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  1. I'm not sure. I'm working a lot in kyan Pascal atm. I'll be releasing some code soon
  2. I think its called abacus pcode compiler which is easy to find. I've also seen the BASIC code to Pascal 64, which is somewhat larger. The release version of Pascal 64 is compiled. Maybe using BASIC 64 (which was also written in BASIC). KMMM IV doesn't look like either tiny Pascal or Pascal 64. The compiler is about 16k which does produce pcode, but only as a first phase for the 6502 translator. A pcode interpreter is mentioned in the docs as a future product which might not have been released. KMMM is the best native code compiler imo. Kyans native compiler is lacking in areas, but makes up ground with its built in assembler and its undocumented "relaxed var type checking" so, if you can handle asm code, then kyan pro is tops. Kyan standard is the best pcode dev system. Super Pascal has its own dos system, which makes it unsuitable if you want to work with cbm files. I personally am using kyan, because I know I can always resort to asm if I want. Btw: I'm looking for kyan 128 for the commodore 128. Also, kyan pro is only on csdb which worries me!! We cant loose it! Ps: Zoom Pascal is KMMM level 3. Which lacks a lot of Pascal features. KMMM level 4 has the best built in string support.
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