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  1. SGM2 and Omni might be coming back!? Awesome!! I hope I read into your statement right Opcode! Honestly my heart broke a little when I heard it was no more, I really wanted to see that Metroid Vania type game you were working on as well as those remade Odyssey games too!
  2. I have to say I love Tempest 2000 as well, I forgot if it supported analog, as I was hoping to make a saturn spinner one day. I hope you can find more Saturn games they are so close to my heart personally and I really love to play that system over every other one. Saturn has a charm to me that is just hard to explain, I enjoyed buying games back in the late 90s, 2000s, 10's etc.. Of course gone are the days where I can go to circuit city and buy 10 saturn games for 5 bucks a piece. Do any of you have a game(s) list of Saturn games that you regret not buying for your collection when you had the chance? For me its Mizubaku Diaboken (Liquid Kids), Battlesport, Arcade Gears Collections, Marvel Super Heroes, I had a chance to buy all of those but passed on it.... ugh... I just need Marvel Super Heroes, Battlesport and 14 Sports games to a complete USA collection. However Battlesport is crazy expensive.. well not the sports ones..haha.
  3. Hey Digress, I was just thinking about your new game, any new updates? I was going through your previous one and it got me thinking about your new one. I have to say the cowboy theme is not represented enough on Colecovision! I am totally juiced about buying your new game! Thank you again for supporting the community!
  4. Those labels look great I totally needs some new ones too.. Curse old carts for putting the opening screw underneath the label.. haha
  5. I can confirm that my order is marked Canceled, I got a few emails saying my gift cards have been credited back. (which i kept, but if you did not you can call them) That is lame because I bought this with gift cards now, I really wanted to buy this with credit. Oh well I am in no hurry to get the unit perhaps I will wait a bit longer to re-consider buying one from Polymega
  6. Here here on Mad Planets, if a controller can be made for it, that would be amazing!
  7. Just to add to this.. I just got off the online chat with Walmart.com about my order. Now take this with a grain of salt, as the support person only knows so much, but to the best of their knowledge after checking on the order they are on track to deliver in March and have been given no directive to cancel orders or even say their are any problems. I have not cancelled my order on Walmart as I am interested to see how this may turn out in a few weeks and see what happens. I will continue to keep this thread updated as I hear from my order and walmart's developments.
  8. I think you are going to find a lot of amazing information for the Vic 20 book in the West Book. I have the 64 one and now the Vic one and they are awesome. Of course the Butterfield book is required reading and a must own for every Commodore Machine language programmer.
  9. Wow that is a great looking port! I would love to see that kind of port for Phoenix. Of course I would love to see the Phoenix that really pushes the unit. Humm I wonder what the limits of this system are?
  10. I am totally looking forward to that game! It looks so great! I hope older games can get a re-release one day, I always wanted TNT Cowboy in the box and A.F. and Ninja Odyssey as well.
  11. Oh sorry I should have included the links, I just did not want people to think I was peddling them. I am glad you found them. I have to say the West book is amazing to me. Covering the BASIC of Vic 20 and Machine Language. I really like the ML step build projects starting on Page 229. I have to say this West book, just like his C64 book was, have become my favorite Vic 20 guide. It's so rare to find such a great amount of material for both BASIC and ML for the Vic 20 in one book. I think this book pretty much stands in a class by itself for Vic programming during that day. I however would love to see a modern book for the Vic and another one for the C64 that focuses on Game and Demo programming in ML using modern toolchains and emulators with a focus on tricks and tips that programmers have done to maximize graphics, screen, memory etc. Carlsson, I can imagine you can write a book like that given the posts I have seen by you in forums about Vic programming, it seems your knowledge is quite extensive in that way. Perhaps you should publish your own guide book, I can tell you I would buy it in a second!
  12. Just found out about this mod it looks very interesting, I am an NTSC model 2 owner who is really looking for an RGB mod. I have a commodore 1084 monitor and an atari st color monitor that I use for rgb. Thank you for all of your hard work, it's appreciated.
  13. Just found out about this device it looks really great. I don't have the synthesizer but do have the ecs component. I would love to purchase one of these when / if they come to market.
  14. Greetings folks, Just an FYI for anyone looking for reprinted out of print programming books to try Lulu.com I have used Lulu before but this time I found a book I have been desperately looking for years. I have been wanting the Compute! published books Programming the 64 and Programming the Vic by West and was able to find the 64 on Ebay, but the Vic one appears to some rare air to find. I love West's two books for the C64 and Vic and have been wanting them for many years. I even went as far to email libraries in Texas once I found out they had the Vic book to offer them to buy it, however all of them could not sell the book to me.. I visited lulu and it looks like someone just recently uploaded the PDF and Lulu has made Programming the Vic for reproduction. I am just passing this on to anyone who may be looking for this awesome Vic 20 book! The printing is done well and it is the same size of the 64 original one and the binding is excellent. I also bought another copy (I have the original) of the Butterfields Machine Language for the C64, 128 expanded editions. The Butterflied book is printed much smaller but still looks good, I was surprised they went with the small size when it should be the same size of the West book. In any case I am not connected to Lulu and do not make any money or get anything from them.. I just wanted to pass on a place for anyone who was looking for these tough to find books and do not mind a reprint. The books were very reasonable priced. I put a few screenshots here for anyone who might be interested. I hope anyone who is interested in Assembly Commodore programming can find this knowledge useful for them. If anyone here is looking for these
  15. Hooray 2 new games and a SNES copy of Sydney as a bonus! This is going to be great this year!
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