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  1. I might as well describe the rules of the game. In principle, you don't need to know them to play the game. However, you can archive better results by knowing them. I also want to write them down, before I forget myself What you see below is the training menu. The first column shows the skill name, the second shows the required experience points to reach the next level, and the final column shows the current level. The yellow stars you see next to the skill name tells the game that this is a skill you want to improve (e.g. your gained experience points are distributed to advancing the skills you have marked with a star) You may put several stars on one skill, and you have up to 3 stars to distribute. You can change your training settings at any time during the game. Changes won't affect the level you already reached for a certain skill. 1. Strength - When performing a melee attack, a high strength level improves your chances to hit your opponent. 2. Intelligence - Your initial intelligence affects your initial searching skill level (see the last skill) 3. Dexterity - When an opponent performs an attack against you, your dexterity level improves your chances to avoid being hit. (equipping an armor, and a shield further improves your chances to dodge the attack) 4. Toughness - Your initial toughness affects the initial hit-points you get, toughness also helps you to survive hunger for a bit longer (e.g. until you hopefully find more food). 5. Mana - Your initial mana affects your initial searching skill level, whenever your mana level exceeds the mana requirements for a spell in the game, you automatically learn that spell. (you can also learn spells by finding, and reading scrolls) 6. Hitpoints - These are the maximum number of hits you can take before it is game over... Your hit-points can be restored by consuming potions (red), or by executing the heal spell on yourself. 7. Magical Power - When casting a spell, a certain amount of power points are consumed. If you have less power than the requirements of the spell, you cannot cast that spell. Your magical power can be re-filled by consuming elixirs (blue) 8. To-Hit Bonus - This skill directly increases your chances to hit your target (also see skill 1) 9. To-Damage Bonus - This skill adds additional additional points to the damage your equipped weapon causes to your opponent. 10. Searching - When you destroy a destructible object, or push-pull a rock for the first time, you may find an item. Your searching skill increases your chance of finding an item in such cases. This skill also affects the amount of gold, food, and the level of certain items you find.
  2. It seems RPGs take more time to develop. This is also a fact with new consoles, you don't get the RPGs right away (unless a game from another console is being ported). I looked at the list of cancelled Jaguar games, and there were actually quite many RPGs in the pipeline for the Jag. I get 15 hits for "Role-playing game" in this list, at least 7 of them seems to be unique (most notably Centipede 2000): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cancelled_Atari_Jaguar_games Even if RPGs are not necessarily more technically advanced than other games. It is usually expected that they have more content, more options etc.
  3. In my opinion, it's a mix of both. You have the randomness, and the lack of story driven gameplay, which leaves that part to the imagination of the player. However, some tools are given to guide your imagination, like the type of monsters you encounter, the items you find, the spells you learn, how and when to use these, and (especially in this game) the different environments of the levels you travel to... ...each time you play, you get a new kind of adventure... Sometimes you start with very good pre-conditions, then everything runs smoothly. Sometimes you start with poor pre-conditions, then you are in for quite a challenge.
  4. Thank you for being patient. Some more time will be needed before the game is final, but progress has been steady. The game is somewhat in a playable state, but in the end, some fine tuning will be needed to find the correct balance between challenge, and reward.
  5. It wouldn't be impossible to implement monsters that cast spells, but I don't have animation frames for something like an evil wizard. So currently it wouldn't make sense. Also I am running out of cartridge space (despite using packed images), so let's see how much more I can put it. The game currently has 26 levels, a number of different monsters, and quite a lot of items. Intentionally I have only shown the environment on a few of the levels, in order not to spoil everything for you..
  6. No worries, I will send out the remaining PCBs in the coming weeks. People who ordered SpideX already got their together with the SpideX order. Now there are only a handful PCBs left to send out to those who got the early version, and live in an NTSC country. Sorry for the delay.
  7. and yes, just like every rouge-like RPG, the game has Dungeons:
  8. I sent you 2 copies, there was a case when a person got the second one, and the first one arrived later. However, in your case I agree that it has taken mysteriously long time... I have sent the package slip (which has a number on it) to some people. It helped to use that number when asking if it was stuck in customs.
