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  1. a bit more from the South. I hope it all goes well soon! Best, Rod
  2. Oh really? well that's interesting. I'm glad to hear it's up. I'll have to check what's with my ISP's DNS. Now that I take a closer look it does state ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED. Weird. Thanks for checking and coming back to me so quickly! Rod
  3. Homesoft's site is down again (http://www.mushca.com/f/atari/). Do any of you know if there's a mirror site somewhere else? Thank you
  4. Well, that was my first thought: just someone who glued that plate there, but then I realized that 2700 was a prototype model, so it doesn't make a lot of sense for someone to do that. Could it be that Atari found an alternative use for those plates and save some extra cents by repurposing them for the 8 bits?
  5. Someone brought this to my attention. It seems to be a plate that belonged to an Atari 2700 remote joystick, on a 600XL machine. I wonder if this was a common practice at some point... first time I see one of these.
  6. Agree. Although I was hoping to just slow down the entire machine with an external clock instead of replacing the Antic chip (or adding two selectable antic chips) but it seems it's not that simple as just slowing it down with an external oscillator.
  7. I am thinking beyond FPS, it's also about the game music. See, this all comes down to the gameplay speed and music speed difference perceived by European and American users. My intention is to play games at the speed the developer and composers designed their games at. Emulator is the easiest way when simply selecting PAL/NTSC emulation, but I keep wondering what can be done with the hardware to slow down NTSC clock speeds to match PAL experience.
  8. I bumped into an interesting project from Adrian Black where he hacks a Commodore 16 with a programmable oscillator and some micro controller wizardry to enable swapping between PAL and NTSC. It made me wonder if there's a way to use a similar setup and change the clock speed on an Atari 800XL NTSC machine so I can slow it down 17% and simulate PAL speed. I'd like to be able to enjoy european games at their intended speeds on my NTSC hardware.
  9. a bit of silicon grease on those rails will get you where you want to be. This sound of yours is very normal but when greased it gets far more pleasing. I did that greasing thing when I first got mine 30+yrs ago and sounds charming to this day. Just be gentle with the amount: you don't need much really.
  10. Just make sure there are clean and solid 12V and 5V coming out of each of the regulators on the board and you should be good to go from the power supply stage of your troubleshooting. You can actually measure these at the molex connector that plugs into the mech. I admit that when I had these issues I was feeding 12V into the 12V regulator, so the drop in voltage was preventing the head from reading correctly / writing or formatting the disks.
  11. After 25 years far from atari, I thought of coming back to playing some games and program again in Basic. Programming in basic had such an influence in who I became as a professional. But when I came back, it was with a strong force towards using real/original hardware for some reason. Also after so much time I now have way more knowledge about the chips, the design, the architecture the people and brands behind the HW and the company history. This sparked an increased admiration for the hardware, including the models I did not own when young. That’s how I ended up with a complete XL line and complete XE line collection. with several machines of each model but I always go back to the 800XL to revive simpler and easier times.
  12. I had all of these symptoms once, the power supply was the culprit. voltage was below spec. Make sure your 9V AC supply is up to spec.
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