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  1. Feature request: I have a newly installed F18A, and sometimes programs that take advantage of its extended features leave the color palette messed up, and the usual soft reset doesn't reset the extended F18A registers. Could Force Command reset the F18A if it detects it is present at startup? There is some sample code in this thread.
  2. One caution on attaching the din connector directly to the motherboard is that at least for me, the case blocked the bottom of the port. I put a small nut under the connector to raise it up a bit. I did my best attempt at soldering the nut to the board but the solder didn’t want to stick to it. So I put a bunch of solder on the connector and then hot glued the whole thing. Still worried it will break off at some point though.
  3. It's a tight squeeze, but it fits. I wrapped that part of the cable in electrical tape to protect it against the edges.
  4. Success! I followed the instructions in Post 28, namely: Disassembled the console Removed the 9918A with a chip puller Soldered a ribbon cable to the TMS-RGB Soldered the TMS-RGB (ordered from Mobius Strip Technologies) under the VDP socket on the back side of the board Soldered a wire to the sound output Desoldered the video connector and removed it from the board Desoldered the one resistor that was where the bottom 560 ohm resistor goes Added and soldered the three 560 ohm resistors Soldered the ribbon cable and audio cable to a mini-DIN 8 jack following the XRGB wiring diagram (using this helper board) Bent back the shield near the mini-DIN jack to make enough space for the new connector + wires Attached the mini-DIN jack (upside down) to the board with solder and hot glue, using a nut as a spacer (otherwise it is too low for the opening) Double-checked continuity between the pins of the mini-DIN jack and the TMS-RGB and checked for shorts Cleaned off all the old thermal paste from the shield Inserted a TMS9928AN (purchased a used one pulled from a working system on eBay) into the VDP socket Applied new thermal paste to the VDP Covered soldered wires with electrical tape Put electrical tape around ribbon cable where it comes near the shield to go around the board Put everything back together Connected the mini-DIN jack to my OSSC's SCART connector via the recommended cable Set the OSSC for AV1 (SCART) RGBs I powered it up and got the most beautiful crisp title screen. Audio works fine with the SN94624 sound chip. My TI has never looked this good!
  5. Oh, LittleLarrySellers said he has the SN94624 and sound worked fine after the mod, so maybe this will work? Is what is written in post 33 backwards?
  6. Okay, I bit the bullet and ordered the cable from the UK, and it shipped surprisingly fast. However, I ran into a frustrating issue preparing to do this mod. I have 3 consoles, and after spending an hour disassembling and reassembling each of them, they all had the SN94624 sound chip, which gets its clock from the 9918, so as I understand it, if I were to complete this mod, I would lose sound. Even though all three TIs looked different on the inside in terms of how the power supply was connected, they all had the same sound chip. 🤬 So, is there any way to reroute the clock to the SN94624? Is it possible to swap it for a different chip? Help! Thanks, -Mike
  7. I was planning to do this mod but I'm struggling with figuring out how I'm going to connect this to the OSSC. I ordered a fully assembled TMS-RGB board from mobiusstriptechnologies.com - and that board has the 75 ohm output resistors on it. According to https://tms-rgb.com/guideOutput.html that means I can't use the Genesis 2 type cables because they add additional resistors - I have to use the XRGB 8-pin mini DIN, but I can't seem to find anyone in the US who sells a cable for that connector - retro-access.com seems to be MIA. How are others wiring this up? Thanks!
  8. Going to college brought my Geneve work to a halt for the most part. Once I got introduced to more powerful Unix workstations and Macs, it was hard to go back. 😀
  9. Where can I find the right 8 Pin Mini Din Scart RGB Cable to connect the output to an OSSC, ideally from a US seller?
  10. For my TIPI, I just do something like this: https://gilyes.com/pi-shutdown-button/ All you need is a pushbutton momentary contact switch and a bit of code running on the pi. Short press to reboot and long press to shutdown. I also added a LED that shows when it is powered on via the serial port approach here: https://howchoo.com/g/ytzjyzy4m2e/build-a-simple-raspberry-pi-led-power-status-indicator (LED goes off when it has safely shutdown and it is okay to remove power.) All you need is a resistor and an LED, and the config entry. -Mike
  11. I would be interesting in buying a built board, if you are able to make enough of them. Thanks, -Mike
  12. In the olden days, timode had to be the first line of the AUTOEXEC if you wanted the option to run gpl. Is that no longer the case?
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