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  1. Vectron was always gatefold. No small box vectron except for Intellivision Inc. Are you thinking of the gatefold French Canadian Variants? ;)
  2. Thanks Steve. Appreciate the assistance. A potentially beat up box is better than no box at all. It will make a nice placeholder until I find a shrink wrapped one to replace it. 👍
  3. Rev, I had to buy one recently...mine was “misplaced” the size for intellivision carts is 2.3mm
  4. I think I have a spare board Hank.. msg me if you need it.
  5. Steve, reaching out to you privately. thanks!!
  6. I’ll pre-order one for my personal collection William.
  7. Sorry bud, I was one of the bidders that cranked up the price...:P
  8. Just wanted to remind everyone that Intellivision Collector is up and running. A fantastic place to find all kinds of Intellivision products. From hardware, games, repair parts and accessories, the store has new inventory added every few days. With over 720 individually listed items currently in inventory, it’s a “One stop shopping” spot for all your needs. Please check it out! Https://www.intellivisioncollector.com
  9. Lucky mine doesn’t even say it’s been accepted at the post office yet.
  10. Just found another one in a recently purchased lot. chances are that I’ll put one of them up for sale on my website. I don’t need two.
  11. This made me dig more....And I found the old post by Hankster in regards to the Taiwanese consoles.. The bundle I bought came with two consoles. I just looked at them. one came with a box... notice the Football being played instead of Poker & Blackjack?
  12. Have you guys ever seen something like this???? OEM, not home made...
  13. Mine just says “data unavailable”. Not even confirmation of the printing label. Says shipped on the website though.
  14. I think he meant “with what carrier is this tracked with?”
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