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  1. Picnic: 3030 Frogs: 32 Kool-Aid: 27400
  2. Yo! Not to be a creep, but is that a Howard the Duck movie poster I spotted in the reflection of your 2600 HSC photos? 🦆 😆

    1. Redmiller


      LOL  Yes it is. That wall is our 70/80 Movie Wall, we picked 3-4 Movie Posters we liked, and then all the rest of the wall is LP Soundtrack Albums.



    2. Rogerpoco


      Haha, funny!

      I actually play mostly at Twin Galaxies(as you know, fakecortex), and there we watch others videos to specifically "scrutinize" them, make sure all is done properly.

      I definitely notice things "in the shot", and don't feel nosy about it at all-in fact, I often put an Easter egg in my videos that only one or two people will understand, and it disappoints me if they don't notice!


      I was doing some emu stuff once, required recording my entire desktop-

      I had a row of(empty)folders-


      Nasty Porn

      Porn you can go to Hell for


      Lol, no-one noticed, can't win them all, I guess...

    3. GoldLeader


      ^That's Hilarious!



      Meanwhile, the real porn was in a folder marked Family Vacation Pics.   Nobody's gonna click on that.

  3. Kool-Aid - 17, 900 Frogs - 12 Picnic - 1340 Never played these, so Plan on getting Better!
  4. 4151 for my first, will try to improve tomorrow.
  5. Finally got a +5 Lives New High Score 54970
  6. Getting Better: 2182 on Game 1 712 on Game 8
  7. I seem to do better overall on the Faster Game : 532 Game 1: 1099
  8. Game 1: 663 Game 2: 372 I kind of stink at this game. Will have to practice more this week.
  9. Joust: 20050 Long stretch here, Fantastic Voyage. Space Ship has Wings.
  10. I dont know how you all do it, I have never been good at Defender, so equally bad here 12750
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