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  1. Looks incredible! @tanukiWhen will details be released regarding Cote Gamers 2022 Club?
  2. If you have the following Time Pilot variant for CBS Colecovision, complete with box, manual and cartridge, send me a message. I would like to buy it.
  3. I am looking to add the following items to my ColecoVision collection: Amazing Snake Ghost N Zombies Sammy Lightfoot the blue SMURF handheld controller Quest for the Golden Chalice (Pixelboy Gold Cart release) Zaxxon Super Game (Pixelboy Black Translucent release) Sweet Acorn (original Opcode release) Xyxolog (original Opcode release)
  4. Will CRIBBAGE be your next game?
  5. For the Star, consider Gamester81 the Video Game. John is THE STAR of the game...and so a star button for that controller would fit. But really, it doesn't matter what we all suggest, your creations always turn out brilliant...so do whatever you think will be a knock-out design.
  6. I would suggest not using a heart fire button for Popeye because to get hearts, you just walk over them...you don't have to press a button to get them. A better game for the hearts would be JEEPERS CREEPERS because if you shoot the bird, your hearts increase.
  7. Looking to purchase a brand new in box ColecoVision Roller Controller.
  8. Looking to purchase Amazing Snake and Ghost N Zombies for ColecoVision complete in box.
  9. Looking for this game If you want to sell it, message me.
  10. I already have the first issue that came with the console. Looking to add the second, third and fourth issues to my collection. If you have one, two, or all three for sale, please send me a message.
  11. Looking to buy the cart. If you have a manual and box for it, would also be interested in buying it complete in box.
  12. These are Burger Time arcade fire buttons ...the actual Burger Time arcade fire buttons from a vintage Burger Time arcade machine. They are pepper fire.
  13. Quantity 1: Mouse Trap VVG Experience controller Quantity 1: Defender VVG Experience controller Quantity 1: Vanguard VVG Experience controller Quantity 1: Lady Bug VVG Joystick controller (joystick on left, fire buttons and keypad on right, set up as 4-way)
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