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  1. I was originally interested in it but it seemed to take a while too long for me and I became more interested in the 8 Bit Guys computer and with a Ultimate 64 I now have I do not see a reason for me to get this anymore. I am also concerned about how much support it will ultimately have by a community. Still looks like an interesting piece of kit.
  2. The video brings up very good points, I own an American Crazy Climber cab and backed this project, I am not sure Milli was going for a 1:1 reproduction of the arcade game but I could be wrong. I know he has been working on it as I had mentioned that is seemed to play fast which he said he we would rather be able to slow it down than try to speed it up. I assume he has been working on issues, but yes once get the game and play it I can see how far he took the idea. I hope the dual controls work well on the final version as I do agree with you as it being the hallmark of the game play mechanic. In any case I wanted to support Milli's project as I want retro programmers to feel encouraged to continue to make games.
  3. Ordered Turmoil 2022 and it looks great, I love the original game so much! Looking forward to this one for sure! There was not too much game play footage but did you implement the donuts to you need to go down the path at the end to get that causes the indestructible ship (bullets go though the center) to force you to leave and go back to the middle again. That is such a great mechanic and I hope your version has it or at least something to replace it. In any case looking forward to trying it out when it is ready! Thank you!
  4. I am looking forward to getting one when they are a bit more available, from the sounds of it most people who have it seem to lots of positive things to say.
  5. I am in again this year for sure! Looking forward to giving away some stuff! haha
  6. I am glad you are including the Analog along with a digital, and yes the Colecovision is a pain to keep up and running. Wasn't there someone who was building a drop in replacement for the Coleco? I wonder if something like that would work? I would definitely buy a stable Coleco board if one was made.
  7. Taromaru is a real fun game, I would love to find one at a somewhat reasonable price one day but I really enjoyed it very much! I am waiting for Wachenroder and Princess Crown for some English translations as I am really interested in the way the Polymega is supposed to patch them in. I was able to get a copy of Bulk Slash this weekend on Ebay for 100 dollars taking advantage of a Make Offer from a seller in Japan. I would love to be able to find a Battlesport / Taromaru / Liquid Kids on a good deal too! I am interested in what you all think is your fave Saturn game you can keep coming back too? For me it is Space Harrier, I just never seem to tire of it.
  8. Ordered! Looking forward to this one, it looks great! Discount worked fine for me!
  9. I don't mean to derail this thread but how do you like the Standalone Vampire, it is worth getting? It is good value for your money? Is is good and stable? How is the compatibility with classic Amiga games? I have been following it but I have not met anyone who owns one and I am tempted to get one but did not know if the time was right to strike. Thank you for any insight! I have a few Amiga (500s-600-1200-CD32) and they are all in storage but would love to get the "Ultimate" Amiga if possible.
  10. Yes I agree if you get a Pateron up I will be sure to join it. The idea of a console game maker / game programmer doing a Patreon that allows the patrons to be included in ideas and decisions would be amazing! "A well supported console with lots of games, that uses primarily 2D sprites and is easy to program for and has a kit suite of tools to allow everyone from beginners to experts program in" Of course that is just my dream.
  11. So agree I turned down Jet Ready on one order but decided to buy it next time, I do not regret that at all. It is a really interesting game and the graphics are very unique for the Colecovision. I have to also agree that the videos of people playing it make it seem easy it is a good challenge and really fun! The comic style box however was such a big win for this game! Looking forward to the prequel when it comes in.
  12. Tecmo Bowl game for the Amico!? Seriously how to people find the energy to be negative when we see such great retro reborn?!? Ha Ha. Tommy please, please, please ensure that the football game you mentioned allows you to use your phone screen to privately call plays... Better yet can you please be the first to offer a real playmaker mode to allow us to create custom plays by moving the icons around on the screen, between football games and save to playbook? In my perfect football game I would love to create custom plays, save them to my playbook and take my controller to a friends house and use those plays! I would also love to be able to do quick on the spot controller plays when you need to create something super tricky at the last second during a down. The Dreamcast 2K series allowed for the use of the VMU to call plays but you had to call the play by its name only as the screen was too small to show that level of detail... so so close there.. By the by so happy to hear Elevator Action is high on your list too! Amazing game both the original and the Returns version from Taito!
  13. Oh wow you totally owe it to yourself to play the arcade game its amazingly fun! If you enjoyed the NES version you will really like the original one. If you have the ability to play Sega Saturn or PSX from Japan the IREM collection had 3 of my favorite games on one disc. 10 yard fight, Zippy Race (Motorace USA), Kung Fu Master all three versions were arcade perfect! Also do check out Konami Super Basketball it really has the 10 yard fight soul in it. This is coming from a guy who is NOT a sports game lover, but arcadey sports games are awesome!
  14. Just placed order for the game, I need the prequel to Jet Ready, that game is underrated! I hope the series continues ! When can we order Justice Beaver for SNES? I seemed to have missed it when it was sold and thought it looked great!
  15. I forgot that 10 Yard Fight was part of the game list, I love that game! I did not care for the NES version but the IREM collection for Sega Saturn and the arcade are one of my faves! Konami Super Basketball was the basketball equivalent to IREMs 10 Yard Fight, both are offensive only games where you must have a bigger score than the computer score before the time runs out. A lot of people did not those games but I thought they were great! Tommy I am hoping for a really good Elevator Action game if possible as well, and Pengo, that game does not get enough love.. haha.
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