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  1. I didn't think that static was THAT huge of a deal but having toasted all of the chips handling them improperly, I'll probably order a ground strap so this doesn't happen in the future. I'll look around for more chips and let you know what happens then.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I realize that I haven't actually worked on this project for a couple months. I've been working on my soldering so I've since cleaned up the board and fixed those really nasty bridges and such. Looking at proper soldering videos really helped. Thx ChildOfCV. @Nickp716 thanks for the info about the composite kit that I have. It seems that it is kind of a cruddy kit so is there one that anybody has used that they would suggest? None of the chips seem to be working now. The 6'er that I have that WAS working is only giving a black screen now (with either chip set). Is there any way I can use a multi-meter to test the any of the chips?
  3. Hey guys. I've seen a lot of good help on this forum that I've used to help me diagnose my Atari 2600 4-switch that has not worked ever since I tried to install a widely used composite mod. (Kit Link Here) I installed it using an instructable (Instructable Link Here) I followed all instructions including removing q202, r209, r222, and c205, aaaaand... nothing it didn't work. (note: when I say nothing, I mean the TV says no signal.) I suspected bad connections but that wasn't it. I tried re-soldering the old components and that did something for a while but then it stopped. Next I thought that it wasn't getting enough power so I checked the power supply and 5v reg. Both were just fine except the 5v Reg had 2 of it's pins crossed. After uncrossing them I got some video for about two seconds and then it quit. (see attached video) I thought it was the chips now so I replaced all 3 (TIA, RIOT, and CPU) and this put me back to the same old no signal screen. I tried the old chips on a working system (w/o composite mod) and they gave a black screen. Not sure what to do at this point. Nothing is abnormally hot. Maybe my somewhat noob soldering skills maybe be a problem Cheers, kalgran Glitching.mp4
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