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  1. I miss read your question. It is complete, you do not need a TI disk controller.
  2. There is no PCB and I don't intend to make one. I built this using wire wrap for myself. I never know when I will make a change. If someone wants a PCB, They can use KICAD to make one. I wished I would have used Eagle, Because Eagle is now part of Fusion 360. In which case I could have milled a PCB on my CNC. This ATMEGA162 emulates the disk controller and interfaces to the TI DSR rom.
  3. This is similar to a CF7, but use SD card and has nothing to do with CF7. It allows a TI-99/4a to use disk image volumes on SD card as floppies. I started this a couple years ago and have decided to share it in case someone else wants to build one. https://github.com/dennishatton/TI-99-4a_SD_Disk_Project
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