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  1. would it be possible to buy one of the not quite perfect prototype units or at least get the specs, that info is impossible to find where ive looked so far. if they preform like the demo picture shows i wouldn't think it as an issue even if it needs an extra resistor or two to work since i barely noticed the shadow even after it was pointed out, ive seen worse on completely functional LCD's of the era, gameboy and things like that
  2. i got my hands on a copy of the original legend of zelda but its seen better days, i got most of the corrosion off but the diodes and capacitor either came lose in the bath or were missing when i got it and without them i cant really test to see how the chips are doing, unfortunately i cant find any details on the specs of the missing parts and this seems like it may be a less common board type for this game, it has five chips and a single center capacitor, or rather had, the capacitor and both diodes broke lose
  3. if i recall correctly there is a bit of a contrast issue with the prototypes, but if it can be made out at all i dont think most of us care too much if the shading is wrong as long as it works
  4. so im trying to do this mod with scavenged parts, is there anything i can sub for the ceramic cap? i have electrolytic caps of that value, but since those are polarized i dont see that being an option and i dont have any parts boards with anything larger than a 203 ceramic, i ordered the right parts, but i hate to wait for shipping on these tiny parts and ive already found parts for the rest of it
  5. the fix in question is also stupid simple, pots that old are ridiculously easy to take apart and put back together without damaging, ive done it with my atari paddles and if you dont like that then you can try dousing the part in contact cleaner which will help though not as much as a full disassembly and cleaning
  6. sadly thats a lie, using it under certain circumstances might make it go faster, but the only thing that they needed to start failing was to be made, they were made that poorly
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