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  1. I would love to hear some news about this as well! The adapter is one of the biggest reasons I wanted the Phoenix. Is there a target date or month you are thinking of for the adapter? I love using my Phoenix all of the time!
  2. Opcode is there an update on the Color games and boxes for those of us that paid this month, Jan 11th? I was just curious of the expected lead time as you may not have carts ready yet. Thank you! Looking forward to trying them out!
  3. Can someone test Nemesis from Konami, its Gradius for the C64. I have the mini and tried it but it played way to fast on my US C64. When I used the PAL switch the game worked but was still running at 60 hz which is too fast for this game. The aliens were coming out way too fast, I am assuming that this game can only run in PAL with 50 hz speed. I am hoping the maxi can play this game properly for us USA folks if/when it is released here, until then it would be great to hear if it is working for those folks that do have the maxi already.
  4. This is a cool project and I have always been interested in getting one, looks like this one might be a good one to pull the trigger on. I am in the school of wanting Composite and Svideo inputs as well, but I like all of the other ports.
  5. Yeah CV looks so great, I am hoping Opcode can give us another video soon. This is an absolute buy for me.
  6. Tommy Night Stalker looks amazing! I am so psyched to play this with my friends! The bass in the game video is awesome, very much in the "heartbeat" of the game. Looking forward to hearing more about it and other new games. Keep up the great work, looks like Amico will be a great player option for those of us that are sick of the same ole same ole.
  7. atm94404 makes a very good point and I totally respect his / her point of view. I think I may be the ideal audience for the device. I own an almost complete collection of US Saturn games and most of the Japanese ones that are playable for non Japanese speakers. I had the type of adult life that my job constantly had me travel and buying Saturn, PS1, Sega CD and other games back in the late 90's until today and that has given me a lot to do on "my get back to playing it" list one day. I owned a video game store here in Texas for 11 years helped in making that list grow as well. I am now finally settling into a 8 to 4 job and now feel I have the time for the first time in my life to play games and make videos so this system seems ideal for me. I dumped most of my collection onto images to be used in my Die Hard Arcade cabinet with a Saturn and Phoebe device but unless its a shooter game or fighter it just does not feel right to me. I setup many PCs and Raspberry PI's and cell phones and devices with ROMS over the years, but the whole experience felt hollow to me. The kid in the candy store dilemma really kicks in, I have all of these ROMS to play and they are so easy to switch between them I hardly ever play any of them more than a few minutes or until I lose my first life. After switching to a few games I just kind of give it the "meh" I don't feel like playing anymore. I have to believe if you ask most Mame builders how much they use their cabinets I am going to say that most will simply say, "a lot when I first built it, but not too much, but my company enjoys it and that gives me a great feeling. I think building it was more fun.." I like to buy the neo retro games here on Atariage because it comes with the box, manual and that ooh so wonderful tactile feeling of a cart in a system with a controller, turn on an play... not turn on and try to play an wonder why I don't have sound this time, or my controller is remapped or my machine is starting to run slow.. or whatever of the many problems I have "mysteriously" had with my PC's over the decades. etc etc.. While I think I may fit that profile you are talking about, I have to believe there are many others like me who have their own sets of games that they were looking for a fun solution for them to break them out and play them again. I met lots of them as customers in my store and I am just here in south texas. I am not sure if this unit will even come out but I am hoping as I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I am not even sure if this unit will give me that tactile experience I am looking for but I do have to say I am looking for something. My CD systems are getting old and the lasers are going to need to be replaced and while I prefer to play on a CRT, I would not mind the Poly for my frequent use and my CRT and original system for when I just have to play on real hardware.
  8. Ha ha I never liked the don't do X because Y is cheaper.. argument Don't ever go out to eat.. cause you can eat at home cheaper.. or save more money and just yet eat out of your neighbors garbage. Don't ever buy a videogame because you can play an emulator Don't ever pay to go to the movies, as movies are free at the library. Don't ever buy a hammer cause you have your fist and its cheaper. Don't do this, cause that is cheaper, better, etc.. In the end you go out to eat because you want to. You buy videogames because you want to. You go to movies because you want to. I am very interested in buying the Polymega if it proves to be good and can play games a good speed. My biggest win for me is that I can use my real CD Saturn, PS1 and Sega CD games on one system and allow patches to applied to my disc games. I want a simple straightforward console that is easy to use and attractive to me that plays my real CD games and can be "patched" without me messing with ROMs, CD images etc. If the system proves to be good I do not mind at all spending the money.
  9. Looking at the Spy Hunter Video I honestly feel this is one of those buy but never play games. It looks like they made every vehicle shootable, even the big "bully" car that is indestructible and can only be destroyed by ramming him off the screen or into a hazard. The lack of being able to use machine guns with a special weapon and an unlimited special weapon make this a big no thank you from me. From the look of it in demo mode it looks good however... I am glad they did not go with the NES version but this version has too many compromises for me.
  10. Looking forward to this release too, I missed it the first time around so really happy this got to happen and that anyone who wants one can get one, excellent!
  11. Is it possible to utilize magnet overlays on new games that come out for the controller? I would be great to get the asteroids artwork mounted to the controller but when a new game comes out that supports it a buying option can be for an overlay for the controller that magnetically attaches to it. Of course this is all going on the assumption that the controller housing is going to be made out of metal. Just a suggestion, I think the Arkanoid controller was going to use something like that if my memory is not incorrect.
  12. Yes this, I hope they work on the cart adaptor for the 2600 soon, this is the missing element that I am really looking forward to. I would not have problem getting the schematics of the cart connector either and let me build one.. that would be a fun project.
  13. Hearing these comments about how hard the game is makes me feel really good. I was nagging poor Bob and Kurt_Woloch to death to keep making the maze ghosts harder where they can "see" through the walls and zero in on you. Those fellows were so patient when I also nitpicked them to make the straight shots to the center drop targets really fast and go for the drain. I assure everyone however that the arcade is just like that, I used my actual arcade cab throughout the guidance I suggested. The end result I can only say is something I am proud represents the arcade game very closely! I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to serve as an advisor it was a pleasure and honor. The folks that worked on this game are awesome and made an experience that I hope everyone will love as much as I do. For any folks having trouble with the game, here are 2 hints that I use on the arcade cab and ROM: 1) The maze is super hard without power pellets but once you score them the difficulty evens out quickly. 2) If you are having pinball woes, experiment with hitting the ball with different parts of the flippers to see where you can hit the ball with control, that control will become vital to earning pellets. I am waiting for my version I ordered from Albert to come in, and Yes!! I totally gotta to own the real cart and box myself!
  14. Opcode are you still contacting people about the boxes and orders for the 2 new games? I have not gotten any communications from your company but I realize you are super busy so no hurries, please feel free to PM me if you think mail is getting lost too.
  15. After looking at some recent review videos it seems they fixed at lot of the problems that I had issue with. Multidisc swapping now seems very easy now with just a menu option now and that is awesome. I am also super happy that 50 / 60 htz can now be selected so Nemesis (Gradius) can now run at normal and now mach speed here in the US. The mini ran PAL games but some games just ran to fast so this option was crucial to me. Adding the Vic 20 PAL and NTSC as well seems like a great idea to me too. 4 USB ports in addition to the USB micro power port from the previous unit ensure that powered hubs are a thing of the past. I am very much looking forward to this coming to the states and I hope it does, it seems the mini here did not do too well. For me the biggest win the mini and maxi bring is the ability map keys to the controller something I could not do on a real c64 without hard wiring etc. Needless to say I am looking forward to this one.
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