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  1. SD Cards are not as reliable as an HDD or even an SSD; they are more like USB keys, reliability wise. Also, while there are less HDD and SSD knock offs, SD cards and USB keys are very common counterfeit goods, so when buying one, you need to do it from a trusted source (I use Amazon and am careful about the card being sold and shipped by Amazon, not a third party) and it doesn't take off the risk your card will die prematurely. Think of SD cards like light bulbs before they went LED and you'll get the picture (pun intended). For troubleshooting, easiest way is to test the Samsung card elsewhere and see. Usually, computers are quite tolerant but if you can manage (using an USB adapter) to connect it to a printer, by example, you'll get a better idea. Then, try a new card on the Mega Sg and see if the problem occurs again. Once that done, you'll get to where the problem lies, most probably the card.
  2. Kevtris, how is the development of the Turbo Nc going?
  3. So, it is just a choice between still living in the past (which is an hobby no worse than others) and evolving with technology and living the dreams we had in the past. I like my past, but I always have been annoyed by all the limitations and I love the fact I have been upgrading my past to the standards I dreamed about. Then, concentrating on one game at a time is not the hardware's fault. When I began piracy, very early in the 80's, you already had many games at once for the price of floppy discs and you ended up playing five minutes of them. I decided to actually enjoy each game to the best and managed to just play one game at a time. It's only discipline and discipline is only a matter of will. In the end, to each his own. Maybe an ODE solution will come for the Mega CD, although I wouldn't bet on it. Too much of a niche, which Mega SD drastically reduced further.
  4. The question is: do Analogue have plans to do something like the MegaSD? If no, I'll buy. If yes, I'll pass. Also, would love Analogue to do PC Engine. Really, it is MUCH needed Nintendo and Sega are covered.
  5. I would just be happy with a plastic Nt Mini without the jailbreak. And I believe many other would be. I would then sell my Analogue Nt Gold.
  6. Nope. As I said, I bought a second batch Gold, which is the Gold LE, released alongside the Famicom LE. Each of these got 50 pieces made. The later 24 Gold you are referring to is actually a final third batch with 10 pieces made. If I had $5K to spend like I would spend $2 on a beer, I would still buy a Famicom LE one along an Nt Mini, but not a 24K Gold. I don't see the point.
  7. So, I just got my Mega Sg. Full disclosure: I bought from Analogue the Analogue Nt 2nd batch (gold one, although might sell it), the Super Nt and the Mega Sg. I never got from Analogue the cart protector for the Analogue Nt, although I asked for it twice. Got no problem so far with the Super Nt or the Analogue Nt. My order: Now, the Mega Sg. Honestly, I was quite worried about the Colorgate™, as I ordered a JPN version. But everything was marked as JPN, the box is JPN and the console is JPN. So I guess I am safe on that side. My feelings: The package could be more secured, but in the end, I got my console in perfect state and with the right color. The shipping fee is atrocious and the customs fee too, but well. It arrived well and the day FedEx advertised (just got it today, because I wasn't available to pick it up). How I feel today towards Analogue: I am an happy customer. Sure, I am still angry about never getting the cart protector for my Analogue Nt Gold. Also, I wanted the limited Famicom colors and the Nt Mini being sold out is a major heartbreak for me. But that's how the industry works today. Honestly, if Analogue was to release a new Nt Mini (maybe a Micro Nt ?) in a plastic shell and without the jailbreak, I would instantly buy it and sell my Analogue Nt Gold and I would live in a perfect Analogue world. But as it is today, it is way better than just sticking with emulator on PC or the other crappy clone consoles. How I feel about the Colorgate™: It's major. These are not just FPGA clones. They are products aimed at passionate people who care. And they ensured multiple editions to reflect that, with a nice Apple-type care to the design. As such, yes, wrong color is not small, it's heartbreaking. As for me, I saw the Mega Drive when it was released in Japan. It was a year before it came to Europa and, as such, all my strongest memories with the system are about the Mega Drive (two words), the color scheme and the Japanese carts with Japanese text. And then, the Japanese carts being in English on an European console, which was a novelty for that time. Mind me: I work my ass hard everyday and my only pleasure is to be able to play until I die all my favorite retrogames and trying those I couldn't buy in the time, in the best conditions possible. If I come back from groceries and discover I bought a banana instead of a tomato, that's OK, no big deal, it happens. But I only buy one Mega Sg and I waited long for Analogue to officially announce it after hoping they would and then ensure I could buy it, put aside customs money in anticipation and then hoping the console would be delivered working with the right model. So, no, wrong color is a big deal to me. That's my youth, I know how I lived it and I know how I want to revive it. My way and not another one. I understand other people don't care, but I will never tell them that they should care like me and I also won't like anyone telling me that I shouldn't care. To each it's own and it would just be polite and respectful to understand that some people don't care and others do. Also, mistakes can be made. Just politely contact Analogue support and tell them. If you are not happy with their answer and they still don't go your way, then law is there for politely solving that.
