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  1. Looking for a complete in box version of Congo Bongo. This is my last title to get until I reach Platinum 125 status. Thanks.
  2. Do you still have mountain madness & Congo Bongo for sale? For some reason, I am not able to PM you.
  3. Ah crap! Mods, can you please delete this whole post! I posted in the wrong area... So sorry!
  4. There is no North American version of Tutankham. For the Turbo box, it was just due to poor sales for the game, and the style of box (some people tore them open. They also crushed easy.
  5. Looking for the following in case any of you have them for sale: -Turbo (CIB) -TutanKham (CIB or box only) -Congo Bongo (CIB or Manual only) -Learning Fun 2 (CIB) -Spiker (CIB) -Stadium Mud Buggies (CIB) Please private messenger me. I am in the market to finish my 125 collection. I know the prices these go for, and I am not opposed to pay fair market value.
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