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  1. This is exactly what I was hoping to investigate! Thanks, GorfCadet!
  2. Got it, PMP, totally makes sense, thanks!
  3. Thanks, Stargunner. I'm just wondering how some of the screen images posted on Atari-Age are so super sharp in resolution? I'm converting the RF output of my 7800 with a coaxial converter that I can insert in the Antenna-input of our smart TV. It works, but I'm not sure if that resolution can still be (greatly) improved on? I can run comp images in this TV (like a Nintendo Wii) that have great resolution. I'm just wondering if I convert the 7800 to composite or HD output if I'll see a substantial jump in resolution on HD TVs? I really don't want to consider altering the unit unless it's a substantial improvement. Here's a good example of my dilemma: I can run Donkey Kong, Galaga or Dig Dug off a Pandora's Box with HD out to the TV, and the resolution looks sharp. In comparison to the 7800, with RF to Co-Ax conversion in, those three games are substantially lower resolution. If the 7800 was converted to comp or HD, would this resolution be improved? Most sources say it is, I'm just wondering how much?
  4. Hi, I recently fired up my 7800 that has been in storage over 25 years. I'm using the system with a standard Smart TV, converting the RF signal with a Co-Ax adapter in. Here's my question (sorry, I'm typically long-winded)...the resolution bugs me. I know there are conversion kits to change the output signals to Composite or even HD. Seeing some of the images posted on AtariAge are SO vivid...is this how this is accomplished? Basically, if I have my 7800 converted to composite or HD output, will I get that type of super-sharp resolution on the likes of a modern TV? Much thanks in advance for the comments and tips. Thanks!
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