  9. Now the blocks are pullable, we cannot risk that you block yourselves in and just have to sit and watch your player character starve to death
  10. I wanted to do this game for a long time. I started many years ago for the PC, but motivation faded due to the large number of high quality rouge-likes already available on that platform. Many of these games are now also available on modern game consoles (thanks to the big companies recent embracement of indie game deveopers). So to release this one on a modern console, it would risk getting lost in the masses. Then I discovered that Jag, which I think is a wonderful platform for 2D sprite games. It has a dedicated community. Sadly the demand for 3D games at the time that Jag was released was so high, so we probably lost a few high quality 2D games for the system due to market considerations. Obviously it's not trivial to make a game like this, so I am hoping to be able to release it in a forseeable future. I think most of the obstacles has been overcome. One of them being that I am not an excellent pixel artist myself. I think that we are on track now to give you a game that you can enjoy for a long time (if you care for this type of games)
  11. Yes, the game Rogue (1980) set the standard for rouge-like games. Basically the core idea is that this game is supposed to be a graphical variant Rouge (oppose to ASCII, as in the original) There has been similar games in the past, most notably Fatal Labyrinth (SEGA Genesis), and Dragon Crystal (SEGA Master System) This game plays very similar to those, but recently I started to add new elements, such as destructible, movable blocks etc. There are also games considered to be rouge-lite, which deviates further from the Rouge (1980) formula e.g. Dead Cells, the Binding of Isaac. However, if combat is turn based (similar rules to Dungeons & Dragons), the levels are randomly generated, monsters, and items are only visible in the line of sight of the player, and the map is gradually revealed I would count it as rouge like.
  12. I am adding doors/gates to the open areas, and you cannot push a block trough such gateway. This decreases you chance of getting stuck, as a block might easily get you stuck in a small path between 2 open areas. I will see if I additionally add a pull move, but it isn't there yet.
  13. @agradeneu is now also helping out with some pixel art, so credit should go to him as well.
  14. [Update] Kings of Edom now featuring a little bit more 'interactive' environment.
  15. It's like Schrödinger's cat, the contents will be projected to one of the states you can to observe once you open the box. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schrödinger's_cat
  16. I am definitely interested in one for developing games. Nice that this version will support save to EEPROM, so this function can be tested too, before having to make a real cartridge.
  17. It is because the items, as well as the monsters move out of the line of sight of the player. The items, and the monsters stay in the same place when the move into the line of sight of the player again. However, if the map would be unrevealed once you leave a room it would be very hard to find the gateway to the next level, because you wouldn't know which areas you had previously visited. It doesn't have to be 100 percent realistic (because it's a game), you can think of the unrevealed map as a fog-of-war you usually have in strategy games.
  18. I will see if I can find a good way to use it, any suggestions? Perhaps to select/equip items?
  19. Yes Dragon Crystal for the SEGA Master System was definitely my inspiration!
  20. These are actually graphics assets that I paid for, but I guess the artist designed it to make it look like early 16-bit games. I see a lot of graphics in this style in new indie games. It's not easy find a good 2D pixel artist, and the amount of different frames on animation required by this game it takes a lot of time to hand draw. The graphics you linked to looks like it is pre-rendered, so this does not need to be hand drawn for each frame. It does also look more realistic, but gives a different feel to the game. I will check it out, but I am not sure I will use it? The graphics was the main limitation for me to get ahead with this game, so I decided I could not do it myself...
  21. Unfortunately there were not many RPGs for the Atari Jaguar (I am only aware about one e.g. Towers II) This is hopefully about to change in the future with the addition of this tile (current working tile: Kings of Edom) I am glad to announce a rouge-like RPG that I have been working sporadically between my other game releases. This will probably take a little bit more time to complete, as it turned out to be more complex to develop compared to my previous titles (available at: http://tjocktv.se/shop/) The levels are randomly generated every time you play a new game, so this will guarantee a good replay value for this game. You can always go back to a previous level (as long as you are still alive), all monsters defeated will stay defeated, and all items picked up will be gone. Note that currently there is no sound in the game, but you can see in the battle animations if an attack hits the opponent (e.g. if the hit animation is played). Far from all attacks are successful, this will be even more noticeable with the correct sound effects to be added. Also you can see at the bottom of the screen a message for each event that occurs in the game e.g. if an attack is successful, how much damage it did, what items you picked up etc.
  22. That might be a good idea once the GameDrive hits full circulation. The game would also need to be thoroughly tested on the GameDrive before such release.
  23. Please find this video of a technology demonstrator for a Carnival (shooting gallery) game: The file for those who have the Skunkboard and want to try it: carnivalex2k.cof
  24. I am glad you finally got the game. I also prefer the rectangular control method, as you actually go in the direction you pull the joystick. However, I kept the angular control method, as some people told me they preferred that method (maybe because of the similarities with how you move in Tempest?) Yes, you definitely need to learn the movement patters of the enemies to get far in this game (even if the game is quite generous with extra lives) Once you learned them, it's actually not that difficult. I knew the patterns from start (as I designed them), and I can easily beat the game 2 times in a row. On the second run, it becomes a little bit more difficult, one of the reasons for that is that you don't get extra lives as frequently as you did in the first run (because of the higher score you have accumulated now)
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