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  1. Cheers! And thanks for a fun tournament! Tompateus Irata
  2. Good work Carlsson and Zzip! I think we are 3 who has compleated this so far.
  3. Thanks☺ He might be after a bug in your computor😊
  4. Thanks carlsson! May all crystite plots give good yelds and pirates take a wrong turn somewhere in space. Amen!
  5. 8. tompateus (blue humanoid) 29710 pts.
  6. 😂Ater this tournament, we should have a tournament to get as low score as posible.. Think about it.. it can be tricky, specially if its the colony score..! I have never try to loose as good as i can in this game.. might be a challange..😁
  7. 7. tompateus (blue spheroid) 38915 pts.
  8. 6. tompateus (blue packer) 33778 pts. Kind a good game. Several months with desent crystiteprices. Pirates in third and eleventh months. Last month, crystite was only 64 or 68$ but energy was 148$ Well well.. Packer is my brothers favorite. Next play its my favorite, the spheroid, or what i call him in Swedish: säcken!
  9. 5. tompateus (blue mechtron) 30007 pts. Really close to get in 2'nd place! One month more and the green scrapheap would pass me easely.. Sometime things dont goes as you thought..
  10. Thanks☺ It went really well! No pirates and i think it was only one planetquake. Two fire in the store, but it was hard to boost the price up, i releast several mules but four or five was still in when the turn come to the com. and they used 3, so the smithore only went up to 90 or something like that. High food and energy price the last few months. Overall it was really fun playing tonight The last high crystite plot is in the river down south. You see the purple has a medium.
  11. 4. tompateus (blue gollumer) 47549 pts. 🤑 GG no pirates at all!
  12. 3. tompateus (blue leggite) 36773 pts. Extremly good plots of land this time!! 3 high and 1 super, and all in a big block. But 2 pirateattack, 2 planetquake and only halfdeasent crystiteprices made it go...😐
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