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  1. That was never the case. Just because Mattel licensed the rights doesnt mean they own the code or owned the game ever. Data East was always the owner. It was a simple licensing deal. Similar to Colecovision making Donkey Kong games. They didnt own Donkey Kong or the code.
  2. They removed it because I took over and refused to let them get away with it. Atari wasn't even aware this was happening.. Can't say more than that because of the way our new contract with Atari was written. But if you look at the Flashback timeline... I think you'll notice that my story lines up. AT Games were 100% illegally putting Imagic games on their as well. Long story on that one that is probably best I don't get into here. Bugertime and Bump & Jump were never owned by Intellivision and my understanding is that they did acquire those licenses through the proper channels. Atari Flashback sales ARE actually signficant. Enough that proper royalty payments would have easily been in the tens of thousands... and with me negotiating... maybe even close to $100K. Intellivision Productions never filed a claim because I was the one who found out they were doing it and they didn't start doing it until after Keith died. Bad move trying to take me for a fool. As Paul mentioned... he was in a few of the in person meetings we had at AT Games. Although cordial for the most part... there were very uncomfortable moments as they made the mistake of not being honest on a number of occassions and I don't think they realized I had the knowledge, power, industry friends and experience to call them out. They even tried going around my back a few times and getting to others who worked for me. As if my own folks weren't going to let me know. Seriously? Yes... that's how insane the situation was. In regards to the talk that Amico isn't really an Intellivision.... every example you gave absolutely 100% proves my point. NONE of those companies you mentioned were the company who owned those products. Those are companies who licensed the products from the owners to create something totally new. We ARE Intellivision... we don't need to license or need permission to do Amico or it's games. Those games and the name and trademarks and patents are us.
  3. They were for a little time a long time ago (over 7 years ago). After that... No. They were not.
  4. Quality control will always trump making money. Building value & trust are the 2 biggest things on my list for consumers. When we successfully do that... money will follow. But it's the aftermath. When there is overwhelming demand... We could bump it to 5 - 7 days which could translate to around 75 quality games a year. That would be a lot I think. But always quality over quantity.
  5. I was assuming he meant t-shirts. For the record... we're going to be adding new things to the website every few weeks.
  6. There's a big difference between bad business practices and knowingly unethical and illegal practices. "Can we use your product in our product?". No... you can't. "Well, we're going to do it anyway and refuse to pay you anything."
  7. To be fair... you were the one who said the opposite of that quote. I only disagreed with it (as this is a fact that is widely known and many journalistic articles have written about). I don't feel it's fair for you to attribute that quote to me when I never said that. It's like saying... "Tommy, I heard you love country music." And I say... "Not really." And then you state (with quotes) Tommy, you shouldn't say that you "don't like Country music."
  8. Not surprising. They illegally used some Intellivision owned games in a number of their Atari products and told Atari they had the rights to do so.
  9. Well... unfortunately they are. Which is why every major company has dropped them. I've received a few private messages over the past few days from folks who know the story and bite their tongue. If you knew some of the stuff they've done and said... you'd be singing a different tune for sure. I've even had their own employees reach out to me apologizing and asking if they could come work for us instead. There... I said it.
  10. Dude! Wait til you play Couch Co-Op Brussel Sprouts!! It's the like the vegan version of BurgerTime. Kids LOVE it. Has been testing very well. And wait til you see the LED's light up green when you get a bonus sprout. So amazing! And the best part... ALL in 2D!! Soundtrack is epic as well. Kinda like a cross between Conway Twitty & Marilyn Manson. Can't wait for you to check it out. :D
  11. The sizing chart is right on the page. Look on the right and click the FIND MY SIZE button. It has both inches and metric.
  12. So it's an Intellivision but not the Intellivision. (I can't believe I'm having this conversation).
  13. That's actually not true. We have multiple original people from Mattel & INTV working on the hardware and software. We're not just a company named Intellivision. We are Intellivision. Just made the company an LLC. for investor reasons. Are games like Night Stalker, SNAFU, Frog Bog and Astrosmash Amico games or Intellivision games? Is a Switch not considered a Nintendo because it was made by a different designer than the NES? Of course not. Amico is an Intellivision... plain and simple. If we have original people, the name, the trademarks, the patents, the content, the DNA, the same thought process, etc. Then what are we missing? Also, I would argue that INTV was a VERY different company than Mattel.
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