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  1. I will not be touching another Xbox or Sony system...period.. games stopped being interesting and innovative 3 consoles ago, same old crap over and over again with a year or sequal number after most of the games.. no thank you. I do plan to go for Amico, Omni, Phoenix. I may try out Stadia once the reviews come in for any garbage modern games that I may want to try (don't expect that to happen however haha) I already own a Switch and will play Animal Crossing on it when it comes out.
  2. Opcode sounds like you may be well on your way to making a directors cut with those extra assets. I would say create Maria as a playable character like in Symphony of the night if possible. Of course there is nothing wrong with Simon crossplaying either. I love the idea of a 7th stage so much! Honestly, this may just be the most definitive versions of this game! In reference to the dev info, I hope you go with lots of simple examples like (1. create, animate and move sprite, 2. Sound / music 3.)Simple controller example etc etc) Looking forward to seeing more as you create it!
  3. Great screenshot of Simon there, so looking forward to your system! Can you share any information for potential devs, like some more details on languages, libraries and tools? I bet this system is going to be fun to try to make a game for.
  4. Tommy those a great commandments, as long as they are stuck to, Amico will be an amazing experience. My opinion, put these in stone and hit anyone who tries to break them with the stone commandments! Can you elaborate on #4? How does the Intellivison Quality scale work? Can you cite classic intellivison games that would fit on that scale? I honestly wish all game companies would have had this types of commandments, we would have to ensure soo much less garbage.. at least Amico is going the right direction.
  5. This sounds really great, I live in Corpus but go up to Austin every once in a while I will see if I can make one of the meetings.
  6. I would love to see the often unknown Centuri game "The Pit", I loved that strange underground digging, but not Dig Dug or Mr Do type digging game. ha ha.. Now I really am interested in finding out what the club game is going to be for us.. If it was Pleiades was the game that would be awesome too, as that game is fun as well.
  7. I think ROB needs to be upgraded, the biggest problem I had with it was it was too noisy and too slow. I wish I still had my broken one as I would love to upgrade it with new motors and parts for speed. If the programmer can adjust the speed of movement from regular super slow to a newer fast threshold I think he can be used for more games. I think making programmable games would be fun.
  8. My recommendation is don't sell it, as you will most likely get pennies on the dollar. In my opinion many game "collectors" are only looking for the equivalent of dumpster diving deals. I owned a classic video game store for 11 years and what I found out is that if you sell piece by piece you will do the best but not in large lots. Since selling piece by piece would take so long it would become a full time job which you most likely do not want either, catch 22. The big catch here is that people only want certain pieces and for dirt, we used to say, "Videogames is the only collecting field that is collected by poor or cheap people and rarely ever pay high coin, gun or art prices." If you are going to sell it do it piece by piece over the next 5 years or so and make it a side job.
  9. So happy to see this game coming along I have been following it for a while now. Please put me down for interest in a cart, this is one to have for sure! Keep up the amazing work!
  10. Just tried your game, I like many of the elements you put into, especially the random things coming at you! I do have a few suggestions that I think would help me enjoy it more or on a different level: 1) The game obstacles come at you rather fast, which is ok but since the real estate is small it feels like not enough time for my mind to process the obstacle, so the game feels to me too hard unless I was a robot or have some razor reacting mind. I would suggest trying slowing down if possible or even implementing the use of the Paddle controller where the player can control speed with the knob an jump with the button, this would however eliminate the duck and jump cancel mechanic you have but might be a fun extra mode? I think if you added speed to mix to make up for no sliding or jump canceling maybe the dial effects jump height or distance or even the number of items to deal with like things falling on you (raindrops, random stuff falling) or something? Slower is not necessarily safer haha.. I would also suggest keeping the speed but maybe zooming out so the player has a small preview of the next item while processing the current one, that way the player may feel that it is now only skill that is killing them. 2) The game is quite precise on collision, since the game comes at you at a manic speed, perhaps making the hit boxes for items or the player smaller to allow for human error when touching items I think you have the makings of a really interesting game, I am looking forward to seeing more of it as you develop it. Good luck with it!
  11. Thank you RetroGameBoyz, your controller tests are very interesting and I appreciate the extra mile you went.
  12. Once again Nintendo doing what is does best, making weird and wonderful things for us to try. I think I will get this once it comes out, it looks like a whole lot of fun.
  13. I just finished that video as well and it was a great update. I am really looking forward to that machine one day. In regards to the keyboard, I would love to see a custom matching one for the Phoenix! I wonder if Collectorvision can do a big group buy with David and the X16 group for a design?
  14. Your approach sounds really fun and already much better than than the original bowling being offered. I cannot say how happy a girl being in there makes me! I am sure whatever approach you take it will be awesome, I am just happy someone is taking on sports that have kind of gotten forgotten in the age of homebrew.
  15. Kosmic, you have my support! That life decision is one that is not easy but well worth it.
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