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  1. candle


  2. it's on 100mil raster, so just count pins as it was single connector (fill up the gap)
  3. I don't like tons of boxes and cables lying around my desk, so for me yet abother psu wgere there is one slready in the Case is to write at least awkward. I could use that additional spersge to run internal floppy Drive Or whatever. These xases do contain 5.25 Drive bay, dont they?
  4. You're opting for pc case, why not to use pc Power supply? It has all the logic Inside already, well, almost
  5. Michael, need i to remind you that i wrote original incognito bios? s0 and s1 pins were reserved for my siplestereo upgrade and this is their original function, but i see no reason to add expander there light guns are fun, but unless someone makes one that actually works with lcd screen they are doomed
  6. Perhaps It would be good if you would put a shift register over s1/s2 signals and have It expanded to 8 bits of Control. I'm sure we can handle It in software
  7. main reason it get at stall was the cost i had to swallow to get it done - doing pcb in the country was out of question (because of the cost) and China fabs were out of my reach casewise it was not an issue - first thing i did was to recreate it in solidworks so it would be possible to simply print it - technology was expensive, but still there, and it seemed that outside my country everything was way ahead in these terms i don't know if i have solidworks models for the case anymore, but all remaining bits are still on my disk the other reason was i really wanted to have 816 there, and i had no working solution i could be sure of, so i've split the design into cpu card and the motherboard just to be able to change it later, but this brings another can of worms to the design goals from where i stand now it will be another two or three smaller projects as milestones before i could return to that board, but when i do it should be a gamechanger (if anyone would still care )
  8. incognito2 says it's ready, but it's not this if first successfull boot into xl/xe mode
  9. well, i'm using phi1early (shortened by 70ns version of phi1) to catch valid state of RW signal as i found it is not stable within a cycle - same goes for address bus but it might be me using very fast logic able to respond to such transients
  10. I can see that all your designs are THT only, and this is ok - but as RAM chip goes - i can belive 32k DIP SRAM chips are dozen for a dime, since this is popular size to be found in old 486 motherboards as cache ram, but 64k is something rare i think - i have none, altough i have plenty of 32k ones (in 300 mil wide dip package that is) sure, atari is obsolete so obsoleteness shouldn't be brought to the discussion at all - some time ago was 1400xl motherboard to populate, and people here managed to get it assembled regardless of how odd/hard to find components were there If you really want to stay with THT and it should be at least available for next few years to purchase i would go with 600mil wide DIP32 package and 128k SRAM chip from Alliance - they are here to provide RAM solutions that are considered obsolete for most other manufacturers, but leaving it as is - 300 mil wide might just end with another folk making an adapter for whatever standard ram package will be I don't think that design that requires adapters just to populate its socket is the way to go also - why using 2 PBI connectors? If anyone wants pbi device inside, then it will be connected using a ribbon cable, and to minimalize lenght of that cable it would be better to put second device on the same cable (daisychained) instead of having separate cable running to it 1.7mhz doesn't seem like challange right now, but remember that these PBI devices often failed from one reason or another - NMOS drive capability is really poor i've noticed that you have RAM chip select connected to PHI2 line - there is considerable delay in data out to chip select time, and i wouldn't go that way, but if you have your math done here, and feel line on the safe side - it's up to you i would rather use that chip select as extsel/casinhibit and use proper oe and we strobes
  11. To shave some pennies i suppose, you know How It looked when lotharek took over - no emulation headers, no pins, just solder it for good - not the way i'n doing things, but at least It was available and still is I can't say v2 wilk be footprint compatible with v1 - i might try, but i wont resort to bga just to accomplish that. Also - why tht components only? For ram chip It seems like shooting in your own feet
  12. Hi I just wonder - is this going to be stand alone solution, or just a plug in base board? If the First one, then where is rom chip? It seems that u1mb is a must for this to run
  13. could you try with panther? without sdx whatsoever, just clean boot with this file (you can use side2 loader) ftp://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/collections/atari_forever/Tools%20-%20atr/PANTHER.atr
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