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  1. The INL is still in beta since 2018. Really, since all that time, they didn't manage to complete it?
  2. Especially since MD is quite easier to dump than SFC.
  3. Good, good. I may finally buy a MiSTer.
  4. You mean that: https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/X68000_MiSTer ?
  5. Right next to the Gamest magazine. Golden age, really...
  6. I also some good deals from Super Potato, but it was years ago. Mandarake is horrible. Surprised no one managed to steal their gold Super Famicom cart, though.
  7. Stop shopping in Super Potato! 😆 Joke aside, these prices are stupid, insane and artificial. And people here still says a PC Engine FPGA is a niche? My ass. Just put together the price of a basic PC Engine console and the price of an Analogue FPGA PC Engine and they are all sold. Or I will just get a MiSTer and fuck it.
  8. At least, they can take preorder. The way I see it is that you have a minimum of pieces to order and there should be enough people to order that minimum amount. Just open preorders and see. Worst case, it is a long seller and you have to stock some adapters for next buyers, but it's small stock and price, so not a big deal. Best case and probably the one to happen, you sell more than planned, so you order more and get better prices without lowering your own retail price, so all beneficial. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong or oversee something. What is ridiculous is that a Japanese Master System cost more than $240... 🤦‍♂️
  9. I dunno, is it Analogue or ANALogue? Sometimes, their logic really is beyond me...
  10. I was merely being sarcastic, maybe too much.
  11. Was Terraonion too busy stealthily moving to Andorra for fixing their software?
  12. As long as we can buy... I am fed up with always being pressured because I save money and I can't even be sure I will be able able to buy the product I want. Still waiting for the adapters restock, since initial stock was ridiculously short and it wasn't scalpers effect. Someday, the Chinese are going to crack them up and that will be too late to regain their once loyal customers.
  13. Good thing, then. One less headache.
  14. So, with the Super Sg, it's basically region free?
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