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  1. Same, I bought mine a month before they cancelled the program. I lucked out a bit. Doom Eternal, Ace Combat 7, and maybe KH 3. I want the VR missions in AC7. I always wait until after the initial reviews if it isn't embargoed. I don't buy games that are "as a service" or "server install location" discs. What's the point of a disc if nothing is on it or doesn't work without a huge update? (I didn't really buy any new games last year other than a few PS VR and GoW)
  2. Hi everyone, I may need to gather some knowledge from you folks about this setup. My wife said I could have the games and consoles out *if* it looked nice. Challenge accepted...... It's definitely a work in progress, but together enough to house things while I work on it. 100% custom, wood, and made by me. My wife seems to love it, but I'm still iffy on it as I'm overly critical. Window is WIP too. It will house *most* of the older systems. I only buy games and systems I will play. Everything else is sold off/removed. My "collection" is very small and will remain small. Most of the systems may be replaced with FPGA and stored. The idea is to have the systems all wired though the bottom to a projector up top. I have some "audio equipment" switches to control power to each system. If I FPGA the consoles and use my upscaler on ones that don't have them..but that only works if the projector will do pixel. I've tried a few and none of them liked my composite/hdmi upscaler.
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