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  1. I have purchased multiple parcels from Hank in the USA. Every shipment (and there have been many) I receive from him has always been super well packed (inside and out). I have never received a damaged parcel. Nice thick boxes. Well padded inside. Like you said Hank, boxes aren’t employee or stupid proof. A steel toe boot or an angry throw will always win. Its very honourable of you to do the right thing. If there’s anything I can do to assist you, please let me know. I know the buyer and he’s somewhat local to me. Unfortunately, I don’t own a copy of this particular game.
  2. I had the Frog Bog one. I gave it to Steve Roney two months ago. Sorry Hank, I never paid attention to the box it came in. They definitely are unique.
  3. Maybe when the shut down, they liquidated all their inventory and they made it through the market that way? Unsure....
  4. Yeah. I was made aware that back in the day, Coleco retail outlet store in Montreal would sell games in white generic (un-printed) boxes. These just had a Manual and cart installed, box sealed and a b&w label slapped on the front. These games were sold at a discounted rate. You could just walk in and buy some directly from Coleco. This was the story I was told. Being Canadian and living in close proximity to Montreal, I have seen a few now. I’ll keep my eyes out for more (and hopefully something other than carnival).
  5. I found another one that went through a local auction. These things are out there! https://maxsold.maxsold.com/auction/19689/item/1867881/?utm_campaign=kijiji&utm_source=kijiji&utm_medium=cpc
  6. Love it! Ive always been a HUGE fan of the gatefold. To me, it screams “INTELLIVISION!”
  7. And played the Star Wars theme song! I saw that! LOL.
  8. Yep. I picked it up. I’ve been looking for a gatefold mindstrike for a while now. Thanks for offering it for sale.
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