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  1. Thanks all. So it's fundamentally possible but the key thing is I need to have 1meg or greater. If I remember correctly 520s only had half that?
  2. Thanks dma, I figured I'd need to order 2 lots of cables but hadn't thought about the length. Are there any solutions for the ST other than gotek? Something with a desktop or menu frontend?
  3. Hi all. I have a 520 STFM and a couple of Amigas (600 and 1200). I wondered if it was feasible to install the wiring for a Gotek but leave the wires exposed as if connecting an external device. Could the gotek then be swopped between Atari and Amiga? I assume I'd need a seperate flash drive for both. Is there a better altenative to gotek? I have WHDload on the 1200 but to be honest I'm disappointed as I need a RAM expansion to run most games I want due to WHD's overhead requirement. I have plenty of retro stuff up and running - NES, Snes, Megadrive/Genesis, PS2, original xbox and 360. I'd love to get my ST running but trying to avoid a huge pile of disks taking up space. Thanks Paul
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