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  1. The inside had space for the 2 drives on one side. The other side is where the power supplies and cables for the drives sit. not much room left for anything else.
  2. I was able to unzip it fine. Make sure you are renaming (or removing the .zip) from the z01-z05 files. And you also have to have all 6 files in the same location when unzipping. Start the unzip process using the Starfleet_I.zip file.
  3. Please count me in for one on the second run. PM sent.
  4. I will be sending payment this weekend
  5. One for me Candle!! Your other projects I have are great so must add this one!! Let me know the payment info.
  6. Hey Bob, I would like one cart. Is there a spot for another?? I also second the request for Star Castle!! Side note...I worked at Cinematronics during the production of both Rip-Off and Star Castle. I worked on both the control panel assemblies and final adjustments on the power supplies and CRT's on the assembly line. It was an amazing experience. I was on the line adjusting Star Castle machines when the radio announced John Bonham's (of Led Zeppelin) death. Very sad day.
  7. Found in the wild!! Found an 800XL with one of the good power supplies at the Capitol Flea Market in San Jose. $15.00. Plastic still on all the brushed aluminum pieces. As if "I" need any more!!!
  8. I'm pretty sure I got the 12" bulb and fixture, that or the next size up. I did a 1200XL case with just the creme peroxide (I think it was 40%, if not, 30%) and it did a great job after about 4 hours. I am planning on getting a second fixture and lamp to supply more coverage. I use aluminum foil underneith and up the sides to help reflect the light with a single fixture.
  9. Get a UV-B tube from the pet store. They are for reptile cages since reptiles need UV to survive. They work great for RetroBriting. And...they work when it's raining!!!!
  10. They made it wide enough to slide the ST nicely underneath.
  11. I have 2 complete setups. The second one I found at a swap meet in San Jose last year. Got the Jag and JagCD combo for $80. CD worked perfectly!!
  12. I also have one of these 520 drive cases. It is a very nice case and keeps the system organized.
  13. The SIO Y cable is definitely doable. I have one that was a 3rd party cable from back in the day and it works great, especially when using 1 for your drive chain and one for a piece of hardware without a passthru.
  14. I voted for 1 at the right price. I have one of the original ones but would most likely go for a second.
  15. Remember to also take a look at the MMU Adapter. It will ease the install a bit.
  16. I would have to agree with the Ultimate1MB. It takes care of most of your upgrade needs in one shot. Plus you get one of the best DOS's there is (SpartaDosX) and a Realtime Clock. If you get it, be sure to get the U1MB MMU Adapter to save you a bit of soldering. Ultimate 1mb MMU Adapter Also, you may want to look into one of the HDD or floppy addons for fast storage. IDEPlus 2.0, SIDE Cartridge, MyIDE, SIO2SD, etc...
  17. Not eBay but my recent additions are: IDEPlus 2.0 with IDE2SD card adapter SIO2SD V3 2 Ultimate1MB 2 U1MB MMU adapters 1 SIDE Cartridge 320XL PBI Memory Upgrade
  18. The JAZ drive works great too. I have a 2gb JAZ I use on my Falcon and it works great!!
  19. Forgot to post but I got my 2 Ultimate1MB boards last week. Thank you!!!!! Got a lot of projects to do now!!
  20. Yes it is!!! It is, size wise, indentical to the Atari 1064 upgrade. As it was said, the internal 4464 chip upgrade is so much better!!
  21. I have one of the MPP ones. I'll try and get a pic of it. Edit: Here it is.
  22. The obsession has gone wayyyyy past the original "3 Saved Collections" in the pics from my sig. I'll get some more current pics up.
  23. When you read the user guide, it is describing the original 'Pill' as it references the switch.
  24. Yes. The second one was the Super Pill. I think it was the one without the switch and is advertized as 'switchless' on the CSS site. The one I have with the cart shell has the switch and, if I recall, said just "The Pill" on the label.
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