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  1. Starting a live discussion with @og_nlgaming about my career in music and video games. Feel free to join the fun and ask questions!
  2. So I shouldn't video her kicking your butt in Astrosmash when you guys come down?
  3. We have some special and cool things planned here in the U.S. More info coming over the summer.
  4. That was my impression as well. A cool concept... they would probably be better served to go after every single board game, trivia game, card, dice, party game, etc. and make that their main thing! Ditch all the hard to play and crappy games and only go with high quality and games where a mobile controller works GREAT.
  5. I tried it for 2 months last year. My personal thoughts and experience... 1. Didn't like many of the games. 2. Lots of shovelware. 3. Just using a mobile device for the action games was pretty frustrating. 4. I had lag issues from my smart TV. 5. Getting tired of subscription based services. I love the concept! I just wish the games were better and more curated and there was a way to hook up a more tactile controller. I wish them great success though! Having different options is always a good thing for our industry. The great thing about Amico is we don't have those particular issues I had with AirConsole. And although you can hook up mobile controllers to our system as well... the mobile controllers are great for party, card, dice, hypercasual, etc., but nowhere near as good for the more action titles. Having the Amico controller is the best for action games. And I would say that for some games like cards & dice... having mobile/tablet is better because your mobile screen is higher quality and the processor is more powerful and the screen size bigger.
  6. You kidding me? They'll be the first ones in line to buy one so they can bitch about it. I win.
  7. We had a meeting a few weeks ago with one of our big private investors who is a legit billionaire and who absolutely LOVES what we're doing. He asked me and Nick what we would do with $100 million. It was an interesting question we never received before. I said... aside from more marketing and bigger/more licenses... "I'd build a plant in Texas and try to manufacture and assemble as much of the machine as humanly possible." He smiled and said... "Right answer". I'm not saying this is happening... it was just a hypothetical. But reading the articles here reminded me of that story. Sad to know that the original Intellivisions were made right here in California at one time. And then the entire electronics industry left shortly after that. Really sucks.
  8. Another week... another TON of really exciting info and plateaus to share! First up... As a lot of you may already be aware, GameStop started promoting Amico in their retail stores! And this is just the beginning as we're still 8 months from launch! Here are the posters that are being put up all over the United States in thousands of GameStop retail outlets: And here is a 15 second video that is being broadcast in GameStop locations: And here are print and digital ads that thousands of stores have and millions of people receive via e-mail. Right in there with the biggest entertainment franchise in history (Pokemon) and side by side to Playstation 5, Xbox & Nintendo. Starting to get real enough for folks? p.s. It says Gamestop EXCLUSIVE on there.
  9. What did people think of our exclusive Breakout update from last week? Let's find out!
  10. And shame on the folks who made negative videos calling us liars.
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