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  1. Gorf: 11970 pts. Atari invaders: 12590 pts. Got rid of my old fat tv and bougth a 20 inch lcd tv 4:3 on a fleemarket, but i don't know yet if that was a wise decisson.. Some of the true nostalgia feeling might be missing.
  2. Yes, i have completed control a coupple times, and production one time i think. When you are done with a section, you just pop out, like in this picture.
  3. The last 2 month i have played Blue Max alot, almost every day!! And tonight i been trying to repair a dvd by polish it *puhh!!* But now i think it's time for a round of m.u.l.e. ☺
  4. All these games was on my sd card when i bought the sd drive. But not Beer shot and the games that was played last two times. Because my poor computorskills, i wont dare to try to upgrade my card, but i tryed to formated a blank sd card a coupple weeks ago and download new games, but i couldent make it work..☹ Are you intressted to earn a coupple hundred kronor...? Just let me know..😊
  5. Beef drop: 73750 pts. Brew biz: 2570 pts. Burger chef: 7335 pts. Burger boy: 17800 pts. Basic burger: 15950 pts.
  6. Beef drop: 13250 pts. Brew biz: 2360 pts.
  7. I manage to shoot those two more or less impossible fuletanks on stage 4 twice in perhaps 40 atempts. For a moment i was worried about my 130xe after launshing at spacebar to hard to pause for the picture😁 This game make me dizzy after played it so much this week, so im truh with it for now.
  8. COM II 352800 pts. Defenetly some bugs in the game, when there was no more room with flags, my spare life whent missing from the screen, but it still "was there" And how about this floating mountin a la Pandora..!
  9. I did not see that..!? Strange..!! I have no clue why the score is like that, have this happen to someone else?
  10. Phobos 157620 pts. C.O.M. II 245450 pts. I took a picture after recieved the extra life on stage 13 and then went out for a cigarette, but that made me to loose focus and i crashed and burn.
  11. Phobos 151890 pts. Caverns of Mars II 128550 pts. Don't have access to Night rescue 1941 and Night rescue..😭
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