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  1. Finally I got this going on Teensy 4.1 still playing with the timings apparently I'm pushing the limits of the Atari ST/e DMA speed 😊. I had to slow it down otherwise I was going over 2000 KB/s 😞 For now I call this the HD brick 😁.
  2. I've got ICD Pro 6.5.5 ver. here: Program versions: ADSCSI Version 1.03 BOOTFIX Version 2.21 CACHEHIT Version 1.13 CACHEOFF Version 1.23 CACHEON Version 1.23 CFGCBOOT Version 2.04 CLEANUP Version 5.08 COLDBOOT Version 2.11 COPYFIX Version 1.52 DESKTOP Version 4.10 EJECT Version 1.02 FLUSH Version 1.02 HDPARK Version 2.06 HDPARTS Version 3.09 HDUTIL Version 5.14 HOST Version 2.08 ICDBOOT Version 6.5.5 ICDCDZ2 Version 2.00 ICDFMT Version 6.20 ICDTIME Version 2.02 ICDTRAPS Version 1.00 INSTALL Version 1.13 IDCHECK Version 3.09 RATEHD Version 3.09 TIMESET Version 1.53 WHEREIS Version 1.85 SCSI Version 3.11 This one has this dangerous SCSI.PRG !!!! tool 😁 ICDPRO.655.rar
  3. Wow this is indeed impressive 😃.
  4. Before you go crazy I would actually inspect the DB19 connector under the motherboard for cold solder joint. YouTube link: How to identify a cold solder joint
  5. I figured I might add the picture of my Laser Disc collecting dust, I guess I need to move it to my Man Cave downstairs basement 😀.
  6. @ Philsan. Man you got me watching stuff on YouTube about Laser Disc yesterday all freaking day 🙄 and yes I have a LaserDisc player and about 30 movies and at least 10 music video LaserDisc collection.
  7. Yap i got 11 bombs, game crashes after about 2 min of playing. This is on Atari 1040 STe - 4MB - ICD AdSpeed ST: 16 MHz accelerator.
  8. 🙄 When I got my falcon 030 in 90s I thought I was over paying for 85MB. 😉
  9. I was wondering what this thing is on top the CPU thanks PP. 🙃 Long time ago my Mega ST 2 was upgraded with ICD Adspeed ST 16 MHz accelerator.
  10. The floppy disk controller for Falcon 030 codenamed "Ajax", had the number C302096 and was produced by Toshiba.
  11. Jeez thank you very much not sure how I miss this but this was helpful.
  12. I used to use total Commander back in 90s on Windows 3.1 but now on Windows 10 I just can't figure out how to force the 8.3 filenames in total Commander ver. (x64) 10.00. I did look in options and available plugins, I really could use this for my media transfer protocol & Teensy microcontroller hard drive implementation ( Yet another HD ACSI implementation with Media Transfer Protocol (WIP-Work in progress) ): ).
  13. Flight simulator 2, yes that was a good game. Not sure if this was yet mention but I loved Armour-Geddon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbFnvshjx3Q Armour-Geddon is a 3D video game developed and published in 1991 by Psygnosis for the Amiga, MS-DOS and Atari ST. Especially that you could actually play it on two computers via network. Don't think this will run on monochrome monitor.
  14. You’re in for a hell of a lot of work. 🙄 Out of curiosity - Are the Atari STe two layer PCB motherboard ? Would be cool conversion motherboard, Atari St-->Atari STe of course I'm assuming all the other components needed are still available somewhere online?
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