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  1. I do not have Video Life or Magicard but I have extras on all the others. I have at least one full set of NTSC and a few PAL as well. I am toying with the idea of selling them as I could use the cash on another deal. What are the going rates on these games in near mint shape in the boxes? These are all from the legendary Commavid company buy out a few years back.
  2. Was the larger Room of Doom box only used with PAL releases?
  3. Sadly a google search shows that people actually do. The reason for the post and warning was to educate others. A heads up if you will, just in case they find themselves in a similar situation. Until this is cleared up I'd hate to see anyone else go through the same issue. Prior to this I'd have never held off shipping because it was a money order = cash. AX I was thinking in the way of actually looking at it, the watermark, strip, etc. It would be pretty impressive to get those done. Just like a photocopied $20 bill. Someone might pass one to someone else, but they didn't hold it up to a light. Unless the fake one you got was actually that good! Around here they are stripping small bills like $5s and reprinting them with higher faces. Paper is good to the pen test, has a watermark (just with the wrong dead guy) has a strip (just with the wrong strip).
  4. Just wait 90 days on credit card payments before shipping and you are good to go.
  5. My employee listed some things on ebay at the store. If there is something listed here you want and you want make me an offer it is best to send me a PM direct and a better deal can be worked out here. Waterworld eBay Auction -- Item Number: 140555913758 Edit: Sold $429.99 Halloween eBay Auction -- Item Number: 140559051975 Edit: Sold $569.99
  6. I've had a few PC protos and almost all of them have been slow movers that is for sure. Someone out there is a fan of this series enough to want these and once he sees these he will be interested. Finding that guy may take some time unless you just get lucky. If you are having trouble finding a buyer perhaps try a website that revolves around this title?
  7. Look no further than Atariage. http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/79346-do-you-have-elis-ladder-for-the-2600/ The thought bubble is in the picture on the right hand side.
  8. Dumping the data would only affect the value of an unreleased game. With an unreleased prototype it is no myth that the price will be affected it is a fact. Dumping the data of something like this might even increase the value because it will increase awareness that it does exist. For sure this should be dumped asap because the data is very likely to fade if it hasn't already.
  9. Ehh I would guess that he jumped the gun and most likely has the regualar Qbert. He found a Qbert game and searching highest to lowest on ebay found very high prices on QQ. Hey mine has Qubes on the front that is it and in his excitement he made the posts here. Even without a camera he could have gotten back to us with the exact title and platform. I'd say not wanting to be labeled a troll (which is unjustified) and having no real financial motivation there isn't much point for him to bother or he would have at least confirmed the title and platform. I don't think this was orchestrated but yeah you got to feel old when kids these days don't have the first clue who Qbert is. Qbert might be the biggest dead licenced videogame character there is. Can you think of any which are bigger?
  10. Halloween was in the $300 range for some time but I recently saw a Texas Chainsaw closer to $600. The two games have always been hand and hand.
  11. Well, what I meant was in the context of Ian's post. It is my strong suspicion that a person savvy enough to go to estate sales and purchase books, is literate enough to know the difference between Qubes and regular Q*bert. No? Next comes intuition... since it's so easy for noobs to get all sorts of info in a couple of days, wouldn't it stand to reason they'd have already gotten all of the info on value that they needed within that time and proceed directly to eBay? Assuming any of these events actually happened. Personally, I believe this thread reeks and we've all, once again, taken the bait and have established users fighting over nonsense. On the flipside to all of this... ironic how a brand new poster, with no reputation or pics with a poorly formatted post, is being taken seriously. People here have given him the benefit of the doubt and even supplied opinions as to its value - sight unseen. WHILE... a long time poster may post a sale thread here, with pics, prices or offers accepted and he either gets ignored, lambasted or low-balled. For as many "new" users that might be turned off, think about all of those that have already left that have been here for years over silly shenanigans such as this. If someone has been here sometime and no one believes him then chances are it is because of the poster and not the forum. If Ian said he found a complete Video Life (which trumps a sealed Qubes) no one here would doubt him. Sure they would want to see pics but the lack of pics wouldn't stop anyone from believing him. If true which it most likely is not this really isn't that big of a find. Hey a sealed game and yeah a rare title but not impossible. If someone said they found one ok I'd believe it, cool for you if you did. Given the title it is more likely that he was mistaken on title or platform. With all that was said it will be hard for him to say it but I doubt he planned to make up some crazy story to get people going. If that is really the case then he needs to work on his material because true or not this just isn't find of the year material. I guess I need to hear more than a find of a sealed Qubes to get me going these days. What is next Pitfall II ?!?!?! Ohh NO. NO WAY !!
