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  1. I changed the cherry mx switches from 3 pins to 5 pins to have more stability without a top plate (as the Atari plastic case does not permit this). At the moment I am awating 3D print top cover to adapt the extra function keys and the diamond shape functions or 1.5U function keys. So as soon as I can obtain these 3d printed cases I will check them against the V2. And the USB keyboard adapter with a STM32F401 is working great with V1!!!
  2. For sure! Yesterday I received the V2 keyboard PCBs and new set of Cherry MX 5 pins switches. I will try them as soon as possible.
  3. Yes they can be used for XL keyboard. Thank you for point me in this direction. I see also they are very pricey. 😞
  4. Thanks a lot mate. Is the 5.25" floppy drive a PC Standard One? It seems to have a special 40/80 track selection switch. Usually PC 360K 5.25" hadn't that switch. This is a Cumana Drive, quite common back-in-the-day. What about if I have only a 5.25" 1.2MB DSHD drive and wanted to write/read a SSSD 90K or SSED 180K disks? I know their rotation per minute should be 288 rpm and not 300 rpm nor 360 rpm as always found on those type of drive...
  5. And for selecting drive 0 and 1 do you changed the ID on the drive electronic itself, or simpy of a flipping cable?
  6. So, you have a couple of GW? One for 3 1/2" and the other for 5 1/4"? Is it correct? Or you have only one, and flip between drives? Do you have an enclosure?
  7. Is there any chance to have VAPI library running under Linux? I do not have any Windows machine, so it would be great if the Atari 1050 Disk Drive connected to SIO2USB from PC should read tracks for dumping original disks I currently own...
  8. The space between function keys on XE is 1.5u as the original rhombus shaped keycaps. It's a matter of shape (3D print is ok as soon as you provide the MX Cherry stem). Otherwise you need to print another 3D top cover of the Atari XE (adding F1...F4 keys too) with the rectangular function keys hole. And this is what I am trying to do... @Matej should be quicker than me for this!
  9. One of the 3 companies is Maxkeyboard. I am awaiting their quotation since end of October. At first glance they asked me about 200 USD for a single set because the startup of the machineries for a single set is about 100 USD, so about 100 USD for the key caps. The keycap profile is DSA, the material is PBT and the printing method is UV Print. They do not last so much... But they can be as good as the other companies product... The other two companies gives me Double shot printed keycaps, PBT and the profile is SA, or OEM. Much better looking to me. Easy peasy? Not sure... Remember leadfree solder? Higher temp for melting solder and too much time for the ffc connector. Yes. But they are prototypes. As soon as I have something good to show you off I will do. Meanwhile feel free to clone my repo and do all modifications you asking for. Regards, Gianluca
  10. My main goal is to be easy to solder. The ffc cables are everything but easy to solder. In my daily job I am used to use them in all our boards, and they are easily usable if they are placed by pick and place machines and solder in the oven. By hand they are barely unusable, sorry. Maybe a smaller one should do the trick, but I need to find out the correct piece. Do you know a good replacement?
  11. Well it's a little bit tricker than you are thinking. I found 3 companies can do custom keycaps, but they need 200 orders or so just to begin productions. Actually I drop the 800 keyboard type because I did not find anybody whom lending me a computer for measurements and working stuff. Now I have a PCB for Atari 130XE and Atari 800XL I actually have, and I am awating the blank keycaps (DSA profile) and the special high quality stickers (vinyl stickers with transparent background) I have designed. All stuff is it in my github repo. As soon as my prototypes will be ready I can show my progress to all of you, so if somebody will join this ride, and help us to reach the 200 orders, the only thing it will miss for Atari 800 keyboard will be a matter of 2/3 keys. The proposed price will for the keycaps will be around 60 USD. https://github.com/gianlucarenzi and look for Atari 130XE MX Keyboard. Regards, Gianluca atari-xe-style-maxkeyboard.pdf atari-800-xl-style-maxkeyboard.pdf
  12. Hello guys! I need your help Atari 800, ATARI 800XL/600XL owners! If you guys own a caliber I urgently need to know which size in millimeters (or even better in keycaps unit 1U) the following keys: ATARI 800: - CONTROL key (to my measurements using pictures found on internet) 1.5U - LSHIFT key 1.75U as well as the RSHIFT - FUNCTION KEYS (Select, Start...) 1.5U - CLR SET TAB key 1.5U - RETURN key 1.5U ATARI 800XL - CONTROL key 2.0U - LSHIFT key 2.25U - RSHIFT key 2.0U - CAPS LOWR key 1.25U - RETURN key 1.75U - ESC key 1.25U - FUNCTION KEYS are spaced as 1U keysize. The only correct keyboard I can check is the Atari 130XE style... In attachment the PDF layouts of those keycaps (used by MaxKeyboard) and the keysize in keycap units. Please help me, Gianluca atari-800-xl-style-maxkeyboard.pdf atari-xe-style-maxkeyboard.pdf
  13. Ok, I will move it. Thanks, and sorry for noise.
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