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  1. And the winner is Mr_anonymous :-) He won a collectors Atari-mug. with a whopping 1352 points! I have some work to do. -Match PAL and NTSC scoring/timing. -Add features. -Multiple food pick-up. -4 player version. -Enhanced graphics -Better instructions.
  2. Didn't find the 2 player Easter egg yet? wohohoho My nephews favorite ! 4 player is a bit more work, need to use a DLI to split player-graphics into 8 players (4 birds and 4 worms).
  3. The lines, holes and food are completely random. Chances (this version) are 64% line, 30% hole and 6% food. So you have absolutely no influence on what you get next. But I must say, the RANDOM-generator of the POKEY-chip is not that random as it seems...... The bird moves faster as the score adds-up. In any case, you won't win this game, as mentioned, you are "birdfood"! But perhaps less progress on the bird can extent the game-play. Need to find the balance. Tomorrow will be a lesson to me I guess. Auto-fire is lame, the trick is to press as fast as you can. My nephews are really good at his! I'm already working on an update, yes. Going to quadruple the fun with paddles..... Adding more random-features sounds fun to me too. :-) Thanks for the feedback.
  4. :-) Thanks for the compliments. Somebody already found/played the Easter egg version of the game?
  5. Somehow I found this game so funny on the Vectrex aka Vogelfutter I decided to make an Atari version. (Also to take my mind of the never ending MyBIOS programming....) Nothing fancy, just simple and funny. Perhaps I'm going to make some more games next year. This is also my very first game I coded in 100% assembly. It runs an any atari with 16k minimum. Enjoy :-) Don't forget to look for the egg, this will double the fun (hint). Sijmen. P.S. Next Saturday on the retro-computer club-day in Maarssen: high-score contest!
  6. Internal MyIDE with Flash-bios? http://www.atarimax.com/myide_old/documentation/
  7. Back on-line (short holiday) :-) Downloaded the new versions. Well done! Can you include the new MyIDE-][ CPLD-firmware on the next update?
  8. I just answered your question on the atarimax-forum. I'm not 24/7 online.....
  9. Thanks! It is rather fun re-writing a complete OS and still finding "abusive" software. Needing to change and upgrade the code. Otherwise I wouldn't have went this far.
  10. The delayed special-keys / flashing border and audio-feedback works great for me. Short update: I found and fixed some compatibility issues with 400/800 software jumping directly to CIO-subroutines as-well as E:,S:,K:-subroutines. Moved some stuff around and finally put the last bit of MyIDE-][ code into flash. Hey, why have it in the OS when the cartridge is not present? I have put the MyBIOS boot-up-screen in the ROM-version (selftest-area) for user-recognition, when it boots without the cartridge. Seems now that the whole OS can fit again in 16k space including a full international character-set. Who knows I can send out an almost ready beta #9 later this year....
  11. What is a PCF554 (new old stock, boxed) worth?
  12. Back! yeah, Hotel has an issue too. You have to be very patient when loading, the intro can't be skipped...... Holding [F1] and a fast PC is very convenient here. It's a German game and the garbage at the end of the long welcome text is present with Atari-basic too. (I think this is a residue of the hacked version of this original protected disk) Set up a game, 1 joystick, 2 players, 2 names. Then you get the screen "gleich geht's los..." Disk will load some stuff, screen goes black and it stays black. Success with this one.....
  13. Hi Avery, Here is another one. I just started to use ATbasic, I though now is the time, seeing all bugfixes :-) Probably a compatibility issue with jumping somewhere into the BASIC-core. Nice work BTW on the extra functions in only 8k! It there a manual for ATbasic, that I have missed over the thread? First I though it was a MyBIOS-issue, but it's not..... (Yeah, still coding on that, not easy all those illegal-entries software do use.....) Boot this disk with BASIC enabled. It will lock-up after the green welcome message-bar. Typing this in, perhaps I should check HOTEL too. Another game that needs BASIC. I'll do that in a sec. Grtz! Sijmen.
