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  1. I don't know if this was Rustynutt's auction but just got these from eBay. I already have the MagicSac but wanted the Translator One. I also have the Spectre GCR. Really have to try these out. I have an UltraSatan so it's real easy to create complete independant systems on SD cards. Plus, my brother has a shed full of old MAC hardware and software. I'm sure there's plenty to try out on the ST.
  2. Magic Sac Macintosh Emulator for Atari 520 1040 ST w/ Translator One I already had a MagicSac+ so this purchase was to get the Translator One. It allows you to read MAC disks on an Atari drive.
  3. Got mine last week. Another great product!!! Thank you!!
  4. Can you snap a pic of the inside of the basket??
  5. Check out this post in the Tips and Tricks sticky post. http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/104583-tipstricksproducts-used-in-restoration/#entry1268741
  6. Got my board last week also. Thanks again Candle for another great product!!! Looking forward to more.
  7. Stopped by Bruce's home a couple of months ago to pick up a few items since we were in the area. Spent almost 2 hours there just talking about all sorts of stuff, not just Atari. He and Kathy divorced a while back, probably around the time you had some less than favorable transactions, so it would explain why!! His new 'other half' was very nice and talked with my girlfriend while we were 'geeking out'!! He has always been very nice when I have dealt B&C and it was a great visit when we were there. Plan on doing lunch or something the next time through.
  8. My bad. You are correct. The cable loops into the external floppy port on the ST. I have all 3 emulators (Magic Sac, Spectre128, SpectreGCR). I can't remember if I got them from eBay or from someone here on AtariAge. I thing it may be the latter. I still haven't had a chance to play with them yet. Oh....and good taste on the avatar!!! LOL
  9. This is correct, but the Atari drive had to be an external one as it connected to the back of the Spectre cartridge. If the ST has an internal drive, it remains used by the Atari while the external connected to the Spectre would read/write MAC disks. There were also 2 different carts. The Spectre 128 and the newer Spectre GCR. The other was Magic Sac and was made by the same person. It was the first.
  10. I actually have one of these drives with the controller. Here's a description. 1050 Controller The 1050 Controller was a small board that was installed inside the 1050 Happy drive that had 2 switches and an led that allowed enabling or disabling disk write-protect to override the notch in the disk. It also allowed switch selection of a slower mode to provide compatibility with some picky programs. Some commercial software only ran in the original slow speed mode. The controller required a mechanical modification to the drive's enclosure and hence its installation was harder that the happy board.
  11. Got mine about a week ago. Thanks for a great upgrade.
  12. Most laser printers can use a standard PCL driver. Whenever I have compatibility issues with printers on PCs or I can't find the actual driver for the printer I'm trying to configure, I can install a standard HP Laserjet 4 PCL driver and have it work with 99% of the printers out there. I'm sure if someone wrote a PCL driver for the USB Cart, it would cover a large amount of various printers.
  13. Got my 2 yesterday.Thanks for the great product!!! Out of town right now but will be playing with them next week!!
  14. I think he's doing a 1040STFm. Those are for a Mega 2/4. I also upgraded one of those and it worked great.
  15. I wrote a very detailed set by step mod based on Bob's PBI upgrade and AtariMax's 32in1 upgrade. See it here
  16. Here is a picture of a 2 chip STF. If you look along side of the ROM area, there are 2 sets of solder pads for 256K and 1M. The 1M pads should have a drop of solder connecting the pads. The 256K pads need to be cleared. If you look at the row of resistors right below the power supply, there is a pad there. Make sure 1M has solder and 256K does not. Also, make sure the HI and LO chips are in the right sockets.
  17. Another advantage of the jar is you can use one of these paint mixers to stir it up good. These things work great!!
  18. Count me in for one as I have a couple of boxes full of PAL software I'd love to try out!! PMing.
  19. Yes, but yours is a Flashback, not a 2600. Although probably much more impressive to fit a PC in a Flashback!!!
  20. Not sure if anyone posted about this or not but, just in case....... Custom Atari 2600 PC by Hard Drives Northwest
  21. The original auction was $350 and didn't sell. It was reposted for $250, I made an offer for $175 and they countered with $190, so I took it. Not sure the price these have sold for but I don't think I've seen more than 2 or 3 ever on eBay, so I was willing to pay what I did. It will be a nice addition to my SpartaDOS X and R-Time 8 carts!! Plus, I have the original disk version that I got from Reeves along with their original catalog, which was printed out just like the documentation that's coming with the cartridge. Wow, how did I miss that, I scan Ebay daily. It was up for a long time. Started out high, then reduced to something like $189.00 auction start, and $220 buy now. The sticker on the front looked a little odd and reprinted manuals? eBay Auction -- Item Number: 180955911210
  22. Diamond OS cartridge w/ documents, utilities disk and DiamondPaint. Been looking for this one for a long time.
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