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  1. Any ideas what tournament this is from? Arcade only I assume? eBay Auction -- Item Number: 110718898337
  2. *****ON HOLD***** pending payment. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest it looks like this one is a done deal.
  3. I don't mind price opinions but really if you read my post the advice that I looking for was on how best to present it and how to ship it. I'm worried about the PAL/NTSC aspect. How do you word that without sounding like you are trying to hide something and cover your ass at the same time. I also wonder what to take pictures of without too many or too little as collectors are a bit more picky than they used to be. Finally any advice on the cheapest safest way to ship a large collection like this. As for prices I agree with some you have stated but others not so much so. Plus I'm not looking to price the complete set lower than the accumulated price of the absoulte lowest price each game could be found for in 1-3 years time searching every day online. For someone spending lots of time online a set like this is a walk in a park to aquire but not everyone has the same time or patience level. So I am hoping that it will be attractive to someone who wouldn't mind knocking it off in one shot at a price that is affordable, but not outragous and well worth it to someone with a bit more money than time to track down a sealed Tank Command etc. I forget what I paid but I bought this collection when Mitch sold it back in 2001-2002 or so on eBay. I don't think the test carts are Best carts. The high scrore cart is the first version which I never got around to sending in for the upgrade. The other two I know little about except that when I won the auction I had multiple requests to sell them seperate and one of them came with that huge stack of papers you see in the pictures.
  4. For now I am not breaking it up. In this particular situation I could see a set getting more then the sum of the parts because there are so many Osheas games in the set and the set is not that large where it would be an impossible task to buy it all in one shot. I'd like to walk away with 2k after all the fees are paid.
  5. I would imagine these boxes are super tough to find and sealed.... I don't look for these things as they are too big but man I would hate to have to track one down new in the box. That could take a long time. All things considered I'm not shocked by the price.
  6. Advice from anyone who sold a complete collection before would be appreciated. I'm not sure how to list this or or to ship it. Not every game is mint and some could use an upgrade. Every game is sealed but one as Title Match Pro Wrestling is complete. So how do you list such a collection without being able to prove one way or another if the carts are PAL or NTSC without opening them up? Obviously the Sentinel is PAL so it is best not to include that one at all? How about pictures. Do I need individual pictures of every game? Perhaps just pictures of Title Match and Tank Command as I think they are the only individual titles worth 100+?
  7. I don't think $10 is unreasonable. You just need an agent. Let's get the guy from Sham WOW. DONKEY KONG 3 SECRETS REVEALED by current world record holder Homerguy. Its a bug attack GONE BANANNAS ! EVERY TRICK REVEALED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME ! SPRAY THOSE BUGS ! YEAH ! OVER 3 HOURS BONUS WORLD RECORD GAME FOOTAGE INCLUDED !
  8. Yeah sorry about that. I do like them so the price reflects that. In a way I'm almost hoping they don't sell. I'm a bit of a basketcase as I need to sell stuff and yet I'm buying more everyday. I just can't seem to let go !
  9. Not all of the Atari items are from a former Atari art department employee but many are. If you see something here you like let me know. ATARI Large Atari sticker purchased from employee in art department. Has writing on the back which like like notes on reprinting costs. $30 Liberator and Crystal Castles employee Atari shirts. New never worn from former Atari art department employee. Crystal Castles $250 Ched tag marked S Liberator $250 Hanes tag marked L 14-16 Atari Saint Patricks Day Family Run 1983 shirt. Hames tag marked M 38-40 New never worn from former Atari art department employee. $400 Atari employee brown duffle bag. New never used from former Atari art department employee. $200 http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t245/WastingOrpheus/MVC-090S-2.jpg Atari employee grey backpack. New never used from former Atari art department employee. $350 http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t245/WastingOrpheus/MVC-094S.jpg http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t245/WastingOrpheus/MVC-095S.jpg Atari Ashtray with box.Scribbles on the inside of the box. Looks never to be used. I don’t smoke and it doesn’t smell like it was used. $150 ***HOLD*** Atari Olympic metal pins with no back pin. $15 whole lot ***SOLD*** Atari 5200 Starcon controller. $500 same price I paid years back, I think. Never used. INTELLIVISION http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t245/WastingOrpheus/MVC-022S-28.jpg $100 **SOLD** Looks like a rebate check of some type Intellivsion sent out to buyers of a system to be used towards a new game. Intellivision USFL LA Express Intellivision Football. http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t245/WastingOrpheus/MVC-083S-2.jpg $150 Promotional mini football.
