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  1. One of the RAM chips was bad. It's all fixed up now, thanks to a helpful member on this forum! I'll slowly post more things I find as I have spare time.
  2. Wow, the memories! STAR - the first program I ever sold!
  3. Here is my first contribution to this group, a blast from the past in the files I've been extracting from my TI/Geneve hard drive. This is a version of Tetris that I wrote back in 1989. I was able to run it on my newly resurrected Geneve (thanks, RickyDean!) and was able to run it in MAME as well. If I remember correctly, I tried to match the timing of the levels to the version I played on the Mac back then, which means level 9 is super-fast. This was written for MDOS version 0.97R back in the day - not sure if it would work on a "modern" version without changes. Have fun! -Mike tetris.dsk
  4. My Geneve that's been in storage since the early 90s won't boot. It complains there is bad CPU RAM. Beery Miller was kind enough to send me an EPROM that skips the memory check, to see if I could run any diagnostics to determine which memory chip(s) are bad, but it never gets past the swan image on boot. Almost all of the chips on my Geneve are not socketed (it was a very early model), and my soldering skills aren't up to the task of replacing chips. I'm also much more of a software guy than a hardware one, so it's beyond my ability to troubleshoot. Is there anyone here with the skills and desire to try to repair it? Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks, -Mike
  5. Thanks - I'll give that a go.
  6. Okay, yesterday I made real progress on this. I picked up a GoTek floppy emulator and reflashed it with FlashFloppy. After some trial and error, I figured out how to get disk images onto it using a Mac and the "disk" program from ti99sim, which allowed me to get the Ti99Hdx software onto the TI. I ran the Ti99Hdx server on a Windows 10 VM running on my Mac, and used a USB-Serial adapter with a 9-25 pin adapter to connect to my RS232 card. It's quite the Rube Goldberg machine, but it allowed me to transfer files from the hard drive over to my Mac. I had to do it one directory at a time, creating a new folder on Windows for each one. Sometimes, I had files that clashed with case-insensitivity on the Windows side, so I had to put those into a different folder (e.g. MYTERM and myterm in the same directory on the hard drive.) Okay, so now I have a folder and file structure on the Windows side that roughly matches what I had on my hard drive, barring all the files that I couldn't read off the hard drive due to errors. Now my next question is, how do I convert the text files into Windows-equivalent text files? I want to look through all the text files at least to check them for corruption. It looks like all the files have some sort of header on them - I'm not sure what format Ti99Hdx put them in. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far. -Mike
  7. That would be awesome. Please include Telco as well. I'll PM you my address.
  8. I sent you a PM. Thanks again. I do have an RS232 card that appears to work. I'll have to look up the Lotharek drive - is there a specific version that works best with a TI?
  9. That would be awesome - are you able to put it onto a 3.5" floppy? I guess the best one would be one that could batch transfer files from a hard drive over RS232 - ideally everything in a directory. There's corruption on the hard drive, so I don't want to write anything to it for fear of making it worse. Speaking of which, are there any tools for diagnosing/repairing hard drive corruption? I've got directories that give an error part of they way through cataloging them.
  10. My humble apologies to ewbray for hijacking his thread and turning it into "get Mike's Geneve working..." Today was productive on "Plan B". I got the 32K card added, reseated the hard drive cables, and now I can load MDM and access the hard drive. There's definitely some corruption as I can't catalog some directories, but I can read many of the text files in MDM. Now for the next question - how do I transfer the files off of the hard drive and onto a modern computer? I have a TE2 module, and I managed to get it talking to my Mac, but when I try to transfer a file (at a zippy 300 baud), it doesn't like WDS1 as a device name. I'm assuming I need a better file transfer program, but that also begs the question of how to get that program onto the TI. Thanks again! -Mike
  11. Good point on the 32K - that's probably needed. I have a 32K expansion card - I just need to add jumpers to it and I can try adding that.
  12. Hi Berry, That is so incredibly kind of you - thank you! The floppy drive I have is a 3.5" one. I used a multimeter to check continuity across the voltage regulars, and I checked the 5v to all the memory chips. I also checked continuity between the top stacked memory chip and the socket pins on the underside of the board, and they all had connectivity (except for the one leg that has a jumper), so that socketed memory seems okay. I worked on "Plan B" today, which was a TI console from eBay. The video cable and HDMI adapters I was using for the Geneve wasn't giving me anything on the TI. Upon checking, I realized the adapter wasn't connecting the RCA jacks to the correct pins - I have no idea why it gave me any video output at all on the Geneve. So I fixed the wiring, and the TI booted fine. I connected it to the PEB (with a jumpered flex cable card as well as a jumper in the black box at the console end of the cable.) Now, how to see if I can get anything off the hard drive when I don't have any floppy disks with software. The HFDC manual says I can do CALL DIR("WDS1") from basic, but that just gave me errors. I tried doing CALL MDM to load the disk manager, but that just hung. I tried writing a basic program to read the directory, but that gave I/O error 02 when trying to OPEN #1:"WDS1",INPUT,RELATIVE,INTERNAL So, I'm out of ideas for Plan B. It could be that the HFDC card or the hard drive don't work any more either... One other data point, so I took my fixed video cable that works with the TI and used it with the Geneve. Now I get a black screen only, and a constant irritating sound on the audio. No swan and no error message. Very odd. The jumper next to the video jack is set to GND, so it should be the same composite output as the TI, right?
  13. Hi Beery, Nothing was plugged in other than the HFDC. I don't have a GenMOD, but I do have the memory upgrade. Here are pics of the front and back of the board: https://imgur.com/gallery/Z5WWy9E I don't have an eprom burner. Thanks for your help! -Mike
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