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  1. No I will not sell you my copy of Professor Pac Man for the Colecovision. I'm having too much fun playing it.
  2. I already have it but the excellent Overcooked is now free at Epic Games... https://www.kitguru.net/desktop-pc/mustafa-mahmoud/overcooked-is-free-on-the-epic-games-store/
  3. Just discovered Mechatron 2154... Has anyone figured out how to get this working on Win 10 64 bit? I can only find the download on softoedia, not All the other links are broken. I get the title screen but it garbles up after I press Run Game...
  4. I hate adding games too... Unless it's a hack, I always get the settings wrong, and now I'm not even sure if I remember how to do the hacks. I'm glad my Cuttle Cart 2 still works like new, but my brain isn't aging quite as well...
  5. I'd be interested.... Would be great to have a mouse that combines improved graphics and classic gameplay...
  6. Would it be possible to move or fire with the Atari Brainlink?
  7. Johnny is there any chance you could get my Simon to play Red Dead Redemption?
  8. If you are looking for a unique name, apparently you can get away with just adding a space... Maybe "Robot - Run!"
  9. Just purchased and downloaded the c64 ROM... I like the game, but why no 2-player / 2-joystick mode? I also purchased the Eskimo Bob homebrew for the NES, which does have an option to work that way, and 2-player coop games where one person controls the active onscreen character at a time can be kind of fun, but in a relaxing way (as sometimes you are controlling the character, sometimes you can sit back and analyze the screen while the other person plays...)
  10. I have a Cuttle Cart 2 question... Will Sirius and Plutos work on the Cuttle Cart 2? I heard they have special hardware in the cart, so I suspect not... But i noticed they do work in emulation. If they do work with Cuttle Cart 2, what are the settings? Thanks...
  11. Every port to the Odyssey 2 was strange because of its limited graphics and built-in character set... Some are reasonable close to the source material and very good (Turtles), many make do with the Odyssey 2's limitations and are still good (Frogger divided into two screens, Qbert with just dashes for cubes, one screen at a time "scrolling" Super Cobra, 2 demons on the screen at a time Demon Attack, an excellent Atlantis with large enemies and also smart bombs), and some not so good (the ugliest Popeye you'll ever play in a completely altered game). Also some O2 games can be seen as attempts at "ports" of famous 8 bit games with interesting changes (KC Munchkin is Pac Man with movable dots and invisible or programmable mazes and resulted in a lawsuit, UFO is sort of Asteroids with a shield you can bash enemies with, the excellent Pick Axe Pete appears sort of inspired by Donkey Kong, Blockout/Breakdown is breakout with player 2 controlling little "Demons" in the bricks who can rebuild the playfield, and Alien Invaders Plus is a very interesting take on Space Invaders with extra ships hidden in your shields, shields for the aliens, a boss character descending from the top of the screen, and a 10 battle set up instead of a points competition...)
  12. Can I burn the 128 ntsc program on a 1mbit Atarimax cartridge?
  13. Just realized, I guess there'll be a lot of quarantined families looking for some couch co-op soon...
  14. Interesting I'll take a look... always liked the flash versions of games like Super Meat Boy the best. Looks like Super Tofu Boy is in the recently released compilation of every flash game ever made... https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/downloads/
  15. Why not salad time? It's healthier, there are endless possibilities for nutritious additions (though some will cost extra), and tacos break too easily. Also, you could throw unhealthy foods like ding dongs and chicken wings at corporate execs trying to foil your healthy lunch...
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