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  1. Free binaries is like 'free' in 'free beer', something that is consumed instantly for pleasure. Open source is like 'free' in 'freedom'. E.g. you are free to know what the code does to your computer, it allows you to tailor it to your own needs, you share something that others can learn from, and to derive new things from (something that might give more instant pleasure to others)
  2. Just for the sake of being able to play around with it, perhaps to learn a few things, or make something else based on it. The same arguments as with open source... When you get assets, like game graphics you are usually free to edit them. For a program, it's much easier to do that if you have the code.
  3. According to my experience, it can take almost as long time to understand someone else's code, as it would take write the code from scratch. Especially if there is no design document available, which is usually the case with game code. Yes, the best option is of course that author takes responsibility to maintain his/her own work. Because of the reason mentioned above. Unfortunately I have seen so many cases when the authors completely loose interest in maintaining their products (at least when there is no big money involved) They just seem to dissapear from the surface of thd earth...
  4. That's to bad, because what usually happens is that the source code is lost forever. It's very cool that this (quite good game) is a Jaguar exclusive. I think that the engine has all the ingredients to make up the basis for a game very like Starwars: TIE Fighter, e.g. including missions with different objectives (besides from shooting everything)
  5. I saw that the Battlesphere Gold ROM is on AtariMania. Any chance that the source code would be released?
  6. Are there some instructions on how to play in the "Alone Against the empire" mode? The only description I have seen is that it's like "Star Raiders", but I have never played that game. (so it's not a very good description) I can bring up some hexagonal map, but I have no idea about what to do with in (e.g. what does the button presses actually do here) Also I understand that you are supposed to enter warp speed to move to other sectors, bit I have never managed to activate that? I enjoy the "Gauntlet" mode, and the "Free-for-All" mode, but I have no clue about the "Alone-Against-the-Empire" mode?
  7. Congratulations, this looks like it will be a great game.
  8. Yes, the engine uses matrices, and supports rotations around x,y, and z-axis. No viewports transformations are supported, just object transformations. Which I believe would be sufficient for a Tailgunner look-alike. No, the code to perform 3D transformations is written entirely in C. I put the code in a public repo just for reference: https://github.com/phoboz/reargunner2k (to compile you also need the Removers' library, and jlibc, so these libraries contain the assembler routines for drawing polygons etc.) I had to experiment with the fixed point precision and size of the object space to avoid overflows. I also share a small demo, e.g. rotation of 2 pyramids around the x-axis. These can also be moved using the joypad (x,y), and bottons C & A (z-axis) It is probably running very slowly, without having done any benchmarking, but I base assumption on that it runs much faster in Virtual Jaguar, than what it does on a real Jaguar. Considering that there are only a few surfaces, the performance must be improved to make something useful out of this... reargunner2k.cof Thank you for sharing your code, I will check that out as well...
  9. I am a big fan 3D vector arcade games. Such as Tailgunner, Starhawk, Battlezone, Red Baron, Tempest, Star Wars etc. An upgrade of any of these concepts using flat shaded polygons instead of line vectors, would be a huge upgrade like Tempest 2000 was. (no need for any outline vectors, just pure flat shaded polygons) These games should have fairly limited number of surfaces to process, Battlezone is limted to rotations around the y-axis, Red Baron to rotations around the x-axis. Tailgunner, and Starhawk both have a fixed viewpoint. I might take on Tailgunner myself, I have a 3D engine with fixed viewpoint, but 3D transformations are slow since they are currently made on the 68000. @DrTypo, if you have tips on getting started to implement 3D transformations on any of the RISC processors, it would be helpful (but I am not an assembler guru myself, so I would need to learn more)
  10. No problem, I'm just a regular user suffering in silence for several months now...
  11. Looks cool, but it looks like this game does some rotations about the x-axis also.
  12. Wow, this looks like a perfect engine to be used for a Battlezone inspired game. (using flat shaded, solid polygons instead of the wireframe graphics of the original) Great work!
  13. Could you please keep the Game Drive related discussions to the Game Driver thread? It seems now that some of you frequently struggle to invent a new topics promoting the Game Drive. You The Game Drive already has a pinned topic right at the top of the forum, for people who are interested in the topic. Please let people choose which topics they want to get updates about? Because I am getting spammed about the Game Drive right now... If you would like to ask a question about people's opinion on Jaguar library (which has been asked many times before), you could do that in a neutral way, or even better, use an already existing thread. Thank you.
