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  1. Considering splitting up the bundle. $160 for the Super NT $200 for the games
  2. I'd probably take around $400+20 (for shipping) for the lot Continental USA only. Super NT is around 180. There's a few $30+ games in there. The SNES games alone are $160+ flat rated then add the SFC and 2 Gen.
  3. Hi all, Basically, I have too many hobbies. I retro game the least so I'm considering selling my NT and it's games. Everything works fine. I'd like to sell this as a big bundle. Black Super NT SFC: Desert Strike Super Mario Kart Strike Gunner STG Super Metroid Xardion Super Castlevania 4 F Zero SNES Super Mario Kart F Zero Super Ghouls and Ghosts Blazeon Contra 3 Biometal I also have Ranger X and Rocket Knight for Gen.
  4. I use to troll....hard during Halo 2 days. I would hide in the enemy base and blast Aqua’s Barbie Girl during flag attempts. Don’t really play online much anymore.
  5. Ps4 or Ps4 Pro? My pro handles it fine? I haven’t tried it on the 5 yet.
  6. Finally did a play through. It’s pretty good. It feels very retro. It’s short, but you get to unlock(for free!) new ships by just playing the game. There’s enough variety that you’ll have a ship type that works to your play style. I seem to like the andro line the most so far.
  7. Been playing it a bit tonight. Seems ok so far. Still learning the mechanics, new ships and how the game plays. I'll die a thousand times before I rtfm.
  8. I largely stopped playing shooters around the PS1 era. I stopped playing most games around the PS1 era as I hated early 3D. I didn't really come back into gaming until the Xbox and ignored the PS2. I got the ones I wanted them sold them a few years ago. Now I want them back lol. Yea, I've been trying to replace the PS2 Final. I just found a Slipheed on PS2. They seem to go for about 20-35 on ebay. I don't really care about CIB, I just want the case/art and disc.
  9. I have mine coming next week. I played a ton of rtype on the master system and snes. Still looking for a replacement rtype final on ps2.
  10. I got mine today. Night and day difference. I’m even keeping the box...even the box is nice. Now I want them all the consoles to replace my stuff lol.
  11. I buy the wife all the figuarts zero and chouette Sailor Moon figures. Only to find out now 1 of them is nearly 1k and another 500....and I thought retro gaming was expensive.
  12. Go back to the email they sent and click on "subscription preferences". I'm assuming if they aren't selected you are on individual notifications.
  13. Strange. I got an email for both. Super NT at 10am and 4pm for Noir on Thursday.
  14. I managed to get a black one. I tried to checkout right at 8am and got stuck in a 35 minute wait. Got booted then got a black one right away. The noir is just too expensive for an NES. I’ll end up just upgrading to a retrousb. Now to wait for the duo, sg and pocket.
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