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  1. Hi, Did you finally find your answer ... Because I've also trouble with this machine !
  2. Hi, I've same issue and don't know how to check the chips ... So i'll be also glad to have some hints ...
  3. Hello, I've made an easyEDA version of the simon's circuit, so you can order it with all the needed components ... I've tested it, and it's fully working ... https://easyeda.com/Djoulz/atari2600-composite-mod And thanks again to Simon.
  4. Ok I understand And is it possible to have the corresponding Gerbers ... or KiCad or whatever, just to try by ourselves and eventualy pass some orders on EasyEDA Cause I tried with a prototype board, but all I got is a black screen I missed something. And moreover, for me it's good to practice !
  5. Hello, very interresting topic ... I've installed TFW8Bit mod and the image is really too dark on a CRT and quite black on an LCD. I will give à try to your mod, but as I'm a bit new to this game, could you make a list of the components to buy. It's easy for the resistors but I'm not sure of R8 (gain ?). Thank you !
  6. Yop ! I did it So I desoldered the (very) small SMD 75R and make a solder link between the two. pads ... And no image at all, black screen ! I soldered back the resistor, and here is my dark image again
  7. Errr, yes, but it's very small SMD component, and my old hands or not so sure
  8. I think I will build a small test circuit before destroying the one I paid Do you know where I can find some schema ?
  9. Yep Cros (I call you like that because my keyboard lake some keys to spell your name), the mod I bought is : https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/deluxe-atari-composite-video-mod.html Wich is the samller version of: https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/atari-composite-video-mod.html And it seems to have the famous 75R you mention ... ... pfff in fact I don't know how to remove this R
  10. Try to look at the jack connector when you put it into the slot (that should be transparent), you will see that the click is different between the two PSU ... I've made this test with 3 PSU and the one with the shortest jack produce fuzziness.
  11. Yes, the strange moving fuzziness on the screen, like ghost that reapeat with a sequence, moving down to up, was EXACTLY the issue I had !
  12. Hello, I did the TFW8Bit Composite Mod on my 2600 4 switch Vader PAL. The image is now still without fuzzyness so the composite seems to be OK, but the video very dark on a CRT and unreadable on a LCD. It seems that the signal needs some power up, I've also tested it on an old LG 4/3 LCD and it even refuse to recognize the signal Did I miss something ? Did you already witness those kind of issue ? So thank you in advance
  13. Hello, I had exactly the same issue, and I did change everything on the MoBo without success ... And finally I try another power adaptor (the one I use was a brand new Amazon purchased just before the 2600), an old one that I had for years. And guess what ! No more fuzzyness !! Perfect still image ! In fact I took a closer look at the power connector and it seems that in some case, the jack is shorter (half a milimeter) that could lead to bad contact ... Well, it's worth give a try to this !
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