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  1. Thank you for the explanation. Do you have any boards available?
  2. Hi. I'm a beginner as far as it goes with tinkering. I've been teaching myself things from reading posts like this and watching videos on YouTube. I just have a couple questions on this build. 1) What is the symbol on the schematic for U$3, U$4, and U$29? I've been learning how to read schematics and how to make my own by replicating ones i know work. But I don't recognize that symbol and I couldn't find anything on it. 2) What is the tac swtich labeled U$5 or U$28 for? 3) What are the momentary switches (S1-2 and S5- for? 4) How is the header (SV2) wired? And what does it do? I understand pretty much the rest of it. I wanted to try and get a board from the OP but I wanted to make sure I understood how to put it together before I ordered one. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.
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