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  1. Thanks for the update Opcode, I am looking forward to hearing more about your system. I am so glad the hiccups are not going to be a problem, as I and others cannot wait to see your system.
  2. That is great! Looking forward to Berzerk, its a great game, the Phoenix is going to be such a great system!
  3. Point and click! YES! I love those style of games and a perfect choice to show how retro can be respected and updated at the same time!
  4. That is exactly what I was looking for Tommy, spot on! I now have the exact direction I was looking for. Thank you!
  5. I so would like to get this machine with an upgraded Yoke to be installed.
  6. Hey Tommy, for those of us that are aspiring homebrew developers, can I ask what languages will Amico support? I am assuming Assembly of some flavor and C / C++? Can you share if any other languages will be supported? (Java, Python)? The only reason I ask as I would like to know the best languages to brush up / learn. Is this information you can share at this time?
  7. Ha ha you got the right idea here... pitches & jingles are great and boy oh boy are they hard to get right. =--==-=- Warning .... academic mode on, former biz owner spewing =-=-=-=- A mission statement is often one of those things many people who even bother to write a business plan (and you should ALWAYS write a business plan) spend so little time writing. The real purpose of it is to force you to create clear messaging for your readers, investors, customers, etc... They are often very hard to write and usually need all kinds of refinement through people and public testing, if however you get it right, you can use it to help communicate very easily to people in an elevator or anywhere. Companies spend tons of money on things like: Honnn - Daaaa ... just 2 notes on a piano and it was iconic.. Liberty, liberty, liberty... libertyyy Oscar Mayer “I Wish I Was an Oscar Mayer Weiner” ... genius... These are just the jingles too, not even the 2 sentence messaging. -=-=-=- Academic mode off... I deeply apologize for any potential derailment of attention =-=-=-=-=- In the end the Amico has Perrin Kaplan, after looking her up I can see she is way more than qualified to do the console justice. Kaplan's background with Nintendo seems just right, as if there was any company that knows how to market and foster IP it is the Big N. I am more keen now to see what kind of creative campaigns she is going to create...
  8. Tommy I do hope they get back with you and have you on the show. It was a little hard to tell if their lack of awareness of the system philosophy was intentional or not. My only concern from that video would be if the Amico's "two sentence pitch" is absorbing correctly in gamers or non gamers. Just for fun I wrote the Amico a few quick pitches, I used to write these types of things for my video game store and felt I needed the marketing practice... let me know if your marketing team needs any help! Ha ha. "Amico, the console for everyone giving you todays gaming experiences along with yesterday's old school retro simplicity. Couch gaming has truly arrived." ... "Amico, the console for everyone giving you todays gaming experiences along with yesterday's old school retro simplicity. Family couch gaming has finally evolved." ... "Our console gives you modern multiplayer games with old school retro simplicity; truly gaming for everyone." In all seriousness I am looking forward to seeing your Amico ads and pitches when they are available, I love that ever so important and often difficult part of business.
  9. @atarifan88 I think Alpha82 was making a commentary about the people on the video and does not feel that way. At least that is how I read the comment, of course I could be misunderstanding your comment as I write this as well. I do have to say that the guys on the video did not understand the idea of Amico very much. I groan every time I hear them call the disc controller a rotating disc like an apple.
  10. If you can try a Game Genie, I could only get Budokan from EA and Zany Golf to work with it on my Gennys. Take apart the game and make sure you do a good clean on it too.. that game for some reason likes to get rusty.