  14. At the moment I have only 2 flavours. One version loaded from MyIDE-][ flashrom, installs into OSRAM. One version as replacement OS inside your ATARI. But I don't see the use for a file-version, except for OS_B 400/800 compatibility. You still need the MyIDE-][ cartridge to use the OS in full. I guess when you are skilled enough, you can replace the $FF in $FE of the ROM version to get version that runs from OSRAM. (The OS has no checksum) Somewhere found here: 0743++ C591 A9 3C LDA #$3C 0744++ C593 8D 03 D3 STA PBCTL ;precondition port B outputs 0745++ C596~ .IF RAM 0746++ C596~ LDA #$FE ;SOFT-OS, BASIC OFF 0747++ C596 .ELSE 0748++ C596 A9 FF LDA #$FF ;HARD-OS, BASIC OFF 0749++ C598 .ENDIF 0750++ C598 8D 01 D3 STA PORTB ;pre-initialize port B But you need to write a loader, then do a JMP (RESET)
  15. No, the term "fully compatible with Last Word" is applicable now It has always worked from ROM, but some shift+control-keys were consumed by the OS, needed for LW-functions. That's all to it.
  16. Yes, the RESET_NMI. The same as I was referring to. One draw-back: when a GAME is installed and runs from OSRAM, this button will do nothing either...... [HELP]+reset works great for now, for me.....
  17. Yes, the latest BETA: MyBIOS4.9.B8 is fully compatible with Last Word. :-) But since LW uses OSRAM, you must use the internal ROM version (R2) to make this work. The MyBIOS (F2) loaded from cartridge installs itself in OSRAM and 2 users is a no-go area.... When you have u1MB, just flash the R2 in one of the empty OS-slots. Be sure the MyIDE-][ cartridge has the same firmware, R2 does a identification-check.
  18. [HELP] is a key itself. Pressing 2 keys on a A8 does not work So [HELP] + anykey, does nothing. Thanks for the help though!
  19. Yeah, sure, that would be interesting. Cant remember a short-term email about a reset-button, sorry. But still, when the software disables NMI/IRQ totally, external IRQ won't be processed by the CPU either. When you disable IRQ, the BB-button also will not reply with the menu :-( The only NMI nobody can disable is the RESET_NMI from ANTIC. But the stock XL/XE-OS ignores this, doing a VBI instead. Any which way, the OS is dependent on how kind the software is with the functionality of the OS.....
  20. Hi, sure that is possible. Disks booted through image-menu are fully accessible. When you boot a disk from image, it is write protected by default. Some game-protections format a disk when not protected...... So you need to enable read/write-access first, hold shift+control+P until it beeps to turn it back on. (Or you can un-protect all before you Coldstart, on your own risk.....boe...) Then switch to en empty disk. I normally leave one disk-image empty in the chain, Naming it Saved Game "title". <example> -DALLAS QUEST A -DALLAS QUEST B -SAVED GAME DALLAS QUEST When it's time to Save, switch to this image, hold shift+control+3 until it beeps (when this is disk 3 in line). After the save, back to disk 1 or 2, what ever is needed. When the software has disabled IRQ, you can try holding HELP to enter the MAIN-MENU for the same functions. And If that does not go, NMI and IRQ are both disabled, cutting you out on all. Last resort, when it's reset proof, you can hold HELP en press RESET. Enjoy the new Beta-version, much has improved :-) Cheers, Sijmen.
  21. What the hell, it's Halloween Here you find a work in progress Beta #8. Much has changed internally for compatibility. -added SIO-loading of protected disks. -added high-speed CAS loading up to 25% gap-time and 8333 baud. (You need a beta version of APE and a SIO2PC-USB to explore this new function) There still is a surplus of 160 bytes code. This is stored in int.char.space for now, giving garbage on some special characters. Did you know control+4 switches between international and domestic? Boe ha ha ha ha......
  22. No sweat. I made these images to support the "reset" MyBIOS No idea anymore what the issues were. They did run fine, but switching from application was harder.
  23. Ok, that will be solved in the next beta-release. All shift+control keys are now timed and if not expire, passed to the running software. For MyIDE-][ I know Marius made some conversions, but are not reset-proof. I'll attach my set of patched roms. Simply load them with the ATARIMAX-FAT-loader. For BASIC_XE I have also zipped the patched extension-disk. They are compatible with both R2 and F2 MyBIOS running a MyIDE-][
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