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  1. Well, I suggest you directly call out Kevtris for publicly lying. He may, indeed, need you to explain him how to program FPGA.
  2. All the ntm1 owners complaining here will appreciate your judgement. 😂 (Ordered a ntm2, so I don't care.)
  3. Lack of space is confirmed as one of the reasons (time being the other) for no Intellivision on ntm1.
  4. Don't hold your breath; VoodooFPGA™ space is lacking on the ntm1.
  5. To add insult to injury: new benefits won't be ported back to Nt Mini (Analogue's official stance) and jailbreak will get new cores (Kevtris' statement).
  6. So, are all the people now being angry at Analogue angry incells pestering against The Last of Us 2 and their mother or do they know admit that I was right to call them on their bullshit and that their last move proved me plainly right ? Anyway, I am glad I ordered one and have no sympathy for those who didn't, mostly the same people that flamed me for being a whistleblower. You got what you preached for.
  7. It's an impressive lack of understanding, but, well, not the first time with you. Anyway, this thread has long gone uninteresting and low level, so as much as I dislike Discord, I will mostly be there so that you can be together in your "lowliness".
  8. Can see why Kevtris is no longer hanging here... 🤦‍♂️ Can't blame him.
  9. People come here to get the truth. If they want the lies, they have Analogue's website. Don't like me ? Ignore me. Your job, not mine.
  10. If you like the fact that you probably won't get the dock because it's limited quantity will be gone in a second and the fact that once released, all the bugs you will discover won't be fixed, yeah, it is great.
  11. Which is why, the day Kevtris finds a better partnership for releasing the Zimba 3000, both Analogue and the MiSTer are dead.
  12. It is true that the MiSTer also made me reconsider many things. To add insult to injury, I was promised twice by Analogue support to be sent the Nt cart protectors. Never received anything. I sold my Nt, so it is fine since I will get a Nt Mini v2 and I feel lucky to get the best version of it. But the Mega Sg adapters fiasco is still bugging me. Now, Kevtris has stated that MiSTer RAM design don't allow accurate timings on some of the SNES expansion chips (Super FX, SA1...), so it is fine, I have my Super Nt. But I am planning to buy a MiSTer and I wonder about going full MiSTer and become a MiSTer evangelist. I love Kevtris' work, but sometimes, I feel like he is Cuphead, Tabber the Devil and that Kevtris doesn't know yet he lost all his lives without a continue.
  13. The Mega Sg adapters is a total fiasco, an unbelievable shame. I am still angry at Analogue for it. And, well, yes, if I can't get the adapters (and the dock! isn't that limited too?), the Pocket is a pass for me.
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