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  1. Ordered!! have purchased every intellivision game and variant that you have offered thus far! thank you!
  2. I value the lot at about $500-$550. There are some that I want in there, but can’t justify overpaying that much for them.
  3. Never showed up on my eBay search criteria list. It has been posted as “does not ship to canada” which is probably why it didn’t show up.
  4. $10,001.00 I’ll pay via third party, post dated, out of town cheque.
  5. Ohhh!!! Shrink wrapped....just my thing! this will look awesome in my collection.
  6. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! IntellivisionCollector.com is having a 24 hour flash sale. 50% off CIB French Canadian games & 50% off Intellivision Inc CIB used games. Intellivision Inc. - Used games French Canadian - Used games
  7. Hey guys, I’m hunting for sleeved French Canadian Intellivision games. Willing to to buy outright or trade up for them. If you know of any around, please let me know. Luc www.IntellivisionCollector.com
  8. Intellivision Collector Controller Matrix Hey Humblejack. I have tons of those on my site for sale. Msg me.
  9. I saw that. Did you see his other items for sale? HOLY PRICEY! care to spend $120 on a regular sears common game?
  10. Newest pickup. Shrink wrapped FCTVVO Checkers! Just picked it up today.
  11. Thanks guys. Appreciate the support. I’m selling some stuff cheap as I need the shelf space.
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