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  1. apparently this was actually a very well known design flaw back when the original screens were mostly working-ish, all the layers are separate so the reflector corrodes and makes the screen look dead even if it isnt, its not a hard fix but its been forgotten due to the fact that its now irrelevant since that working screen is a bit of a unicorn nowadays and the new ones come with the reflector and polarizer attached which should prevent that flaw entirely
  2. its a forty year old potentiometer, this kind of thing is inevitable, the only reason its an uncommon issue currently is because most of them became unplayable due to the screen rather quickly, but their age also means that its actually possible to repair it unlike the more modern designs which are riveted together
  3. you might be able to use the notched cardboard insert from the original screen to help center the strip and make up some of the lost thickness, i totally missed that, yeah based on the positioning you would lose the top row for sure
  4. inside, you quite literally want to soak the inside of the component and move it around to clean up the inside. this fixes jittery jumpy movement although im not sure what you could do if its actually grinding, thats not generally a condition they end up in, but you could try adding a little lubrication around the stem and pivot, the front and rear rotation points
  5. contact cleaner or rubbing alcohol, contact cleaner is preferred but either will work, no need to be particularly cautious, douse it. if the adjustments caused the dead pixels to move around its definitely going to be either the ribbons or those pins
  6. underneath the stepped zebra strip is probably the best bet based on the position you described, but you may need to do some trial an error to find the best spot or if this will even work
  7. you are either causing the broken solder joints to reconnect or your cartridge connector has flat pins or you have an issue with your zebra strip. if its the zebra strip you can try putting a few layers of paper underneath it to see if the added pressure fixes it ive stated my dislike of zebra strips a few times here
  8. depends, a lot of modern solder has flux core so its included already, but if you're using old-school supplies then it would most likely by a tube or small tub with a yellowish amber stuff inside
  9. push the pin closer to whats left of the trace if it doesnt want to connect, but yes, thats basically how it works solder has some insane surface tension, its much more insistent than water in this regard
  10. if the broken solder joints are the only issue its still easily fixable, its just not as simple as a standard reflow to get it to connect
  11. those are beyond reflowing, you will need to create the connection yourself, you should also make sure nothing is shorted together afterward basically push the pins toward remaining traces and try to bridge the joint, the pads are missing so this isnt exactly going to be entirely straightforward edit: also check that all of the pins actually connect to their respective screen connection
  12. if this kind of fault turns out to be bad connections on the solder joints then its probably worth reflowing them whenever this kind of glitchy screen shows up
  13. well that looks like a manufacturing defect, you should probably connect those, i knew they had a high failure count back in the day but i didnt realize such a blatant flaw could make it past qc, although it looks like the pads were torn out so maybe its a result of 'repairs'
  14. both sides of both zebra strips, the contact surfaces on the motherboard and the screen, the cartridge connector and the surface it is held down to, those are the main areas of fault, if that doesnt work then there is a chance its a solder joint or one of the components on the motherboard, it could be the screen controller which is presently a nonreplaceable part
  15. clean and reseat the connections, the screen ones and the cartridge ones, if you have one available try another game to see if its an issue with that game or the console itself
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