  10. Way easier and a bit cheaper. First you have to change the settings so that paypal doesn't waste the second sticker on the sheet. Now each sheet can print two labels. Then just hit print shipping label when you get a payment. It asks weight and how to ship it but the addresses are already filled in. I'd do it just for the ease of use vs standing in line and writting the addresses out by hand but you also get cheaper shipping and DC as was said above. Another important point in that the tracking number is saved. If you sell on ebay the tracking is automaticlly recorded on ebay and you can click the link on your my ebay page to check on tracking. If you have ever lost a tracking slip you know that this is a big plus. On trades I tell the other guy to paypal me a penny and I print a label from that. You can even refund the penny after a label is printed if you are trading with a real penny pincher !
  11. 400 sheets with 800 half stickers for $12.99 and free shipping. That is 1.6 cents a sticker. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 350469576659 I'm sure everyone here can use them to ship games every now and then and it is a killer deal that will go quick I'm sure. If there is a better deal out there let me know.
  12. You may have to wait a bit to get a response since this topic was started in 2002. Yeah didn't he sell off everything he had to fund an invention that was going to make him rich beyond his wildest dreams? I hope he didn't fall victim to a scam and that everything turned out alright for him in the end.
  13. Isn't there a postal strike in place or about to take place in Canada?
  14. JUST SELL ME THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!! LOL :sad: :sad: :sad: :x :x :x Finding a loose shouldn't be a problem. There is one up for sale now from another seller with a $40 BIN.
  15. Not that it should matter, but nothing I have up for sale was traded in to my store or bought for $1. Most items I have had for many years but I am in the middle of a huge buy coming up and need to raise cash. The only thing that even comes close is the Nubytech prototypes that were purchased with my Nuby store account. I bought a ton of prototypes from them when they were closing but those were not cheap either. The unleased Frogger controller was $600.
  16. Crazy Climber CIB eBay Auction -- Item Number: 140560920274 Rescue Terra I CIB SOLD Espial with box no instructions eBay Auction -- Item Number: 140560934984 Autographed lot with Pitfall eBay Auction -- Item Number: 130529941185
  17. So what happens if they do show up on an episode of PBS Antiques Roadshow. Does any company or individual have legal claim to these items?
  18. It's hard to believe they would have been kept in a building that wasn't locked down. Michael The vagueness of it being misplaced is just a little too hard to believe. Ohh that old thing? Ohh who knows where it went. It is possible something could disapear (even NASA has problems like this)but I would have expected a reply that implied they knew about when it did disapear or when they last knew its whereabouts.
  19. NIN wii = Nine Inch Nails Wii ? How did I ever miss out on this limited edition. Musta been too busy waiting in line with my red Mario edition. Does it shoot a stream of mud out of the wiimote? Now that would be awesome !
  20. err perhaps. I'm not sure if the 5 Year employee pins are real gold or just plated. I pick them up when I see them for sale as I always enjoyed things like this. Anyone have one and know if it has any value outside that as a collectable? It looks like 2 different styles of pins were offered employees. I've never seen anything larger than a 5 year. Is there a 10 year? Would anyone have even qualified for a 10 year?
  21. Exactly who is this former Atari employee? Can he be contacted again? If his story turns out to be true, then I don't think these prizes were melted down post 2000. On AGH: Recently, it was brought to our attention by a friend, that the remaining prizes in the contest are now in the possession of Jack Tramiel, who as we all know, bought Atari from Warner Communications. Well if there is some denial here then I'm not getting involved. Perhaps there is some fiscal liability that is attached with such an declaration. Obviously the person who saw it was close enough to him to see the items and I'm not going to start something between them.
  22. I would but this is not something I am interested in. I only speak from my experience selling off the PC protos I got on accident in large purchases. Try assemblergames.com as I had some luck posting PC protos for sale over there. It is hard to get over $15 per title but you do have lots of discs. I am sure someone will be interested.
  23. +1 to this. A former Atari employee told me he saw them with his own eyes in recent times (well post year 2000). The items or at least one of them was on display above a fireplace on the mantle.
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