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  1. dualcam sent me a 5200-daptor to test and the standard CX-52 joystick controller works great in the Atari 5200 emulation in SDLMESS for Mac OS X (tested with Berzerk and Missile Command...only a handful of games work in that emulator) and Atari800MacX for Mac OS X (a port of the Atari800 emulator). My Atari 5200 Trak-Ball controller also works perfectly in Atari800MacX (tested with Centipede, Missile Command and Space Invaders) without the 'daptor's "trak-ball mode", so the emulator must do proper interpretation of the trak-ball's analog signals (center when not rolling / move off-center when rolling). The 'daptor's trak-ball mode (hold down any red button for a few seconds while inserting the USB) works as a "mouse" in SDLMESS but will need some software sensitivity tweaking...for Atari 5200 games I'll be using the "out-of-the-box" compatibility with Atari800MacX. Great job, dualcam. I'll be buying another 5200-daptor when they're available.
  2. I'm in. I have pretty much all (if not literally all) of your other 'daptors. I would love to try the analog-ness of the 5200 controllers in emulators (at least for 5200 games). I even have a 5200 "paddle" hack controller (attaching a 2600 paddle knob to the 5200 x-axis POT).
  3. I tried it with my CX-80 in Finder on my Mac (budged the cursor a little but not useably) and in SDLMAME for Mac and MameUI for Windows running "'Marble Madness". Still unsure as to which CX-80 trackball I have (CX-22 or ST-Mouse), but I confirmed that it works with "Missile Command" on my real 65XE in trackball mode (switching the controller to TB and hitting CTRL-T)
  4. I've tried MAME stuff too (arcade Super Breakout) and that has to do with the paddle's sensitivity being adjusted properly for the Atari 2600 and Stella. I tried tinkering with the MAME analog controls but they can't compensate for the range. dualcam mentions the small paddle range in the help section of his page: http://home.comcast....2600-daptor.htm. MAME could possibly be augmented for this paddle sensitivity (not sure if that's for each game driver or what). And unless I'm mistaken, the Atari 2600 driving controller is somewhat of an oddball in that it isn't really "analog" but a dial reports one of 16 positions like a 16-hour clock, so unless the MAME driver has such inputs (and it wouldn't unless that's how the arcade game controls were wired) it wouldn't work properly.
  5. Just to make sure I had the final version I grabbed the latest joystick-only firmware from your page and rezapped my 'daptors. Thanks for the ability to have a joystick-only as the default...it's made my Mac much happier and it's been easier to map (the buttons and sticks/discs are perfect in MESS without any extra mapping...all I had to do was the keypads). Here's my final MESS configurations for the joystick-only firmware. Feel free to host these on your page, dualcam. If I get MESS running on Windows sometime I'll can make ones for the keyboard firmware too. The MESS ColecoVision driver doesn't have ways to map the Super Action controller's extra features (two more fire buttons and the spinner) or the driving controller so they're not mapped in these configuration files. To use these with a MESS clone system, for example "ColecoVision (Thick Characters)", called colecoa, copy the coleco.cfg to colecoa.cfg and change the <system name="coleco"> line in the copied cfg file to <system name="colecoa">. Another example is the "Intellivison II" clone system, using inty2 for inty. coleco.zip intv.zip
  6. Here's the Vision-daptor "joystick only" MESS configurations for ColecoVision (coleco) and Intellivision (inty, inty2) for MESS, but sadly overriding the MESS defaults instead of "or"-ing with them (couldn't get that to work), so they're Vision-daptor-only for the keypads. Install them in the MESS cfg folder and if you want make them read-only so they're not overwritten when you run MESS without the Vision-daptors connected. To use these with a MESS clone system, for example "ColecoVision (Thick Characters)", called colecoa, copy the coleco.cfg to colecoa.cfg and change the <system name="coleco"> line in the copied cfg file to <system name="colecoa">. Vision-daptor MESS cfg (joystick-only).zip
  7. I'm doing a few tweaks with the "joystick-only" MESS configurations so they'll use both the new joystick mappings *and* the MESS key defaults where applicable. For example, on the Intellivison the Player 1 ENTER keypad key defaults to ENTER_PAD (the Enter key on the keypad), but I'll make it ENTER_PAD *or* JOYCODE_1_BUTTON15 (or whatever the joystick-only Vision-daptor key is) so if you don't have the Vision-daptor plugged in at that time the MESS default will still work. These new "joystick-only" settings are actually easier to map to MESS because they exactly match the Vision-daptor defaults for the ColecoVision stick/Intellivision disc and the fire buttons and only the keypads really need mapping.
