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  1. Maybe this topic has something to do with that. :0 I got a second 400 off ebay for a good price. Just took a while waiting for one.
  2. AWESOME! Can't wait! Already bought a 400 just waiting for it!
  3. Funny, that's the way I feel too. I originally thought it would be nice if there was no slowdown with the explosions but then when the slowdown was gone ,with the Phaeron routines, I missed them. Being so fast makes them less dramatic. I remember seeing the big Star Raiders box in the stores when I was a kid and I always passed on it. While I loved the artwork the in game graphics on the box looked boring. When I finally bought it I was blown away! Loved playing with the sound way up.
  4. I'm crazy that way too. While I like the real keyboards better I actually got so used to and good at using the 400 membrane it felt strange going to an 800XL. My fingertips did start to feel weird after a while after a long session on the 400 though. :) Membrane definitely worked well for what it was designed for..games.
  5. Was just thinking. I've never heard of anyone mention that they had an Atari 400 Keyboard fail. Back in the day, when it was my first computer, I beat on that thing! Are they virtually indestructible? (Just bought a 400 to put the future 400 Incognito into)
  6. Can't wait to put an Atari 400 capable of everything the 8bits have to offer as a console in front of the TV. The thing looks so cool!
  7. This is so awesome! I already have an Incognito for my 800. I'll probably buy 2 for both my 400's. Can't wait!!
  8. Good news everyone! I adjusted the Color POT and it looks pretty good. Still has some bars but not too bad. Might be able to blend them out by adjusting the sharpness of the monitor. There are a few artifacts shown when I put up all 256 colors but so far I haven't noticed it anywhere else. I think a UAV is in the future but for now I'm OK with the results. Heck at this point I'm not even sure if there was ever problem with it turning on because when I plugged it in today using the same 3 outlet extension cord (and after its been powering on fine) it didn't power on. At first I thought WTH but I switched it to another outlet on the same cord and it works fine. Would not have been happy ripping it apart and later finding out it was that! So basically it looks like that messy looking upgrade was working all along, all it needed was the POT to be adjusted. I'm a little embarrassed actually but I learned something along the way! And thanks for all of the help.
  9. Had some time today to try out a few things on the 600XL. First thing I did was hook up the audio lines to a speaker like kheller2 said. When I tried the new extra audio connection I got nothing but when I attached the ex-RF port I got a beautiful Atari fart. Music to my ears and no smell.;) I had originally tried to hook it up from there to a TV's RF. Next I tried an S-Video to HDMI adapter that I borrowed and viola I had a picture too. So the RF works as audio, the other "audio" port does nothing unless I'm missing something and S-Video produces a picture. Memory is 64k and tests fine. I'm very happy and surprised it's working at all with no changes. The only problem now is that the video output is off. The colors are wrong and there are vertical bars. When I tried to set the background to a shade of grey, the bars disappear and the picture is very smooth. Would the next move be to swap out the GTIA. Was trying to avoid dismantling my 800XL. Would it be hard to dismantle the s-video hack (and use a more modern video solution)?
  10. Thanks Sugarland. I'm going to try both of those ideas. I'm new at troubleshooting electronic circuits and ICs so I appreciate all the help I get!
  11. Well there may be life in it yet. I switched out the keyboard and now the LED comes on. Guess even the keyboard was bad! This thing might turn into Princess Fiona next! Still nothing on screen, not even a blip when powered on with both S-Video or RF. The multi-meter says 5v at the power port input inside the XL and on the lower lead of the power switch when it's in the off position but when I turn it on the voltage drops to 4.2 on the power switch (lower and middle lead) and everywhere I check on the motherboard that should be 5v. I wonder why someone would go through the trouble of doing all that work in such a nice looking case. I guess I'm shallow because if it was ugly and beat up it would be easier to let it go! Next step is to get rid all of the upgrades.
  12. No offence, but what a mess! Apocalypse Now (Colonel Kurt). "The Horror, the horror". Worst example of a bodge job ever Can you say it's and accident waiting to happen that actually did. LOL Guys, tell me what you REALLY think! 😀😃 And she's such a beauty...on the outside! Maybe I should just rip it all out and go back to stock. Would almost feel bad undoing all that hard work! Weird thing is both power supplies are putting out 5v. The USB one is rated at 3 amps. Even the SIO port says 4.2v. Maybe that capacitor by the power switch? The 4.2v it seems to be system wide. Would it not even turn on without an BASIC chip? The back panel has an S-video and an audio jack. The RF jack is still there. It does look scary in there!!
  13. Hi I bought a good looking 600Xl off of ebay months ago on a whim (never had a 600xl). It came with a 64K upgrade and an S-Video upgrade. I finally got around to trying it and it's dead as a door-nail. The power supply tested at steady 5.1v that works on another 800xl . I also tried a modern USB PS as well that works on the 800xl. The 600xl's LED stays off when powered on, nothing on the screen, no sound. I've never worked on fixing an Atari on the hardware side and I don't know what I'm doing overall but I did use a multi-meter on all of the chips and they are all getting about 4.2 volts. Should it still be 5v by the time it gets to the chips or is that normal? I re-seated the chips and that did nothing. Not sure if the upgrades have anything to do with it either but it was sold as tested and working. None of the chips get very hot to touch. The motherboard itself looks clean other than the spaghetti. I've attached some pics but not sure that will help. The voltage is even 4.2 at the SIO port and the keyboard cable that supposedly powers the LED. Is that low enough to keep it from even turning on?
  14. Thanks Sugarland! I think I'll try it. All the years ago growing up I had a Type 4 and thought it was great. It felt so solid. I have an 600XL with one now but can see that it has problems with the shift keys etc. The Type 1 feels so different. It's amazing how different the 800XL keyboards felt for the same computer model. We all had them and had totally different experiences! I have an extra Type 4 with problems. I'll post a pic of my Type 1 with Type 4 function keys after I switch them out if its possible to do.
  15. Always loved following this thread. Now I have a question. I Finally got an 800Xl with a type 1 keyboard. I must say that the feel of it is my absolute favorite. I only used type 4 and type 2 before. But there is always a catch isn't there? While I love the keyboard itself, I don't like the function keys. They are looser than the other ones, don't have as much give and worst of all seem to sink in below the case which looks kind of ugly. Does anyone know if there is a fix for that. Do I just have a bad copy? The 800XL itself looks like new and possibly unused. Even the power supply and RF cable have never been unwound.
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