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  1. Is there anyway I can reach someone regarding when an order that I placed on the Atariage Store of Atari 2600 Home Brew Carts will be shipped? It’s been about a week since I placed the order and haven’t received any information and my letter hasn’t been responded to.
  2. Great. Thanks. I guess for Stay Frosty 2, Space Cactus Canyon and Scramble I will just have to get in-touch with the Developers and ask if I can send a payment to their paypal accounts in exchange for a digital copy.
  3. Sure. Stay Frosty 2 Thruster Platinum (digital copy works fine I want purchase a copy) Lady Bug Oystron (digital copy works fine I want to purchase a copy) Allia Quest Space Cactus Canyon Scramble atariage Edition If some of the cart editions wind up not working on the Retron 77. Ill probably still purchase these and then hopefully Hyperkin will make them compatible with a new firmware update or with the release of the Retron 78 Video Game System? I also thought that Home Brew Developers who dont want to offer free digital copies for personal use. They could add a paypal email address. So that someone interested in getting a digital copy of a video game. Could send a set amount as a donation.
  4. I want to support the community and there are a lot of cool video games I would enjoy having on carts. Some of the titles I would be interested in having just are not available in ROM form on atariage. The Retron 77 sure is known more for its limited compatibility than its capabilities currently. Im not complaining. I just really hope Hyperkin continues to work on making the Retron 77 the awesome video game system it could be.
  5. Which Home Brew Carts actually work on the Retron 77 Video Game System? Im interested in buying several Home Brew Carts but I want to make sure that they will actually work on the Retron 77 Video Game System first.
  6. I have a retron 77 and Im a huge fan of Atari 2600 Video games. Ive noticed theres a great library of Home Brew Video Game ROMs available to get on the Atari Age site for the Atari 2600. Does the ability to freely get a copy of the Home Brew Atari 2600 ROMs on the Atari Age site imply that the developers of these Home Brew Atari 2600 Video Games have given people permission and allow free distribution of their Home Brew titles for personal use? I would love to have physical copies of some of the Home Brew Atari 2600 Video Games. Im not even sure if the cart versions would even work on the Retron 77. I would be more than happy to send a donation to the developer of each Home Brew title that I wind up keeping. I just dont want to spend the money on a physical cartridge if it wont work on the Retron 77. I wish there was a less ambiguous guide-line. Reguarding getting copies of Home Brew Atari 2600 Video games either for free or for a donation.
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