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  1. It is a pity that this console only had a button. If I had two, one could be the short shot and the other the long one. Then the game would be perfect
  2. Does anyone plan to publish a version of this arcade game for the VCS? it would be great
  3. it's very funny! Congratulations. The characters are charismatic. It would be wonderful a v4. Thanks for the effort
  4. Hello, is it the same author? What game is better? Regards
  5. Waka is interesting. With a little more complexity would be a great game
  6. Hi, why do not the controls for this games work for me? I can not move the racket. I have stella 6
  7. I play with Stella 6 in windows and works, but I have an android TV with an android 6 and doen't works. Has anyone tried the game on some modern android?
  8. Doesn't work in android
  9. Please, final version of this. It's awesome
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