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  1. 2. tompateus Blue Bonzoid 37836 pts. Colony 105100 pts. Thought this was gona be a crapgame again, but high prices exept smithore last few months made the colony to reach over 100 k
  2. 1. tompateus (blue flapper) 28175 points. Colony 79872. (Crap)
  3. Yeah, thats true.. The comp. really whent all in on crystite..! Almost every time i play, two comp. goes for smithore only and one can go for crystite.
  4. I agree with bountybob, its a delight to read your m.u.l.e. reports..
  5. Saved by the bell.. Nice score..! No need to assay a plot in the last few months, even a no crystite plot give produktion of crystite, specially if your plots are together.
  6. Wow! It doesnt happen often that the comp. getting so good score.. fun! And they are almost all in on crystite.. Sometime its fun when strange things happen.. I was looking on Pirates of the caribbean just now, but now im gona play mule instead..
  7. Now when im awake i understand.. 6 plays=66 months!
  8. Im trying to understand the statistic but im to tired now.. Time to go to sleep..
  9. Yeah. Its something i will look in to next time ill play.
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