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  1. I have to say I like this design it lends itself to twin stick shooter type game. Assuming the game can support the number of buttons.
  2. Greetings I am looking for anyone who may have an extra fully working C64. I have been wanting to play one again and miss the classic breadbin original style. I am ok with either an USA or UK model. I prefer only the computer, working power and cables but will be happy to entertain bundles as well. I live in Texas USA I already own the Mini and am now looking for an original real model. If you have one I would be interested in communicating with you, please PM me. Thank you for your kind attention.
  3. Heh that looks great! I would love to get this game or at least see some video of folks playing it and a review of what they thought about it.
  4. I personally hope you have to leave the disc in and it runs off the disc for authenticity reasons for me, or even an option to install or not to install. Of course that does put wear on the optical drive, hummm... In any case now that I have seen that twitter feed, I really am juiced about getting one when they come out.
  5. Yep, I am so going to order them on Friday. I am shooting for 30 cases but I actually need 90 of them. I had to throw away most of my cases during my many moves in California as they took up so much space. I honestly did not think it would be hard to get them again but I was wrongggg... I did however save the book and back art for the games so all I needed was the plastic cases. I counted last night and I can use around 90 - 100 of them but at 80 bucks a pop for 10, I am only going to buy 30 of them and buy more when they rerelease them in the future and I hope they really do like they imply.
  6. Please add me to the list, this game looks great and if it means we can get closer to the previously released titles on cart, I am all in!
  7. I am in for one if I can be one of the extra copies.
  8. Your game looks great! I would love to see a video of it running when you are ready.. will it use the Intellivoice module as well? In any case I am looking forward to buying this and some of your older titles if any are still available.
  9. I love the idea of RGB LEDs that programs can interface with to indicate things happening in the game or do be used as part of a creative game mechanic. (e.g. proximity sensor flashing colors, retro fuel gauges, klaxon danger flashing, getting "hot" and "cold" (gradually going from red --> blue) in seeking something. I love your speech idea, but if you have a way to save to something like memory or SD or the like, devs can have custom speech files that can load up for each game and the community can create speech / fix - modify - improve speech dialog over time. If speech had the option to be custom programmed and also recorded (via mic) and saved to be played back would be amazing. I would also love to have actual narrative coming from speech from the game, walking to a room in the game with speech telling you what happened in the story would be amazing immersion. I am sure many people would love to record dialog to make the hooks in a game more immersive, imagine Leisure Suit Larry type game with background narration that matches the scenes? A space shooter with enemy dialog talking up to the point you shoot them down only to die screaming... haha.. amazing. I think it also goes without saying that if you can add 2 more controller ports that allow programmers to create up to 4 player games would be awesome. Coleco needs some two player twin stick shooter games in my opinion. Of course these are just my wild ramblings.. haha..
  10. Having run a video game business for 11 years, I can say that, in my opinion, Retroillucid is absolutely doing the right thing. If a big order comes in, fill it, make your money, survive another day. Sony chips can be found in competitor electronics and vice versa, its business, and for business to continue to survive you sometimes have to work with all kinds of people. I said in a previous comment and I repeat it again here... I hope Coleco sells out of all of their units quickly and wants to buy a lot more from Collectorvision. The more people that can try it the better and if they can reach some audience beyond the Atari age universe that would be great. I would love to see the audience grow, while I am not a big fan of Coleco today, I am a fan of Collectorvision making enough money to keep something we all love in this thread alive. Again I respect everyone's opinion here, this is just mine...
  11. +1 for Dino Eggs That game is so addictive once you know how to play. Many hours spend on a C64 playing that gem!
  12. That is one fine looking controller! Great job, what a wonderful piece of art you created.
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