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  1. Yes, I appreciate the complexity seeing the software and hardware can be used over a wide variety of hardware. The fact that it works as well as it does is an accomplishment. It's great to see that you are continuing to work to make it better. Thanks again for your helpful input.
  2. Thanks for your reply. In XL mode (XL OS 1.3) with SpartaDOS X enabled and PBI BIOS disabled, booting into SpartaDOS I can use the CAR command and it will take me to the loader. If I return to SpartaDOS from here and use the CAR command again it will not work a second time. Is this normal behavior? Also, is the option to enable Side Cart ROM under Memory and System ROMS no longer available, or was that referring to another setup? I’m really enjoying the Ultimate 1MB and the SIDE3 Cart and really appreciate your work. I’m just trying to make sure everything is working as it should. Thanks, once again.
  3. I have recently installed an Ultimate 1MB in an Atari 800XL and am using it with a SIDE3 Cartridge. It seems to be mostly working as it should except for an issue I’m having when I attempt to use the CAR command. When I am in SpartaDOS I believe that I should be able to type CAR (enter) and that should take me back to the Loader screen of the SIDE3 cartridge. In XL mode while in SpartaDOS if I type CAR, I get the response “Not present!”. In 800 mode I noticed when going to SpartaDOS from the loader on the top of the SpartaDOS screen I am getting “Config error (179): DEVICE SIDE3” and when I type CAR I get no response, just the D1: prompt. If I boot directly into SpartaDOS in 800 mode (Atari OS B PAL) I do not get this error and I am able to go to the Loader by typing CAR. But if I go back to SpartaDOS at this point I get the “Config error (179): DEVICE SIDE3” and when I type CAR, I am not able to return to the loader. Again, in XL mode if I boot into SpartaDOS I am unable to go to the Loader by typing CAR and get the message “Not present! Also, if I type CAR: I do get a DCAR1: prompt and am able to get a list of files when using the DIR command. I also have an AVG cart, if I boot into SpartaDOS with the AVG cart installed I am able to use the CAR command to return to the AVG cart menu at least once. I am not always able to return to SpartaDOS from AVG. I have disabled the ATR swap button as stated on page 24 of the Ultimate 1MB, Incognito and 1088XEL|U1MB Firmware manual. The Reference to “Side Cart ROM” on this page under “Memory and System ROMS” does not exist, so I cannot enable it as stated in the manual. I have updated the Ultimate 1MB using the “firmware.atr” from “U1MB_Firmware_4.0_070721” with the “U1MBS3.ROM”. I have also updated the SIDE3 cartridge with s3loader.xex version 0.44. Any help in resolving these issues with the Ultimate 1MB, SIDE3 and CAR command would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Just as a follow up to the conversation. I sent the Incognito back to the seller as well as my CF cards. He determined that the Incognito was defective and sent me a working replacement along with my CF cards and everything is now working. Thank you to everyone who provided input.
  5. No error message with the original loader. It just didn't work.
  6. Thank you for supplying the original loader file and for your suggestions. I tried the original loader, but all I got was the SIDE Loader title on the top and scrolling text at the bottom of the screen. I was able to do nothing else on the screen. I will be sending the Incognito back to the seller to check it out.
  7. Yes I agree, I will be doing that very soon. The seller said he would test it out and if it is bad he will send me a new one. If it works at his end, at least I will know the problem is elsewhere.
  8. I took the Incognito out and took a look at the U3. It looked OK to me. I've attached a closeup photo of the U3.
  9. The CF cards were inserted properly and fully. There was no visible damage to the socket that I could see and I did examine it carefully. The Seller did suggest that I could send the Incognito back so he could check it on his system. I think that will be my next step.
  10. I checked the pins in the Incognito CF socket with a flashlight and everything looked good.
  11. I purchased the Incognito with FJC's firmware preinstalled. Even though I have not used this 800 that much it seemed to be running fine prior to installing the Incognito and still seems to be running OK other than not being able to access the CF card.
  12. Mostly the ones provided by flashjazzcat. Other instructions were looked at as well, my CPU card was different then the ones in most of the videos, but there were instructions on the forums.
  13. I did a separate ATR swap button mounted near the power switch. I will try and post some more pictures at some point, but it may be awhile before I have a chance to do so.
  14. Yes, the Incognito and the CF socket may be another issue. This may be a difficult problem to solve.
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