  8. Thing is, the Super Nt aims to recreate a Super Nes. Those additional chips were found inside specific carts and not part of the console, so it is truly the job of the SD2SNES to provide support for them while it is the job of the Super Nt to handle the carts like an original Super Nes would do.
  9. Guess I quite overrated the MiSTer, heh. Anyway, when you have a Super NT, no need for another SNES core.
  10. Interesting tidbit: https://board.byuu.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2225&sid=a96fd0f856897c5f5020d03120c2a310 Old test ROMs that work on original hardware fail on the Super Nt. Hope Kevtris will have a look at it.
  11. IMHO, a PC Engine core is the next one, because: 1. The core must be something like 99% already done (console is well emulated since years and hasn't problematic components inside); 2. It can connect to CD-ROM systems, just like Mega Sg, so experience with that kind of extension is already mostly there; 3. The PC Engine was really the third player of the Nintendo/Sega era and with all the hype between the Super Nt and the Mega Sg, it would be perfect timing to unveil a Giga Nc to have the three Musketeers available as a marketing gimmick, ensuring as much as possible sales; 4. Some models of PC Engine hardware ages quite bad and many other models are horribly butchered up by so-called "modders", while the hardware is still quite expensive to get; 5. While they make and sell the Giga Nc, it allows for better FPGAs to be released with reduced price and as such, to produce either an Ultra Nt (do I need to explain what system it would be?) or a Dual Nt, ie. an handled GBA with both GB[C] compatibility and a HDMI port to connect to a TV, just like the Switch, but into one module. Basically, I very well see a scheme which would be to release one or two successful systems (Super Nt, Mega Sg), then a nicher one (Giga Nc) while having the previous two still made and sold, then roll the dices again with a successful one (N64), then make a nicher one (Intellivision, Coleco, Atari 8bit; no offense to Atari, but while the fanbase is quite alive, the numbers of potential sales are still niche, I believe), then a Dual Nt one, etc. Then there would be computers where, really, in order to compete with the MiSTer, you would have to make a keyboard case containing the FPGA and e-Ink adaptative buttons (showing special symbols buttons for the loaded core). That way, you could have an all-in-one solution that would allow to cumulate all niches into one big market. Also, due to their different nature and licensing of computers, the use of an SD card wouldn't legally be a liability (although I am not an US lawyer, so if you are one, correct me with as much technical details you want, I always love these). Then, of course, making the Nt Mini available again with a plastic case and two editions (US-EU and JP) would be a nice play. Many people, me included, trust Kevtris better than the other solution available and I would even go as far as selling my Analogue NT Gold in order to buy a Nt Mini.
  12. I hope for SuperGrafx, which is way more needed.
  13. Most likely, the drop "cleaned" it (some dirt took off from the fall) or the shock kinda readjusted it. Most "dead" lasers just need readjustment.
  14. $50 for Europe, same than with Super NT.
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