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  1. QUICK!!! GO BUY A LOTTERY TICKET!!! lol mega high-five! Congrats!! Very awesome find!
  2. Yes I can confirm. I have seen them both. CMart has both FC versions still in shrink wrap. I only have the FC Blockade Runner in shrink. sticker. Variants are awesome!😂
  3. @Bigdumer, Yeah, they are the FC copies. Manual was shrinkwrapped on the back of the game box. The FC editions are identified by three things. The French manual, a French sticker on the spine of the box that has French wordings, and a white round sticker on the front cover with bilingual verbiage. Another title added to my French Canadian check list. Blockade Runner and Sewer Sam. Nice find!
  4. Another BIG FISH caught in the wild! I love it!...Those are the best finds!!
  5. I guess they really wanted it ( whomever they were). Congrats from me as well.
  6. You are more than welcome my friend! Awesome pickups! Looks like June was good for you in the end.
  7. Let me translate this….He means… I can’t find the white/green cart for Blockade Runner in the immense lots of boxed intellivision games i have in storage…can I buy another one so I don’t have to look for it? It could take a while…
  8. Someone wants that one badly.. it’s in beautiful condition!
  9. Everything in that lot is pure junk (sorry if the seller is part of the group).
  10. There have only been 4 found. night stalker astrosmash frog bog space hawk all red label
  11. Extremely hard to find. You still need the English only manual to make that a full cib (along with the box) Nice find though!!! Congrats! I wouldn’t hold my breath in finding an empty box though
  12. You have to find the ultimate prize! C-Mart has this hidden in the Underground Lair!…sorry Bud, I snuck a pic when you wern’t looking…
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