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  1. Hi, I think space Instigators is the best clone. Could you tell me more games without including INV+?
  2. Is there any hack to play with joystick?
  3. suggestions for arcade legends: Changes, crush roller, dig dug, dig dug 2, gorf, hopping mappy, juno first,lock and chase, macho mouse, mappy, moon alien 2, moon patrol, no man's land, phoenix, pirate ship higemaru, polaris, popeye, puzznic, round-up, saturn, space firebird, space zap, triple punch, uniwar. I think all these games only use one button
  4. Would it be possible to make a port of this super classic from Nintendo??? It's a real fun game!
  5. thanks! Why are my "favorites" listed in alphabetical order but in reverse? z to a
  6. Why does the program go back to the initial page when exiting a game?
  7. dancero

    RetroN 77

    no, the room is ok
  8. dancero

    RetroN 77

    I have a problem winth retron. I am playing with any rom with stella 6.5.3 and at some point the image freezes and the console freezes and I have to turn it off. I have tried with several sdcards and the problem persists
  9. It is a pity that this console only had a button. If I had two, one could be the short shot and the other the long one. Then the game would be perfect
  10. Does anyone plan to publish a version of this arcade game for the VCS? it would be great
  11. it's very funny! Congratulations. The characters are charismatic. It would be wonderful a v4. Thanks for the effort
  12. Hello, is it the same author? What game is better? Regards
  13. Waka is interesting. With a little more complexity would be a great game
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