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  1. Bingo. This is why consoles still exist and have continued to exist. A console is largely a closed environment that's controlled by the developer. That can be Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and formerly Sega. It's much easier to just have a game, insert the game then play for a bit. Sure, they're are hackers/modders on console....but no where near as bad as PC. It's just so much easier to sit and play without all the hassle. Even though Stadia(lol) and Microsoft are pushing cloud and digital hard, that's just them trying to force what they want on the consumer. They want you using the xbox as a media center. They want you using game pass instead of owning games. They want that subscription fee instead of the cut from game/console/service sales. For Microsoft, that "Ultimate" pass is $15 a month. That's $180 a year.....xboxlive was $60(if you paid that) a year. Microsoft/Sony don't make the full $60 when a game sells as they only get a fraction. How many games do they have to sell to reach $120 per year? Does the average gamer buy enough new games to reach $120 per year? Don't forget, all the money that would go to retail/transportation/manufacturing now goes to them directly. They are also offering games they've already made a profit on with the service. I'll be opting out of Microsoft and going to Sony/Nintendo next gen. I usually buy all three, but not after this latest microsoft scheme.
  2. Physical only if the game: 1) Works 2) Full game is on the disc I've pretty much only got a few digital. All of which are PSVR titles I'm replacing with their euro releases.
  3. That's both good and bad to know. I just went with the PS4 version to save time/frustration. I don't really portable game anymore. I just wanted the switch to match my Curse on the shelf. I don't like it when games cross consoles in my collection.
  4. I just don’t think it was optimized for the Switch. It was developed for the PC then ported down. It all comes down to how well it’s programmed and compatible. I’m just a stickler. Other than Curse, I haven’t bought a new game in over a year so I was disappointed.
  5. From what I heard no. Switch version is reported to have drops, input lag, and super blurry visuals. Some people have reported the resolution gets worse when docked. It would be fine if it locked at 30, but it doesn’t sound like it does properly. Just too many issues for me. I really wanted the switch version to match the other.
  6. I figured they would, but I consider it basically a digital download at that point if it doesn't work correctly day one. No point in owning a physical copy.
  7. Ok, thanks. I just saw all the issues with it and decided it wasn't worth it. I'll get the PS4 version. edit: Curse of the Moon was awesome on Switch so I didn't even bother to research this before wanting to get it.....
  8. I actually cancelled my mine after learning this today. I also read that the PS4 version has the same issues, but to a lesser degree. Has framerate drops, freezing, glitching, and other issues. Is this true?
  9. I was one. I doubt it's enough. Halo Infinite does not look appealing. They keep doing the same song and dance with every new Halo and they get progressively worse. Unless they get get rid of the new story with Cortana being evil/esports focused multiplayer...same with Gears of War. They need to get rid of the Kait story line and JD. They killed off Anya who was one of the better(if not best) female characters. Kait is just annoying. I have no plans on buying an Anaconda. Even with backwards compatibility....I have to have the desire to keep my former library. Other than Ori/Halo Wars 2 there really aren't any games I'd miss or just keep the One S for. My 360 library is massive compared to the One's and I'd rather play that on it. This is just me though. I'm just been burned by Microsoft too many times now to believe anything they say. There is still a chance developers will stay with Sony if the customer base moves to the 5. Backwards compatibility will mean all those exclusives carry over making the PS5's library massive to start with. Xbox is in the same boat it's in now. Better hardware with a small library of inferior games. The only way I see Xbox making it is by leveraging all their studios and coming out of the gate HARD with better exclusives and more of them. But, like the One, they've already made a bad decision with this dual release nonsense. Again though, take it with a grain of salt as I'm a burned former xbox user.
  10. I'm not seeing "has a disc drive" unless I missed it. Also, it stated there will be "tiers". Scarlet is just the project name. They are releasing 2 models at 2 different price points according to the bottom of the article just like with the X and S. After getting a One S and dealing with Microsoft's lies about the hardware and anti-consumer policies, I can't support another xbox. The games have been bad and the next Halo doesn't look any better. Gears 5 looks just as bad as 4 was. They haven't learned anything and are repeating the same path as the One. Why take the one character that was the worst, most annoying part of that game and give her a game about "finding herself". I'd trade mine in, but I'm using it as a media player to save the PS4. I will be buying a PS5. PSVR is fun. There are plenty of games and as long as Sony stays consumer friendly I'm ok.
  11. Nice. I spent about 2 months trying to track my copy down. Overpriced, scratches, bundled with something else or just too late
  12. It is. I actually own two of them. The are rack mountable power switchers. I purchased them back in 2015 on Amazon. They've worked great. I had them pretty much full up when I had an entire game room setup. I didn't want all the consoles eating up power by being plugged in all day. They didn't work too well with Sega bricks, but you can alternate them with normals to work.
  13. I use a very similar setup for my consoles that aren't component or HDMI. I'm converting to the SG, NT, and AVS soon. I really only run Saturn, Dreamcast, and N64 on it now. It has it's pros and cons. The biggest con is you have to have a TV with pixel adjustment. I have it on a 2008 or 2009 Sony Bravia with Full Pixel. This converter automatically puts all output to 16:9, so I have to use settings on the TV to put it back to 4:3 and/or Full Pixel(can't quite remember). It, to me, looks horrid in 16:9 and near unplayable. Once I tweaked the settings, I could even get those pesky Saturn, PsOne and N64 games fixed without needing to run them through a capture card to adjust brightness. I can take some photos of the games if you'd like.
  14. Sorry, I was going for option 1 or 3 of what I gave. Should have been clear on that. I didn't think of Chronicles. i could see that as a possibility as it already has a port to the PS1.
  15. Rondo, NES 2, or Bloodlines? I can see 1 and 3 being put in to increase sales. I have some issues with them choosing DS titles. Not everyone was/is a handheld fan so the base is smaller than Bloodlines and NES 2. Bloodlines is pretty popular and I can see people going for it.
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