  12. Ok first off this isn't that impossible a find. There is nothing here which isn't possible and the story is very believable. Most collectors who do any legwork here have found something equally as rare at least once. The find that really got me into Atari was 40 sealed Custers Revenges. He could even be a troll but I haven't seen enough to say that. He looks more like someone who found a game and is excited about it. If you graduated High School in 89 that means you are close to 40. We are old farts, man. Younger kids than that are flipping things things today on ebay and craigslist. My cousin flips Ipods for extra cash and he is 18 or so (also never played Atari). Anyone could spot an item that might be valuable outside of their normal scope and with a quick google or ebay search soon see enough to know that it might be special. Now it could very well be for another system or just be the original Qbert or both. Due to rarity and the subject being unfamiliar with the product it is more likely that he did find another game and is mistaken. I guess we will see. Well-said. +1 for that. +1 on your +1
  13. I'm not too sure on those two I might just ebay them. I am open to hear any appraisals from those not interested and offers from those who are.
  14. Private Eye $40 Cart and box not instructions. Tapper Halloween
  15. The box has come unglued at the seam but could very easily be glued again. It stays together very well without glue. Includes the tray and instructions. On the back the sticker has been pulled up around the edges as if someone tried to remove it but stopped when they realized it wouldn't come off clean. The hang tab has been removed. $165 W FREE USA shipping
  16. Well when Infocom started selling Invisiclues maps were included. These maps came before Infocom sold the Invisiclues. I believe the Zork Users Group was started by fans but endorsed by Infocom? I'm not too sure on the history there. If someone knows for sure how it all played out I'd love to hear it. I've got the Invisiclues maps. They appear to be direct copies of the ZUG maps, but stripped of all the artistic embellishments. Any idea where the posters came from or what their story is? I can't get over how cool they are. Early copies of Infocom games had a send away form to buy these things. As far as I can tell they had 5 maps (zork 1,zork 2,zork 3,Deadline and starcross) 2 posters Zork 1&2, 5 or so Zork buttons and a t-shirt or 2. These days I'd be worried about a button or t-shirt because you can buy "new" copies of all of those these days.
  17. Well when Infocom started selling Invisiclues maps were included. These maps came before Infocom sold the Invisiclues. I believe the Zork Users Group was started by fans but endorsed by Infocom? I'm not too sure on the history there. If someone knows for sure how it all played out I'd love to hear it. I did "GET LAMP" hehe and was a little disappointed. There was a lot of what I would call filler footage from a few collectors. What real Infocom coverage they had was nice to see just wish there was more of it.
  18. Well none of that stuff in the above pictures is mine. The business card holder and brass card were mine but I sold them when I needed to raise funds for something else. I figured they wouldn't be that hard to replace and I'm finding out different. I did manage to get my hands on these items. Invisiclues Zork - Zork users groups version I have the earlier Zork users group Zork (no I) map Zork II map Also one issue of New Zork Times and one of Status Line which are pretty common. An unreleated to this but from the same seller came this Adventure International mail away hint sheet for Adventureland. Still looking for the other maps , buttons and posters.
  19. Just as the title says I am a big fan of the old Infocom games. I think I have most of the series and the feelies but I'm looking for all the oddball items. Even if you don't want to sell post a picture if you have one so I can be on the lookout for them. Posters,maps,T-shirts,promotional material,buttons,employee items, anything released by the Zork user groups. In general if you have something that a person could not walk into the store and buy even when it was current then I will be interested. I know there are brass business cards for the 5th anniversary party out there. I've seen a few large Zork maps and posters done really nice. Business cards would be neat too. I don't have much to offer in trade as far this material goes but I have lots to offer in other areas of gaming and then there is always cash. Here are a few of the things I found pictures of online. Early Zork color poster Another Zork Poster Zork I Zork user group (ZUG) maps on pachment paper Zork II ZUG map Zork III ZUG map ZUG Starcoss map ZUG Deadline map Infocom brass 5th anniversary card & Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy business card case
  20. Come on guys. Not too long ago there was a thread on how hard this one was to find. This is a good price for an underrated boxed game. Seller is a great guy as well. Good luck with the sale !
  21. So which of these conditions result in a form. Seller A sells 1000 $5.00 items Seller B sells 190 $1000.00 items Do neither of them or both. If both conditions must apply the small time seller might be better off using 2 accounts (he and his if they file seperate etc) one for most of the small items and another if he comes across something a bit more expensive.
  22. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 370501434276
  23. They do have an updated version. It is called Mario Galaxy.
  24. The ultimate Atari pimp cup !
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