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  1. Wow! Y'all have put in a lot of work to put this package together. Serious Example of open collaboration. I am filtering the list of ROMs and in the all_games.ini file. to make it a bit more family friendly. Does anyone know the complete inventory enough to detect if I missed any titles that should be considered R-Rated or Mature? Here's what I have pulled out so far... [Burning Desire] [Bachelor Party] [Bachelorette Party] [Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em] [Cathouse Blues] [Custer's Revenge] [Entity] [General Re-Treat] [Gigolo] [Halloween] [Harem] [Jungle Fever] [Knight on the Town] [Lady in Wading] [Philly Flasher] [Pick Up] [Porky's] [The Texas Chainsaw Massacre] [Westward Ho] [X-Man]
  2. Confirming this a repeatable problem. We ran into it last night when trying out our new FB9, out of the box. We love the interface and graphics improvements over the FB8 version.
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