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  1. Really a game called "Turmoil 2022" should include the Covid-19 virus and the heads of several politicians. I think it'd be funny in a way if the entire built-in character set of the O2 came careening down those aisles... If the game is as fast and furious as the 2600 game, using the Voice for audio cues when important baddies show up might help a lot...
  2. Um, I think Howard's unrestrained, endless promotion of his book is partially meant to be funny. He does that on Facebook too... that's how I took it...
  3. doug0909


    Commodore 64 homebrews are a great source of ideas... https://lyonsden.net/single-button-games-for-c64/ There's also this one button space invaders game where you (and if you want a friend) shoot and change direction when you press the button, but I needed to take a xanax after trying to play it for more than 5 minutes... Very frustrating... https://darrenfoulds.itch.io/1nvader
  4. doug0909


    Did not know about that. Tried it and it seems a bit needlessly difficult Try the C64 game, much more pleasant, and probably a better model for a multi player game... Also, the Odyssey 2 game Smithereens might lend itself nicely to a four player, one button adaptation. Maybe one guy in each corner, and you only use the joystick to change the direction you are catapulting your rock?
  5. doug0909


    Now that I think about it Dodge It with trackball controls (even if in digital mode) would probably be great... Chase It, not so much, I think that game is so fun BECAUSE OF the limitations of digital controls. But what about a 4 player marble escape game where you have to carefully go through narrow passages to a exit (with slowdown penalty for hitting objects and borders...)? Something like the great homebrew Fall Down would also be fun with 4 players... For one button inspiration, see the homebrew p0 snake for Commodore 64. Basically, your snake-like character is traveling in a clockwise motion in a small circle when the button isn't being pressed. Pressing the button starts counterclockwise movement and hitting it for short, carefully timed bursts allows you to move around the playfield and pick up objects. It's actually a very fun, challenging play mechanic...
  6. doug0909


    Not sure how many people even have the equipment to play, but would 4 Trackball hacks work for Centipede and Missile Command? If so, would that only be in analog mode?
  7. doug0909


    Looks like some fun stuff in the works... I enjoyed 2 player, 4 joystick 'Robot War' with the demo rom and Quadtari last night, which I guess means my Quadtari works. Thanks Johnny and everyone else involved! But the Wizard of Wor demo did not work with the quadtari plugged into the left port and atarivox plugged into the right port (one stick controlled both characters, with right direction not working). Meanwhile Gorf Arcade and Quad Games demos did not load through my Harmony Cart, on the 2600 or 7800. Could be my futzy modded systems I guess. Or maybe I have to update my Harmony cart? I ordered the WoW cartridge and I'll test with that. Has anyone considered hacking freeway for more players? I think a simple 4 player, avoid the objects game (ala Channel F Dodge It) or grab the objects (like the 2600 homebrew Chase It) would work nicely as well....... And of course 4 player Surround, and Indy 500 with four driving controllers...
  8. I just introduced my girlfriend to Robotron with the fantastic Atari 7800 version. She seemed to enjoy it and we might try co-op on the 2600 demo tomorrow. However, my custom double d-pad Robotron controller seems to have given her a blister. What better options are there? Also should I be concerned that she kept killing the Robots without regard to saving members of the "nuclear" family?
  9. Will try WoW. The Robotwar demo doesn't have 2 players yet I guess...
  10. Got mine as well! If I have an AtariVox but only one other player, what's a good way to test it out with my Harmony cart?
  11. I usually don't do these but I love this game. Do you guys allow play on modded flashback? If so do I have to use Inty controller? Real thing is in storage...
  12. Mine is gathering dust in storage, along with a multicart. As I recall, a few games were playable including Cat Trax and Turtles Turpin. Is the Phillips connection the reason the Odyssey 2 and Arcadia 2001 were the only systems with Turtles ports, albeit kind of different ports? What has always befuddled me is why every sound that comes out of the system brings to mind the sounds of an animal in its death throes. I mean, the sound chip clearly had as much range as the primitive chips on my Odyssey 2 and Apple II, but while the sounds on the former were boring and the latter a bit scratchy, nothing this side of Tom Waits sounds as bad as an Arcadia 2001. Was there a technical reason for that?
  13. Perhaps that slow Mario Bros. on the Apple II would benefit from an accelerator...
  14. For my order I'll specify red with pokey.... Thanks.
  15. I'll pre order if there's still room on the list... Thanks.
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