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  1. I seem to do better overall on the Faster Game : 532 Game 1: 1099
  2. Game 1: 663 Game 2: 372 I kind of stink at this game. Will have to practice more this week.
  3. Joust: 20050 Long stretch here, Fantastic Voyage. Space Ship has Wings.
  4. I dont know how you all do it, I have never been good at Defender, so equally bad here 12750
  5. Thanks for the link, Loved reading about it all.
  6. Some of my PacMan items. Love the game and all the memories. Thanks for making the first week of High Score Season this game.
  7. Love these two games, Will enjoy this week. Lots of Childhood Memories with these. 3469 - Pacman 18770 - Ms. Pacman
  8. Just a few more days!!! I am ready this time.
  9. Since we are all mostly Liked into our homes now, how about a Short run of the High Score Call it Corona Virus Competition? or something catchy. Maybe Pick Half a dozen games and run it for 1 Month time? Some Main Run Games, Nothing Home Brew or rare that someone might not have. Anyway, Just thought I would throw that out there.
  10. I understand there is other ways to play, but I am not that technologically minded, and I love playing it old School. Brings back the memories from childhood. So unless I can play it on the actually 2600 with a actual Cartridge, I dont play it. I do collect, and have over 300 different Atari games, but never fails that there is something I dont have that we end up playing. Seems like this Season has been full of them (not just the Homebrews)
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