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  1. We're working on a couple of different videos over the next few weeks. Gameplay videos after those.
  2. I came in here to post facts. I guess that makes me the "bad guy" in some folks eyes.
  3. I've had 4 different people send me or tell me about this article today. Aside from the retro and home brew stuff, it's also interesting to remember how a younger audience has never held music, art, books or video games in their hand. And that is only going to get worse. Yet they are interested in doing so. This is partly the reason why we created the physical products/games the way we did. Best of both worlds.
  4. Actually... we've designed Bomb Squad to be a single player as well! You'll need to use two controllers at the same time with 2 hands! And maybe even your nose.
  5. Yes. Most every Amico game has a single player mode. The only one I can think of off the top of my head that doesn't is Emoji Charades.
  6. HEY!!! THIS PAGE IS LEET!! (If that went over your head... look it up boomers!) 😋😇🥰🙃😉🤣
  7. Count on Safe Cracker, Demon Attack, Beauty & the Beast, Microsurgeon to be at the top of the list. Ice Trek & Dragonfire in there at some point as well. If I had to guess at which one would be out first... probably Microsurgeon.
  8. I don't think it's about the person who made the initial mistake... it's the phony concerned trolls that want to always try to make something out of nothing. Lying and misinforming is their main goal. I think people probably find it interesting (like you mentioned) that those folks aren't talking about "no lag", games played great, etc. And of course they won't talk about that, because it doesn't fall into their false narratives. I think that the folks here (including myself) pointing out the absurdity isn't nitpicking or getting worked up. It's showcasing how ridiculous certain folks are for trying to tear down other people's fun and good time in this thread. The same few phonies who come to Atari Age (and especially in this particular thread) to try and purposely stir the pot while clutching their pearls should probably think about finding a new hobby at this point.
  9. To put an exclamation point to this ridiculousness, contrary to what some have wrongly assumed, we didn't make anyone sign the release form. You didn't need to sign it to get into the event. If folks didn't want to sign it, our video folks just made sure not to film them. The fact that folks are making this "a thing" shows how desperate certain folks have become in trying to twist and promote a false narrative. Embarrassing to them at this point, but not surprising given the nature and reasoning for the constant deceit.
  10. There were 2 artists that were hired. I don't know their names. Something our art director Mike Dietz did. Mike also did a few of the boxes himself and directed the back and forth of the ideas that we came up with for each one.
  11. I could say the same to a lot of the people and comments in here as well.
  12. Not sure that statement is good enough. You may need to make a video and get an attorney to work on a signed affidavit. Also, do you think you can get down to a UPS Store to get a Notary Public? Thanks!
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