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  1. Just enough time for 1-2 attempts at each of these this week, unfortunately. Boxing: ko-81 Freeway: 20 Decathalon: 3752 Grand Prix: 42:17 Barnstorming: 1:00.58
  2. Not had any free time lately. Will post this in case I don't get another chance to play. 31,100
  3. Agreed, very good game. I thought it was absolute rubbish when I first tried it, but once you get the hang of all the small nuances its quite a fun and addictive game.
  4. Yeah those are impressive scores! I wasn't around back then so wasn't aware of those.
  5. Noticed the record for Toyshop Trouble seems to be 81,326 ..... wow!! https://www.twingalaxies.com/game/toyshop-trouble/atari-2600-vcs
  6. Great post. @Vocelli Would it be worth considering giving bonus points for scores with accompanying videos in the future? Not only is it the ultimate proof of score (not that its really needed) but more importantly, it gives tips for people who are struggling to get to grips with said game. Not exactly sure how you could work it. Maybe +2 bonus points for all scores with videos, or maybe just for scores with videos that end up in the top 3 places or something like that? Might encourage the top players to share their strategies and help others. There would probably be a few people who say its not possible for them to capture video etc but I think its still worth considering. I often see some of the top scores and think how the hell did they achieve that - I wish they recorded it!
  7. Toyshop Trouble 10,412 Reindeer Rescue 27,975 Gingerbread Man 8,505
  8. I'm sure he would be only too happy to offer tips, if anyone politely asked him for some.
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