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  1. from u1mb equipped machine user perspective, AVG's strongest feature is SIDE2 emulation - nothing else puts my intrest there SIO contraption with some kind of cables running to another port feels Commodore biased, and I simply don't like it sure, it has it advantages, if you're using stock machine, but then again, I don't find stock machine that usefull I don't play the games, its either sdx or some development - for this I need either a link to a PC, or doing it nativly on Atari, so SIO feature of AVG cart is gone - it would be useless if I had to put that SD card back and forth in PC and AVG, and for developing anything nativly on Atari, I would die for some extra RAM Anyways - if I was on a budged, and only games would spark my intrest, I would buy AVG, but in a long run, it might be I would have to buy yet another device Other than this - I belive SIDE3 is better choice in long term, especially for any die-hard Atari user
  2. vbxe 3 was planned for few years now, but it was not easy to find the required time i still have some outstanding projects in my queue, but things are progressing hardware side is quite trivial, firmware takes most of the time side3 for example took me and FJC over 2000 hours in total of our time to get to the production stage, and John is still continuing to work on side3 loader to make use of every feature hardware has
  3. GTIA only core is not, and if implemented, artifacting would be there, for FX core it would be counterproductive, because you would loose high-res clean output
  4. i'm not offended or something, just making a point why this is done as it is, and why it can't be done as some people would like it to do the path of altering existing cores is at least very difficult if not impossible recompilling the core with altered palette is quite straight-forward, except software used for this is now obsolete, as acex1k fpga are DrVenkman: no, it should suffice would you test that palette on real hardware using tools mentioned in the thread? perhaps i'll convince Electron to make ntsc artifacting if someone could explain in tenchnical terms how it is done mind that vbxe fpga is already at 100% of its resources, so it might not be possible, even though resources taken by pal artifacting could be reused
  5. Stephen: output format from design tool is propertiary, possibly compressed and contains checksums - if you want to alter this in any manner without knowing the format, you will fail. position of palette inside file is also non-deterministic, and it is not said it is continuous either without heavy lifting of hardware design, such things as user-defined burn-in palette are simply not possible either you'll agree on something, or it won't happend
  6. i have little demands for Atari palette - if green is green, not blue and i can distinguish all shades of given color i'm happy - this is not DTP work station after all
  7. just a note here you're discussing hue and luminosity over camera shots or screen caputers of unknown and uncalibrated displays through web browser, various phases of image enchancments, monitor settings and driver settings on each individual computer you use for browsing this forum any conclusive palette will be probably of least liking to any of you i would go with Avery mathematical model of what NTSC should look like and live with it, or - don't know what else - but this is the reason discussion on forums over shades of blue is pointless
  8. it is really simple, either there will be act file i could convert and recompile core files, or not, and it won't get done someone has to do it currently used pallete is called laoo.act and comes from atari800win emulator as it was agreed among users in Poland to be most representative for computers we had, but then another graphics artist came and said he dislike it and wanted his own pallette inside instead i don't want to argue over shades of blue, red or any other color - i can compile in any palette, but its up to you guys to come up with one that majority agrees on and it is in act file format this is all i can do
  9. if you want NTSC palette inside VBXE core you need to provide one that majority will agree ACT format would be good
  10. if 6502 is up to the task handling given file system efficiently, it's not an issue
  11. SD card interface is presented to Atari at SD card command level, so there is no dependency on logical format or file system used, there are no containters there, nor emulation layers, meaning that SD card preformance only varies with card's embedded memory controller used - some are slower to sending so-called data tokens than others
  12. thanks any chances of getting them work under altirra? despite my effor it crashes my bad
  13. Anyone has working .car files for this type of banking? Can't find any, and i need them badly to test hardware
  14. i wouldn't buy sigilent, hantek or owon oscilloscope - perhaps i'm spoiled, and biased, but in my opinion trigger circuit, or rather software module, they have are no good at all for rock bottom price i would say suggested tek is nice, especially if you can buy cheap one - here, in Poland you can't if your desk space is at premium and you would rather go with something more modern and requireing less space to operate - rigol ds1052 should cost you almost nothing rigol ds1054z is unbeaten for the money it costs, especially if you consider software "upgrades" Hias have mentioned already what i use for my projects is Rigol MSO5074 with all software options enabled, as i had to pay very little for it - but it has its flaws (ie boot time) if i had any money to spent i would buy second hand yokogawa dlm2000 series scope, but this is 2800usd expense - in my opinion this is the best oscilloscope for digital signals i've used so far, especially if you're in need in protocol decoding i wouldn't buy cheaper (still above 1000usd) keysight oscilloscopes, but if it would be older, price was right, and branded with agilent logo i could be tempted also, logic analysers are valid options, but they have their limitations, and depending on what you're going to do, they might be not of any use for your scenario
  15. must be that quarantine not knowing who warerat is - yet having incognito board... funny thing, really, all one need to do is to take a look on the bottom side of the board to see warerat name there incognito would not exist if his original work was not abadoned at some point in the past - abadoned in that sense, it didn't end up being a product as for bit3 card - i'm not going to attempt any work on this matter without card at my disposal Sergio already proposed one, and did all the work required, but still, i cannot use it (or rather will not use it), as personal proud wouldn't let me #stayathomeandturnoffyourinternet #dontbeaprick
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