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  1. it should, but not right now
  2. all of the development is done with altirra, so it will work on real hardware there are some compatibility issues with FJC loader and PBI? code don't know for sure, but i had to disable most of my u1mb config to get it going bugs are lurking everywhere i gues some initial work on title screen, sound fx and gtia mode play in the end this game should run on vbxe equipped machine as well as on stock one - with some limitations (due to memory considerations) hl.xex
  3. little update break key now works properly and returns to the title screen ntsc bug corrected graphics enchancments by Vidol additional music by Wieczór/Lamers, BeWu/Grayscale and String/Agenda game mechanics is completed, now i need to do some work on the title screen and gtia version of game (there is still GTIA output under VBXE overlay active) hl.xex
  4. i wonder what is your day job? if i would guess it would be either managment or sales - don't get offended, just wonder... 1. why it should have any? 2. in xl/xe mode system won't allow you to turn itself off, hence you won't read joy 3 up status, unless you will take over the controll completly, but this will reuqire custom piece of assembly code
  5. perhaps like for XEP80 interface or multijoy, or another serial based controller (nintendo?)
  6. one trouble i have with this is that all cables are leaving the case right, and what you're proposing leaves it at rear in a perfect world one could use 3d printer to print out new connector faceplate and replace psu board as needed
  7. D6xx and EXTSEL is present on that slot, one could reuse data and address lines and reduce size of ribbon cable needed from cpu board this way, so such carrier board would be quite neat on the other hand there are still some signals missing and you still need a ribbon cable from incognito to such adapter and from antic to the adapter it might be a tidier setup and some mechanical structure to put vbxe on another headache is getting your video signal out you could just make another hole in the case - room is not an issue when you pass the anvil, but it doesn't seem right if we could get new PSU board with all required connectivity then it would be better and cleaner option channel 3/4 switch is pretty much useless these days and it would make a space for DIN13 socket unfortunatly, due to its size, it won't be a cheap board to make
  8. in order to use joystick port 3 &4 do as follow: poke $D343,$38 - set PORTB to data direction register mode poke $D341,0 - set PORTB bits 0-7 as input poke $D343,$3C - set PORTB to data register mode now you can read both joystick values GTIA registers (trigger 3 & 4) can be read from GTIA shadow as it was mentioned before, since in XL/XE line standard register ($D013)is connected to cartridge port don't know if one can conduct it under basic, but surely one can under eye2 this is still a bug, but at least i can see what is to get fixed in a perfect world joystick values should be read only from shadow location starting at $D340 onwards, but unfortunatly it starts from $D300
  9. you might use 16V 1uF MLCC capacitor, size 805 will be a better fit for this and you still don't need to disassemble board to replace it plus side is that you won't be doing this again - ever
  10. Jon, you might do with disconnecting CAS INHIBIT input from VBXE or EXTSEL
  11. please treat it as experimental one final will be released separatly with apriopriate filename revision takes some space inside cpld logic, space i propably don't have, but will try to make this happend as it would be usefull
  12. please update your incognito's cpld i found one bug that got unnoticed since it only manifest if you actually connect something to that PBI connector main.jed
  13. it was as bad as this? I didn't know i've received mine before troubles started i guess
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