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  1. I'm in for the all the bells and whistles model as well...
  2. Just happened across this thread... So I guess for 2 button games, I can just use a Genesis controller to take advantage of these hacks, but for 3 button games, I can't use Genesis button 3 and would need a custom rewired stick?
  3. I know (and love) the classic series port of Mario Bros., and the lame original version. But what the heck is the "1990" version in the middle?
  4. Is the rgb 8 pin mini din in the picture or is that s-video? I've only so far connected modded snes and n64 with the scart cable....
  5. Not sure if I'm in a place to buy now, but curious if this would connect directly to my Framemeister...
  6. No I will not sell you my copy of Professor Pac Man for the Colecovision. I'm having too much fun playing it.
  7. I already have it but the excellent Overcooked is now free at Epic Games... https://www.kitguru.net/desktop-pc/mustafa-mahmoud/overcooked-is-free-on-the-epic-games-store/
  8. Just discovered Mechatron 2154... Has anyone figured out how to get this working on Win 10 64 bit? I can only find the download on softoedia, not All the other links are broken. I get the title screen but it garbles up after I press Run Game...
  9. I hate adding games too... Unless it's a hack, I always get the settings wrong, and now I'm not even sure if I remember how to do the hacks. I'm glad my Cuttle Cart 2 still works like new, but my brain isn't aging quite as well...
  10. I'd be interested.... Would be great to have a mouse that combines improved graphics and classic gameplay...
  11. Would it be possible to move or fire with the Atari Brainlink?
  12. Johnny is there any chance you could get my Simon to play Red Dead Redemption?
  13. If you are looking for a unique name, apparently you can get away with just adding a space... Maybe "Robot - Run!"
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