  8. Here's my first attempt at Vision-daptor ColecoVision and Intellivision configuration files for the parent drivers for MESS. Put these files into your MESS cfg directory and make them read-only. To use a clone system in MESS like the Intellivision II for example, copy the config to be the same name as the driver (intv.cfg -> intv2.cfg). For ColecoVision the MESS defaults worked for Player 1 joystick and button 1, so I mapped Player 1 button 2 and keypad and all of Player 2's controls. I haven't yet tried mapping my Super Action Controller. SDLMESS for Mac OS X ColecoVision command line: ./mess64 coleco -video opengl -skip_gameinfo -mouse -joystick -rompath <romDirectory> -cart <cartPath> For Intellivision the MESS defaults worked for Player 1 disc and buttons (confirmed the butttons with Nova Blast, which uses all three buttons uniquely, and I have the overlay to confirm), so I mapped Player 1 keypad and all of Player 2's controls. SDLMESS for Mac OS X command line: ./mess64 intv -video opengl -skip_gameinfo -mouse -joystick -rompath <romDirectory> -cart <cartPath> coleco.zip intv.zip
  9. OK...you know all that stuff already. I'm not too worried about not necessarily having driving and Roller Controller support on my Vision-daptors (they just shipped...thank you!) as I'm generally a MESS user. Testing with my actual CV my Roller Controller works fine (the only game that works with it is Slither?...crappy game anyway) but I lack the D-size batteries to try my driving controller at the moment.
  10. I don't see anything but the digital inputs in MESS 0.145 for ColecoVision. Input (this System) just has pad1/pad2 0-9/./# and P1/P2 up/down/left/right/button1/button2. They could theoretically be added but they're not part of the driver right now. The Input (general) has lots of generic digital and analog inputs but it's up to the driver to respond to them, and it may not. EDIT: The MESS Intellivision driver seems to have all 16 of the disc directions though as well as the pads and three distinct fire buttons (upper, lower-left, lower-right). I'd need to try a game that uses all 16 directions to see if it's necessary to actually map them...the defaults are just to map up/down/left/right.
  11. I just tried the SA controller and Turbo in my real CV and it's no-go, but it makes some sense. The default configuration is Expansion Module #2 (steering wheel and gas pedal) plugged into Port #1 (for analog steering control) and a standard controller plugged into Port #2 (stick for shifting and keypad for game selection). Using a single SA controller in Port #1, the only thing that worked was the gas pedal by pressing BOTH the SA controller's top two buttons, so that's likely the signal sent from the Expansion Module #2's actual gas pedal. The keypad did nothing when I tried to select a game (the game could be programmed to read only the keypad from Port #2, which makes sense) and the dial and joysticks did nothing (I thought the dial might at least steer, but nope...admittedly I didn't spin it a ton like you did, dualcam...the actual steering controller must be much more precise?). The dial inside my SA controller is a disc with two magnets on it perpendicular to two wires. I believe the induction of those magnets over the wires sends the signal that the dial has been rotated. I'm trying to open my steering wheel controller (unsuccessfully...damn stripped screw, but I'll keep working on it) to find out how it sends a signal, but I'm sure it's either something like a potentiometer like Atari paddles or it digitally reports its position like the Atari steering controller. EDIT: found a schematics page for some CV stuff: http://www.theadamresource.com/schematics/
  12. I bought two for myself. After lots of scrubbing I got one of my SA controllers working 100% so I'll look into making MESS configuration files for that, the standard CV controllers, and the Intellivision controllers. I have the real systems too so I'll see what I can do about Turbo on the SA controller (didn't know we could use that!). Voch
  13. I just got my pair of 2600-daptor II adapters and I'm thoroughly impressed. Worked perfectly with my 2600 joystick, newly-cleaned paddles (no jitter!), steering, and keypad controllers in Stella...I even played Star Raiders with the joystick/Video Touch Pad combo. I also tried my 7800 sticks with Atari 7800 Commando (left button "fire" and right button "grenade") in SDLMESS for Mac OS X and it works beautifully after some quick configuring (see the attached MESS .cfg file, and feel free to host it on your page dualcam...I think it's universal to all ports of MESS). Here's the SDLMESS for Mac OS X command line I use to play an Atari 7800 game: <messExecutablePath> a7800 -video opengl -skip_gameinfo -mouse -joystick -rompath <romPath> -cart <cartridgeFile> I'm planning on purchasing a pair of Vision-daptor ColecoVision/Intellivision adapters and I'll post the MESS configs for those too. Voch a7800.cfg.zip
  14. I apologize if this is a threadjack but this is the most recent thread on these controllers. I may also be wholly wrong with how the Video Touchpad works electrically... I'm intrigued by the eight (or is it seven and "1" maps to "fire"?) additional contacts on the board. I'm envisioning running them out to a male 9-pin DSUB for use with eight buttons on a Video Touchpad / Keyboard Controller (if I figured this out correctly based on information from this page): 9 Pin DIN pin->Board Contacts 1->123 2->456 4->78 5->147 6->368 9->25 The above would map VTP buttons 1-6 to board contacts 1-6 and the VTP buttons * and # to board contacts 7 and 8. The applications for Star Raiders are obvious, but buttons could also be mapped to the Color/BW switch for Starmaster, many of the console switches for Space Shuttle, the select, reset and A/B switches for many other games, and MAME usages like coin/start. Using a VTP or keyboard controller might be a little awkward for additional fire buttons but a 9-pin DSUB port would allow additional functionality when needed.
  15. It's on my Christmas want-list from my friend. He's gotten me all the other Atari-related toys the last few years. I wonder if I should send him a link...
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