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  1. Im highly interested in a number if items, but I need to know prices.
  2. Digiplay were sealed and so were Aurimat (Mexicans). I have one of each sealed. I’ll make a check list and run it through BBWW to validate. Then I’ll share it with you if you wish.
  3. I don’t have a list created. I should make one, but 99% of all INTV Corp releases were never shrinkwrapped.
  4. My sealed collection is nearly complete as well..it’s a race to the finish Jay!.
  5. Wish I knew who ended up with that shrink wrapped FCTVVO poker.....
  6. Carl just sent me my rom yesterday! Took a few months, but he delivered. I’m just happy to hear that he was ok.
  7. Names were not given as a formal deal was not solidified at the time.
  8. Yep...radio silence from him. No product delivered.tried 5 different ways to contact him. I hope he’s ok..
  9. You could always just support the developer and buy it..
  10. It's all good... As like my two first purchases with Cote Gamers, the tracking NEVER worked, but the items always arrived. A friend in the province next to me sent me a picture. He just received his copy. Mine should be here soon too I guess. Cote Gamers have always delivered and have my full confidence and support!. Looking forward to receiving my product as well.
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