  11. OMG! Those artifacts are amazing! Those score sheets are brilliant and incredible that they lived this long! Those types of sheets either printed or digital for couch friends and leagues, is something I would love to see come back! I loved the letter from Epyx and yes just like you I was obsessed with Pitstop! The tires changing colors until they burst, the cars zipping by on the top of the screen, reminding you that you are falling behind while you work your crew to change tires and refuel, hoping not to overfill and blow your tank for a punishingly long refill! Ha ha Jumpman was so simple that my brothers and sisters were addicted to playing it, knowing they can do better next time! That straightforward game play really was the secret sauce that was so addictive to guys and girls alike.. Just you wanting Epyx on the Amico makes me so happy! I loved that company, from the box art to the games.. I mean I think everyone has Impossible Missions.."Another visitor...stay awhile....stayyy foreverrrrr!" burned into their brains here. Epyx games always had a unique look and more importantly had this crazy polished game play.. The way the cars moved, the spy moving about, jumpman leaping from those rogue bullets...so great! I am glad you are as much as a Epyx fan as I and I am sure many others on this board.
  12. Hey Tommy seeing as your team is going to be doing sports games, I hope you can get the IP library of Epyx. I have to say a respectful update to California Games, World Games, Winter, Summer would be amazing. I always thought those games were so approachable by young and old and boys and girls of the day. Of course with Epyx I would also love to see amazing remakes: Pitstop 1 / 2 (There are really not many games that let to race and do the pit stop at the same time. Multiplayer racers with your friends in the pit would be amazing) Jumpman Series (Couch multiplayer on this would be hilarious since this game already is silly) Temple of Apshai series Impossible Mission (I can't even imagine what this would be like with 4 players playing at once assisting / assassinating each other. Yes a Melee mode on this would be awesome, like the rare Data East masterpiece Outfoxies) In any case I was just daydreaming on just what games and how those unique controllers will be utilized. I am just happy to hear that there is going to be a lot of Quality Control on games so us gamers don't have an online game store that has a ton of junk that buries anything good. I also wanted to add one more thing: Tommy, thanks again for being part of this community and allowing us AtariAge folks be part of yours. I just want to remind people here that having the actual console developer be so open and responsive is a rare opportunity. I know some folks can be negative and obstinate, but thank you for not running away from here. I can tell you that I appreciate you giving us your ear everyday.
  13. I so believe this is the right way to do this... Honestly people focus on speeds and feeds so much, but without great games you have nothing but potential...and you can play potential..haha.. I am really interested on how Tommy's group is going to use the accessories to give us immersion on the games. I am hoping for super use of the controllers, accessories and cell phones to create experiences that are so unique that they can only be played on the Amico. Nothing would me me happier than to have my Amico constantly plugged in and being used with my friends in our groups a few times a week. I am looking forward to party games so well designed, replayable and addictive, that they are only available on Amico and will never be on anything else. I remember reading articles in gaming magazines about people who put the game Soul Calibur in their dreamcast and never took it out, because they felt that game hit those exact same buttons. I know Tommy knows exactly what he is doing and the potential of his opportunity to create IP ands experiences that can only ever live on this system. I am just looking forward to that day.
  14. I am with you OLD CS1, I am hoping the multi disk compatibility will also be available for the mini too.
  15. Tommy, I am hoping you can expand on the interactive Dreamcast VMU concept. I loved the way the DC allowed for plays, in sports games, to be made on your VMU, I am hoping your sports games will allow fun use of the remote screen or allow your friends with cell phones to control other team members or make plays dynamically, talk about crazy couch play! I am looking forward to see if I will be able to take some experience with me in some form via my cell and a app and play a mini game or something that syncs with your game next time you are sitting in front of it. The Dreamcast game Evolution used the VMU to download a little maze dungeon to your VMU to play on the road, that allows you to upgrade your items and gold that later transferred over to to your console when you plugged it in. Can you imagine a 8 player Tetris game at once? How about Tetris Tag where one opposing team member is playing and the members of the other team get to choose his/her next pieces or throw junk or blinders on the players field? The controllers look great for a Hot Potato type game with the screen and cell phones with a game of timing and speed or questions to answer to throw the potato.. I can go on and on.. but don't want to derail this thread. (Ha Ha I guess I have way to many game ideas from my time in the game industry.. and just need to express..) In any case looking forward to whatever you and your devs have designed I am sure it will take full advantage of the console gadgets.
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