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  1. I loved playing this game on my phone; the perfect combination of retro and touchscreen... But on my new Note 9 I can't play it (even though the emulator otherwise works fine). The message says Colleen can't prepare the game for boot...
  2. The .emu series of emulators on Android allow you to create a very large, and transparent, button on any corner of the screen. No such luck with Retroarch.
  3. Super Hexagon is a two switch game that I personally find to be far more playable with a controller on Steam. Crossy Road and Pac Man 256 are two of the better implementations of swipe controls, which are decent with four direction, no button games where you can anticipate your next move. I'll take a look at the others... Still wondering if I overlooked any classic one switch or two switch games though...
  4. I like playing quick, simple games on my phone (I commute by train), but generally I prefer single touch games as I can't stand virtual dpads. My favorite Android single touch games are Release, the awesome port of the awesome vectrex homebrew game, and Line Breaker. I also sometimes play Cannabalt and Whip Swing (which plays like the first level of Jungle Hunt, with some twists). I also find that one switch games work well in emulation on the phone. For the 2600, I set up shortcuts for 3 one switch homebrew games, Wall Jump Ninja, Cave 1K, and Jump VCS. For the C64, I have the excellent Flappy Bird port and PO Snake. And for the SNES I have yet another one switch homebrew, Jet Pilot Rising. Question... Am I unaware of other one touch games for classic systems which might work well on phone emulation? I find two touch games aren't bad on a touchscreen either (Robot Unicorn Attack, Granny Smith). But there seems to be an even greater lack of such games on classic systems... All I can think of is 2600 Freeway (up, down), which you need a second player for, and Donkey Kong King of Swing for Gameboy Advance, which is played with only the shoulder buttons as I recall... Ideas?
  5. Working on my android phone (connected to my TV) through Retroarch and Stella core ... Awesome! As always, I'd prefer to pay something to AA and Johnny for a ROM download of the full version, but for this, if necessary, I'll accept the added living room clutter...
  6. Based on this thread, I'm going to guess that I can't count on the EZ Flash Omega flash card working with the Super Retro Advance adapter for the SNES?
  7. Will the EZ Flash Omega worth with the Super Retro Advance adapter for the SNES?
  8. Very interested, please add me to the list. Thanks!
  9. Quick question... I just ordered my OTG cable, now I have to order the controller adapter. Is it confirmed that both 2600daptor and ultimate pc interface work with this? Having trouble finding confirmation on ultimate pc interface, particularly for 2 players. Thanks.
  10. I had started a separate thread about this. The M30 2.4G works with my Seagull 78 on my 7800 and 2600 (it doesn't work at all without the Seagull), but for some weird reason UP presses do not register. Everything works perfect on my Retro Trio.
  11. If I can find them I have the Best Electronics genesis to 2600 cable (which I think is just to make the rapid fire button on Genesis controllers work) somewhere as well. I'll give that a try when I get a chance.
  12. I just tried that. Weirdly, everything but the up direction worked on my 7800 and 2600 when using the Seagull 78. Up on the 7800 wouldn't work in the cuttle cart 2 menu or games, and it wouldn't work on the 2600 in the Harmony menu (didn't try the games). Unrelated to the dongle I'm sure, then my old Harmony cart stopped working on the 2600 and 7800. If I can't get it to work again, does anyone know, is there a trade in program? I then retested the controller on my retro trio and up works fine.
  13. The good news - it works with my Retro Trio. The bad news - it doesn't work with my Atari 2600, my Atari 7800, or my controller port modified Odyssey 2. I assume it won't work on the 8 bit computers either. Oh well.
  14. Johnny, can you make it more realistic for 2019 by adding animal rights activists and vegans to the enemies chasing you?
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