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  1. One last thing before I go on vacation... Wouldn't This Be Something?™ 🥰😍😋
  2. Yo! I know that I'm so far behind on everything in here. Probably 10 pages at this point! I'll catch up. I'm probably hours behind! Just been an absolutely crazy week as I'm sure you can imagine. And, me & my wife planned a little cabin vacation around the timing of E3 so I'm not sure how much time I'll have while I'm on the road. Although... I'm typically up 3 or 4 hours earlier than her so maybe I'll be able to sneak in some quality AA time! In the meantime... wanted to share this article I just saw and have been sharing on social media. We've been getting an incredibly positive reaction from the media, retailers and new fans since our E3 showcase! And from a lot of folks who never knew about us or had casually heard about us. Make sure to check out the hundreds upon hundreds of new and positive comments on our YouTube video of the presentation. Really incredible! And only 1% of the folks who watched it (over 30,000 views at this writing) downvoted it. Here's a great article and example of what people are saying. The article states... "The Amico is arguably the most interesting announcement to come out of E3 this year, but it is a welcome one since it is the perfect device for people to easily share their love of gaming with those around them." https://www.cgmagonline.com/2021/06/14/intellivision-amico/
  3. Yeah! It's pretty amazing that it's the 2nd highest item in the entire auction! The only thing that is doing better is a Frank Pierce (Warcraft designer) signed Warcraft III statue from his personal collection. Great auction for a great cause! So glad that Intellivision is one of the big fundraisers for this auction!
  4. Tomorrow I should be catching up on the past week or so of questions, comments, etc. So if you have any... now is a good time to ask! In the meantime... Another classic hand drawn art piece for the box cover of our exclusive Evel Knievel game! It's one of the most fun games that people enjoy and the multiplayer mode is super addicting, fun and uses our motion controls. It's been a great honor working with the Knievel family on this and of course, the incredible developer Barnstorm Games. I can't wait to reveal some of the surprises of our physical boxed games that we have planned!
  5. Yo! I'm way behind on answering questions... just have a LOT going on this past week with E3 and everything else! I'll make sure to carve out a few hours this weekend and go back a bunch of pages. In the meantime... We've been showing off a lot of our Retro inspired box artwork for some of our physical games. Here is one that is more of a modern yet matching feel. Dynablaster!
  6. Check out our E3 2021 teaser. Join us for the Intellivision showcase at E3 Expo to see some new game announcements and gameplay footage! 🐬🚀💣 ⚽🛩️ Monday, June 14th at 9:45am PT / 12:45pm ET YouTube.com/E3 Facebook.com/E3expo Twitter.com/E3 Twitch.TV/E3
  7. Lots to catch up on! Been slammed like crazy working on the big E3 video presentation. Can't wait for everyone to see it! I'll be back to answer questions and join in on the conversations over the next few days. In the meantime... Check out the cover art piece for our Moon Patrol physical product! I can't wait to show people our approach to physical game products. It's a unique idea with a LOT of really cool benefits that haven't really been done before. More info and a big reveal coming later this year.
  8. BBG Entertainment. Same folks who are doing Dynablaster for us! Forced scrolling SHMUP type levels to see who can collect the most coins. Co-Op mode, art, audio, design, levels, etc. The German text was done by our European president Hans who was a journalist for 30+ years and the CEO for 12 years of the biggest magazine publisher in Germany.
  9. That is a different game by the same developer. They originally wanted to do a version of their Einstein Brain Academy game but of course we wanted multiplayer/co-op. They mentioned that they owned the trademark for Brain Duel from another game, so I picked that name and said lets go with that!! Intellivision is internally doing all of the art & audio for this particular game and BBG (the developer) is doing the programming. All of the character designs were done by me & Mike Dietz (Mike's art) and all of the 3D modeling and rigging. Background art, etc. all done in house at Intellivision.
  10. Yep! Absolutely! It's no secret that ordering direct from us gives us the highest profit margin and is greatly encouraged by our finance/money/accounting folks at Intellivision.
  11. That's for sure. And I'm always honest and transparent as possible every step of the way. I can tell you that our retailers and distributors very much understand the situation because they are seeing it with almost all of the electronic products they carry. So their expectations are low across the board and they are completely understanding of the situation everyone is in. Especially smaller companies like ours with a product they really love. Our sales team has weekly meetings with all of our retailers and they are super excited to see all of the things we're doing and they all feel that it's going to be a huge success when it arrives. So all good news on that front. Our goal over the summer is to continue getting as many people to try out Amico as we can.
  12. Here's what a normal non-biased factual article looks like. https://www.hiddenwires.co.uk/products/article/intellivision-to-launch-family-gaming-console
  13. If folks want a deposit refund, we will of course honor them as we always have.
  14. Update: Nothing yet. Getting new boards fabricated using alternate parts that will help... but would still need to go through testing, compliance, etc. And even with those boards there are 2 parts that no one can seem to find. We still have about 6 - 8 weeks to figure it out (to get units in peoples' hands by October).
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