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  1. I meant to post an update a while ago, but haven't done so. Basically I cleaned that area up and reflowed it and I'm at a point now where Raiden works (minus sound) without any speed issues on startup, but everything else that I have seems to fail on starting up. I had a fair amount of trouble getting that done and I think that repairing this jaguar is outside my abilities. I may sell it for parts and look to the MISTer fpga project jaguar core to be my solution going forward.
  2. I won't get a chance to get to it this weekend. Hopefully during the week
  3. Ok, so I tried cleaning it up more with some isopropol and qtip. It looks a bit cleaner, although still looks like it's covered in something the unit no longer passes the red jaguar logo. Sometimes the logo is white and it just sits there, sometimes the logo bounces up and down, sometimes it's cut in half with the right side starting at the top of the screen and the left side starting at the bottom and they both fly up and away... Sorry Saint, I didn't measure the IOL/IOR before cleaning it so I probably can't answer that question. It did play Raiden and Iron Soldier properly before I cleaned it. This is a unit I bought on ebay over a year ago which was supposed to work just fine. But I didn't try it right away, and when I did I got convinced by the seller that I could just get A/V cables (came with rf) and the sound would work. The unit came with the original power supply and neither of the chips I replaced looked like they had any problems. I only replaced them because I was starting to get excited by the upcoming flash cart and everything I was reading/watching online indicated that was probably the problem. After replacing them things didn't change. I think this is going to be outside my abilities to fix based on the comments here.
  4. Here's a video of the console starting up: https://youtu.be/ZunqUsuVj8I Half of my games don't currently work even after cleaning them and the slot. It could be that they need a better cleaning.
  5. Maybe I need to do an actual time... because it's way slower than any video I've ever seen. I measure it at 4.97 I think I need some help with finding these? BCK: 2.46 WS:2.47 DATA: 0.31 GND:0 Vdd:4.98 IOL: 3.27 Iref: 0.67 IOR: 3.28 Sorry, I don't have a scope. Pin 9 is reading 2.47
  6. Hey Guys, My Jaguar starts up slow and doesn't have sound. I already replaced the reg1 / u38 hoping that was the problem and it did nothing. I've done a lot of searching and I'm either not using the right keywords or no one has posted these same symptoms. When you turn it on with a cart inserted the red jaguar logo zooms in quick and then it takes a long time (~5-10 seconds) for the 3d letters to start falling into place. The entire boot up process takes a long time here but once you are in game everything seems to run proper other than the fact that there is no sound. I've used both coax and A/V outputs, there's only one spot on the board where it looks funny and that's some of the pins on the DSP. I've attached some photos and can take more. Thanks for any assistance.
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