  14. Yes, but in fact I thought it was needed, because some levels can take up to a few seconds to load. (all graphical data is packed to fit on a cartridge, and needs to be un-packed when needed, because all of it won't fit in RAM at the same time)
  15. Thank you. Yes, the game has been going trough a gradual improvement process. Thanks to the talented people who have joined the project, as well as your comments on the videos that were published in this thread. Maybe it was a little bit premature to post the earliest videos, I got a lot of comments like: "It looks like an 8-bit game". For understandable reasons you don't go all in on the artwork before you have a working game engine, so this is what has been happening More professional artist has been joining this project (after all, I am only a programmer myself) The main point is that a platformer might look very beautiful on screen-shorts, but if it doesn't play well, if the physics doesn't feel right, then I can guarantee that you won't play it for very long. So this was really my focus from start. When I had a game engine that felt right, then the actual level design, enemy design, item design, and graphical polishing process could begin...
  16. If I buy any of these, they would not be looked to for example the Game Driver? Because I prefer to make myself a personal cartridge rather then to purchase a super expensive add-on...
  17. This is the first real BOSS in Asteroite (no mini-boss like the Alien, and Predator you saw in the earlier videos) As promised, it features an animation style similar as in the later Contra and Probotector games: (e.g. using several animated parts, look at the elastic arms etc.)
  18. Cool game, but it's just so insanely difficult. I really wished they play tested it a little bit more before release. I only reached the first tunnel once, but I could never figure out how to complete it. I got stuck on some obstacle that could neither be avoided, nor destroyed (but I guess I was supposed to find a way to destroy it?)
  19. Yes sure, I was always a fan of the arcade game Smash TV. I would love to see some dual joystick support in 1 player mode.
  20. I find the 3D Voxel (homebrew) game Fallen Angles by @DrTypo very interesting (once you understand which button(s) you need to press to dock with the mother ship?),... also the 3D flat shaded polygon (homebrew) game Tube 2000 is cool. I actually prefer flat shaded polygons on planar surfaces, I think that gouraud shading only makes sense on curved surfaces (like spheres), but when it is used on flat surfaces it looks rather silly. Therefore I think it was a wise decision to use flat shading in the tunnels of Tube 2000.
  21. Yes I am also interested in this topic as a deveoper, and when the Gamedrive becomes widely available, at an affordable price I might get one myself? (so it's not only about CD-ROM support) Also it is interesting for me to know if there will be a market for digital purchases (of my games) in the future? However, currently I am a little bit concerned that if I start selling my games as digital downloads, they might be shared very easily with persons who didn't buy my games?
  22. No I am not, but without bringing something new to scene (like optical drive emulation) it is a little bit hard for me to consider it a game changer. Although I hope that it will motivate more people to start developing new games for the Jaguar, otherwise you will just sit and play the same old games, year after year... Regardless if you play them (or people deveop them) using an Emulator, the SkunkBoard, Gamedrive, or whatever comes next, it's the games that makes a system interesting. Then you may buy them on cartridge, or use backup copies of them (hopefully only for the games you own, or from games that are freely available) It doesn't matter to me, as long as you enjoy the games.
  23. As a game developer this is exactly what I want, because I do some changes to the game, and then have to try the new version. If I were to do that this with an SD-card, it would be very annoying to remove the SD-card from the device, put in my computer, upload the file, and then have to put it back in the device. With the SkunkBoard, I just transfer every new build directly using the USB-cable. I addition the SkunkBoard has debug features over the USB interface, so you can actually communicate back to your computer while the program runs. So from my point of view, and USB port is more flexible than an SD-card. For the Vectrex there is something called the VecFever, this has an built in drive, plus an USB interface. So you can transfer files to it using the USB cable, and you can also have it communicate with your computer as the SkunkBoard. In addition, the built in drive ensures full compatibility, as compared to an external SD-card, which might not be fully compatible for all games.
  24. No the Jaguar version is better. Look here for a comparison of the backgrounds between the Amiga, Jaguar, and 3DO version. They were all re-worked for the Jaguar, more colorful than the Amiga version, and more true to the original than the 3DO version. https://fabiensanglard.net/another_world_polygons_Jaguar/index.html
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