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  1. as for aliexpress and surplus chip stores - i have pretty good experience with any place i bought chips from i try to buy from more than one seller in case of counterfeit chips, but even if they do sell me something "relabelled" to say the least, it appears to work as required - most of ie "MOS" branded 6502 chips - couldn't be MOS for sure, or MOS had the technology to laser etch their logo on chips back then - but out of 5 bought, 4 were working point is, if i stay away from more recognizable "brands" like MOS, chances are i'm getting genuine stuff after all, and even if not, then i'm getting relabelled chips from other manufacturers, but still the parts i require
  2. you won't get to ready without pokey chip in place
  3. there should be pullup resistor on IRQ line, so what you see could not happend if you remove PIA, configuration for PORTB is done through resistors on PORTB data lines, thus it should boot without this chip as for pia supply, try mc6821 https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20200219021944&SearchText=6821
  4. compared to the esthetics of sdrive nuxx, acrylic case for 1088 looks not that great i'm affride mind this is just my opinion
  5. ebiguy, unfortunatly i dont - been once in France, and value this memory much i understand a bit when spoken or read technical stuff but not much
  6. this is early adoption of cartridge case Sikor made - regardless of failing to provide basic documentation about them fortunatly Curt Vendel came to the rescue with original docs, and LaResistance delivered psychical cases for me to test fit pcb "wywal to" means "remove this" and i was reffereing to certain features this case has - pretty much waste of space, but hey - at least it is avaliable this was done as non profit project, as previous sic! cartridge was one can build it by oneselve, but this is not an open source project, regardles of the fact that all production files will be released into PD
  7. ebiguy: https://demozoo.org/groups/29619/ thank god noone from tristesse wasn't involved
  8. 245000pln fee was requested, 10000pln was paid after trial and appelation - i might be wrong, but this is what i found on the net fun
  9. remember about taxes and other legal issues i remember situation when bakery gave away bread for homeless people (returned from markets as unsold, basically loss for bakery) and was accused of hiding income and tax avoidances by Polish fiscal police silly? this is how things are...
  10. whatever for? u1mb is just plug'n'play solution for 1088xel - your information is outdated
  11. u1mb costs 249pln in basic configuration (without Jon's firmware) 1088xel board plus basic components (including UAV - you can't do without video output, can you?) is 995pln and you still need Atari ASICs (prices from brewingacademy - 15$ board, 210$ for board level components and 30$ for UAV) if economy is a reason for going for this - i strongly suggest to reconsider and buy something else instead you can have 3-4 stock computers for this kind of money
  12. you could test mmu for basic operation - this is only combinational logic so all you need is some kind of test vector (jumper wires) and breadboard i know you already replaced RAM, but if you do have a scope, please check RAS to CAS to PHI2 timings and WE line on ram chips try also to run it without BASIC chip installed - it might be dead aswell perhaps some bits are stuck either low or high
  13. ok, please try with that rom based tester i've posted link to - it should give some valuable information on how to proceed
  14. you can burn gal16v8 for MMU replacement jed file should be somewhere (pigwa perhaps?) but what i don't like about this is how many chips gone bad in this unit - this looks like voltage regulator failure - you do use new power supply now, don't you? about corrosion -it will clean some - it all depends on the damage done - if pins have gone green - there is no hope for this to happend there are also cleaners for such cases - disolving sulfides and oxides that forms on these pins look for "kontakt chemie" product line - you should find some, but i would rather replace them
  15. depends if it would fail miserably - then not far at all but if it was just lightly out of specs for this machine, results would be intermediate there is quite decent rom based test for cases like this on the forum, you could try it first one more thing if your machine boots up, try twisting motherboard if there will be any sort of reaction - random hangs for exaple - try to localise this with more subtle methods and then replace faulty socket single wiper sockets used back then by Atari don't get high scores in my book
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