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  1. I love Jambo! I used to own the arcade game. The versions of Jambo! Safari for the Nintendo Wii and DS are very good and expanded, since you can beat the arcade in like 10 min haha.
  2. Paid mine on Friday, just sent you the PayPal receipt.. Thank you for the reminder!
  3. I would like copy of the are anymore available. Please put me down for one.
  4. Got my parcel in today and I was super surprised to see the 2 mystery games.. and very happy with the choices made. So happy I joined this year! Looking forward to next years club membership.
  5. I will dig up my other 7800s today and check them out and update this thread. Even if it doesn't work on any of my units, I can try it on the Retro78 in storage. If I have to buy a 2600, I am ok with that... I should have kept one before I closed my classic game store in 2018.. haha..
  6. I may have another 7800 in storage that I can try to find today. Perhaps it will work on it. However I will be real keen to hear about other peoples experiences. It is possible I got a bad chip in my 7800 or perhaps the cart did not flash completely.
  7. I just got this cart in yesterday from the AtariAge store. Is anyone having issues of it crashing? I cannot get the game to start, I see the opening title screen and once you reset the game or hit the fire button it crashes my system I am using an Atari 7800 with an AV mod and has the expansion port on the side. I do not have a 2600 to try it on but has anyone who bought the cart able to run it ok on their 7800? I also ordered Zoo Keeper, Deepstone Catacomb and Avalanche and all three of those work great along with all of my games I have gotten from the Atari Age store. The system just crashes to a screen similar to a screen like a dirty cart, but this cart is clean and so it slot. Is anyone else having this issue?
  8. @Andrew I am absolutely intrigued in watching your videos on this game development. I love watching the progress and thought process in such frequent updates. I am totally looking forward to your new game, and a re-release of the old one as well! Perhaps they can offer boxes that match each other for them? Ha ha.. Keep up the amazing work, its greatly appreciated.
  9. I think carlsson is mostly likely correct, I know these must be PDF uploads as one of my books has the same handwritten notes on the pages of the Machine language by Butterfield book that the PDF you can download has.
  10. Wow that looks great Andrew, I am looking forward to seeing more of your clever work!
  11. Just an FYI for anyone looking for out of print commodore books on Lulu, most show up just fine on the website however a few of them can only be reached through a google search to the link at Lulu, not sure why that is, but it is what it is.. Here is a great example.. My favorite Vic 20 Programming book that seems hopelessly out of print everywhere.. Programming the Vic by West https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/raeto-collin-west/programming-the-vic/paperback/product-1wk5d9rg.html?page=1&pageSize=4 That link came from a google search... Programming the vic lulu ... which yielded this link.. however you cannot find that book on Lulu's site.. the link however is real and I ordered from it and I love that book and just might be the best Assembly / BASIC complete book for the Vic 20. Just an FYI for anyone thinking of using Lulu, try adding lulu to the end of your google search to see if Lulu may have your book you are looking for at their site but cannot find.
  12. Just ordered the book on Lulu, it looks like it will be a good one. I also picked up Mapping The Vic for the Commodore Vic 20.. Lulu has been great to get out of print commodore vic / 64 books at reasonable prices!
  13. Hey a cart that can can boot into CP/M and do BASIC that is very very cool. I would also love to see it do Assembly if possible as well. In any case I would love to support this and hear more about it. I think the manual on this would be kind of thick if it covers a lot of good information. Thank you for showing!
  14. Digress, the new game footage is great! Looking forward to seeing how this develops for you. I always like your "unconventional" games haha!
  15. Retroillucid, can I suggest perhaps a sticker we can put on the box or perhaps some stylish designed printing that says Collectorvision Club and maybe the year on the game and box? It sure would be neat to see the club games years into the future. Just my suggestion.
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