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  1. There is a list on page one but don't know if it's still current.
  2. I can only speak for my orders but I’ve ordered twice and emails have been responded to swiftly and postage was extremely quick, although I got hammered twice for import tax but that’s unavoidable sometimes.
  3. Actually, it was 3 ribbons I ordered as the import and postage was high so it made sense to order 3. Heres the total breakdown to the UK.
  4. This made me look at my screen! Two part numbers but same screen? Very confusing!
  5. Ive read that if you dump 5v dc straight into C41 the Lynx will power up. I was thinking to add one more dc I put jack which is 5v only to run the Lynx, giving me the option of 5v and 9v (obviously not at the same time!). The only thing that won't work is the power switch, not really an issue. I wonder if this will be a safer way to power the Lynx long term as no danger to the unit if the other Psu components suddenly fail?
  6. I just bought two ribbons from Bradley at Best! I noticed on my machine that as soo as you remove the ribbon from the connector even once they tend to look like this. I’m undoing the connector properly but they still get scratched off for some reason?
  7. Thanks Bradley! 2 ribbons, brand new screen cover and more silicones than Ill probably ever need. Super fast postage to the to the UK. Andrew
  8. Finished my McWill mod today on the Lynx 2. All went well, I used an IDE cable and labelled each wire with a piece of tape so I knew where it went on the LCD. When I checked the voltage at the beginning I had 5.65v so it was out of spec, I discovered that D13 had the wrong diode fitted in a previous repair, once I changed this to the correct part it dropped to 4.7v so I assumed this would be okay. Had one small problem though, the ribbon connector for the membrane, seemed to be missing some conductive traces on the edge so causing problems with the keypads and the led not always lighting so had no choice but to trim or part of th damaged edge, but seems to be fine now. If all else fails I reckon I might have to get another menbrane fom another unit. I dont want to have to recap another board and start over! It fired up first time and I was super impressed by the quality of the screen. The Lynx game developers never could have envisioned that we would ever see the detail which was included in the game graphics and the absolutely fantastic colours on screen, so vibrant and colourful. iPad photos dont do it justice.
  9. The Lynx 2 speakers is about half of the Lynx 1 but from what I’ve read the new speakers upgrade is about the same now as the 1 used to be.
  10. Just heard back, he says he bought it from eBay years ago but never used and he was told it was new! In any case hes given me 50 back which I makes me happy enough as this just arrived! Ive also finished the recap and fit the new 'Best Speaker' upgrade, kind of cool as its clear and the speaker grill slightly illuminated when its switched on from the backlight!! I dont know if it will light up though with the McWill. Its also twice as loud as the original speaker.
  11. Okay, so my NOS Lynx arrived yesterday, or so I thought. Whilst it is in very good condition there was a couple of things which caught my eye, three small marks around the Dpad and a 'silver' serial number starting with AU? It would seem it originally came from a dealer in Australia due to some store paperwork in the box. Upon closer inspection I noticed the original white serial label is underneath the silver one. I switched it on and it all worked except a few stick pixels which isnt unusual but Im fitting a McWill screen so not to bothered. I opened it a begin a recap, got half way through and noticed a through hole diode and transistor repair had been done in the past where it should have obviously been surface mount, presumably the common power supply fix as the diode was D13. Ive emailed the seller to explain my findings. Obviously I'll have to keep it now as I've already begun my screen mod but it is somewhat annoying. Maybe it was a store return but whatever it is it wasnt brand new!
  12. Okay, don’t all laugh at once but I ended up with a Lynx 2 so can I make one final request for a cased one. Sorry to be a pain.
  13. I bought a brand new Lynx 2 back in 1992 and mine never had batteries in.
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