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  1. Looking for this game If you want to sell it, message me.
  2. I already have the first issue that came with the console. Looking to add the second, third and fourth issues to my collection. If you have one, two, or all three for sale, please send me a message.
  3. Looking to buy the cart. If you have a manual and box for it, would also be interested in buying it complete in box.
  4. These are Burger Time arcade fire buttons ...the actual Burger Time arcade fire buttons from a vintage Burger Time arcade machine. They are pepper fire.
  5. Quantity 1: Mouse Trap VVG Experience controller Quantity 1: Defender VVG Experience controller Quantity 1: Vanguard VVG Experience controller Quantity 1: Lady Bug VVG Joystick controller (joystick on left, fire buttons and keypad on right, set up as 4-way)
  6. You are, without a doubt, a GIFT to the ColecoVision community. THANK YOU for creating spectacular creations!
  7. Looking to add Doubledown's-Viking Video Games: DK and DKJr ColecoVision pair of hand controllers to my collection. If you ever want to sell your pair, please send me a message. Cheers!
  9. THE PACKAGE HAS ARRIVED! LOOKING FORWARD TO OPENING IT! This reminds me of Columbia House excitement or Scholastic books excitement back in the day! GAWD I'M OLD!
  10. Looking to purchase the following used or unopened ColecoVision games complete in box: Flipper Slipper, Gust Buster, Evolution and Brain Strainers (clam shell version). Also looking for Ghost N Zombies.
  11. Hello. Do you still have Battle of Hoth for sale? Saw a post of yours from a few years back and it wasn't striked out as sold. If you do still have it for sale, is it the grey cart edition with the two Empire Strikes Back cards inside?
  12. So is the game a dud given these issues? Thoughts?
  13. What were the playability bugs in Bagman homebrew?
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