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  1. I have requested refund as well through several outlets. They have already assigned my unit to someone else so I would like the refund as well
  2. When the titles names are not announced or removed and there is talk of horseshoes, darts, etc it sorta gives me the impression.
  3. Excellent. My impression was that there were announced named games that had been removed. The replacement games would have been filler Thank you for the clarification. I must have misunderstood. This would have helped earlier.
  4. What are the pack in games? The various articles I have read was that the named pack in titles have been rolled back to one? ⛷ and I am not going to search through hundreds of posts. I was asking for details much like the other posts
  5. As long as I get the refund. I sent a message through the link in the order confirmation.
  6. I understand the compassion. I actually liked his response to ataricreep. A lot of preorders does help credibility of the project.
  7. Not really upset but disappointed. If I got a more professional explanation I would have been satisfied. The response was too emotional. I was actually fine with the response to Ataricreep and was going let it go.
  8. Yes. I am having massive doubts. The Coronavirus and the situation in China has to be affecting the schedule and development of the project. The new vip option could be viewed as crowd funding to keep the project rolling. I initially bought the founders edition because the activity on Atariage gave the project some sense of credibility. But the posts over the last couple of days have eroded the credibility including the flippant response above.
  9. They insult the guy and he responds/defends himself.....and then they say his attitude is not welcome here👌
  10. Sorry...I meant to imply filler and not specific title names.
  11. Looks like we may get may get math blaster, tic tac toe, checkers, or other filler. I am not filling comfortable anymore
  12. This is concerning. Are they going to be able to provide quality games as the pack ins?
  13. I would think you are running into financial problems and need more cash? Is this console in dire straits?
  14. I used the original power supply from my old legacy colecovision
  15. Is the roller controller supposed to be compatible? I tried mine with slither and the movement was jerky. Not sure if it was my controller or the Phoenix. Last time I used it on my legacy console it worked
  16. I am in South Carolina and I received mine today. Only briefly played it but it looks stunning. I initiated it with Gorf and then Defender with the colecovision controller and Edladdins controller. Defender does not like Edladdins controller just like the original console🤣
  17. I was thinking the same as I was scrolling down the thread!
  18. Thanks. I am late to the game and just ordered last week. I can’t wait.
  19. I did not know you had done moon patrol! Very nice!
  20. Yippe I got the email! Enjoying them now on my atarimax card 😎
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