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  1. This may not apply to you. I had a problem back in the 80s I took my system to the TI service center they found the problem was with the flex card and wanted to charge me quite a bit to replace it. Knowing there was not that much to the flex card, I took it home and checked myself and found during Mfgring they had a solder bridge that was causing my problem. It's been so long a ago I don't remember where it was.
  2. I just want to add that utilities were from when I original used a 8515 with 512bytes ram and had to double the sectors of the disk image. I switched to 162 that has 1k ram so sectors are not doubled now and utilities are not needed.
  3. I'll release any and all source code. There is nothing special about any utilities. On the SD card it is V9T9 disk images. Just make folder VOLUMES and copy the images directly to the SD card.
  4. I have found a part error in the schematic U7 is listed as a 74LS541 (non inverting buffer) It should be a 74LS540 (inverting buffer) Sorry for the mistake.
  5. I've uploaded a new update to the Atmega162. It allows TI access to the Atmega162 USART. I have been experimenting with an ESP8266-01 loaded with ESP-LINK firmware. It puts the TI on my network allowing access by a browsers or Telnet with terminal program to talk to the TI. I'm possible going to enable REST & MQTT to allow TI access to the internet.
  6. I discovered I problem with SD cards larger than 8g. I've uploaded a fix in github Atmega 162 files.
  7. I have uploaded new Atmega 162 files to github. I removed the need to enter data into sector 1 of SD card on setup. SD card must be formatted to EXFAT with allocation unit size 512k.
  8. The one on the right is correct EBC. I'll correct the schematic.
  9. I just realized there are no decoupling capacitors in the schematic. Since I added them in as was wiring the power bus. You could just solder them directly across the power pins of the ICs Or If someone wants to add them to schematic before making a PCB.
  10. I have cleaned up the ERC errors and uploaded new schematic
  11. I'll correct the D6 & D7 mistake and flag the unused inputs, Thank you. I built this using wire wrap and never intended to make a PCB. It is working. I have been using it for a couple years. You can find a SD module on ebay for a couple dollars. It will take care of the 3v logic to 5v TTL. BOM is what you see n the schematic. I did make change from ATmega8515 to ATmega162. The 162 has more ram allowing me to read a full 512 byte sector from SD card. With ATmega8515 I original was only using 256 bytes of sector and would have to double the disk image file. That allows me to directly copy and modify disk image on PC.
  12. I powered it from the TI bus
  13. I miss read your question. It is complete, you do not need a TI disk controller.
  14. There is no PCB and I don't intend to make one. I built this using wire wrap for myself. I never know when I will make a change. If someone wants a PCB, They can use KICAD to make one. I wished I would have used Eagle, Because Eagle is now part of Fusion 360. In which case I could have milled a PCB on my CNC. This ATMEGA162 emulates the disk controller and interfaces to the TI DSR rom.
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