 3DS hardware. Usually if it's a physical game it will show the requirements prominently on the case. I believe most virtual console SNES/SFAM games also require the new hardware. I think the hardware revision increased processor speed, VRAM & memory. There were also some quality of life stuff added with the c stick and extra trigger buttons. If you want a neat puzzle game you should check out Shifting Worlds for the 3DS. It should be under $10 new for a physical copy too!
  13. On a classified site like Kijiji/Craigslist/Whatever if a listing has Best Offer I don't even bother offering anymore. In my experience 95%+ of the time these listings aren't serious about being sold. As in they want top dollar in their mind not what the stuff could actually be worth. I've been using these sites for over 15 years and the one constant over time is people are greedy wanting too much for their old stuff.
  14. Unless you have a really strong want to play a game right away my suggestion is to avoid so called "steam sales". People say they are great but my own experience finds them very lackluster. My preference is Humblebundle. They give out a package of games monthly for a fixed cost. They also have various "bundles" of games throughout the year (they basically give out a steam key or the launcher) I have over 222 steam games and I don't believe I paid over $100 because of humble (and I don't subscribe monthly either just buy what I am interested in). They also gave out free games all the time which is a nice bonus.
  15. I have a few old console boxes and it seems they can get dinged by just looking at them. To protect them you need a plastic or acrylic box with UV protection. I was pricing my options and it seems that it would run me $60+ for each and it dawned on me that the cardboard boxes themselves probably won't even last that long. I was wondering if anyone knew exactly how long these boxes can be expected to last. 50-100 years with protection? By then the glue or paper will start degrading no? I'm thinking that I might just build a custom metal/plastic box (with foam for the consoles) which would run me the same price and I can decorate it with some paint. These will probably last much longer than the console itself. Anyone have any thoughts on this matter?
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