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  1. then i would say it would be not the root-cause of issues observed, and focus on another diffrence which already stroke me while working on side3 - data bus termination on XL machines
  2. from my point of view, it's not - it would be if i saw on that video program being executed (as traceback with register states and listing being executed), and I don't know anyone with such possibilities perhaps Simus - i don't know I have 48 channels LA, but it won't do listings - that i could get with external tool if i dump what LA registers, then again, i do have my own work and Atari projects i would like to get going, not to solve anyone's else issues
  3. sure it is, but we're left alone - do not expect anything from Pasiu this is as good as it gets
  4. all i can see here, is drac030 trying to get simple information: how to trigger the issue; and getting all but the information needed his only guilt is getting engaged into a pointless discussion, with people having no rapidus board installed to be able to contribute with information required i'm sure someone draw a rapidus logo, thus that person is also part of design team, go blame that person - it's silly? i don't really see any diffrence there rapidus is a single-person effort (hardware-wise) and a result of 12 years of development (if not more) starting from simple things, and going through diffrent stages of development yet, final design was never tested on anything but few XE machines, not to mention XL or 1200 xe's reset circuit generates single, narrow reset pulse, whereas xl's one puts this singal low as long as reset key is pressed, then there is a RC circuit generating some "constant" time for reset, especially power on reset this "constant" time varies, as years passes since capacitor used in that circuit is electrolitic one, and parish with time first thing to attack would be that capacitor, then whole reset circuit, and no, drac030 won't do it, unless there is some programming language that can accomplish this task
  5. candle

    Lynx to VGA

    the answer is in post #569
  6. candle

    Lynx to VGA

    I'm just fulfilling my obligations if this will be available for purhase, you need to ask Lotharek about this
  7. candle

    Lynx to VGA

    ehem, just for all to know hell frozen and we, the doomed ones, playing with snowballs all days all 6 prototype boards were finally assembled, and should be shipped out soon* (* in period shorten than a year... kidding)
  8. 16mhz AVR with all its migt just won't cut in uno carts showns that ARM can do it though
  9. this is certainly not a pbi device, it just lives on d1xx page it will be allright with u1mb install, but you should really do it by the book
  10. do it by the book and you'll be fine - just implement this as fully blown pbi device
  11. heh... ; SNES23DO.asm ; ; Created: 2/6/2021 6:07:45 PM ; Author : Robert Smith ; nice touch
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