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  1. Because you are! Been some great discussions which have helped me make a few decisions. So great to have you all be a part of it.
  2. Yeah! There will be a LOT. I swear... almost everything we do has some kind of hidden Easter Egg I think!
  3. Thank-you! I hope at some point I have the time to meet everyone here in person and play Amico together!
  4. Yeah... it is ridiculous! This is why it kinda cracks me up when folks tell me there is no market for Amico and we're screwed because the PS4 will be the same price as us. They just don't understand that the vast majority of people who play video games every day have ZERO interest in the Playstation, the Switch or the XBOX.... some of which... being the reasons you stated above. It's not rocket science... it's just that folks can't see outside their own bubbles. Zero foresight when it comes to anyone but themselves. Looking forward to help opening a new (yet old) path for gaming in the 21st century.
  5. Looking forward to seeing 3 more zero's at the end of those views by this time next year! ☺️
  6. Thank-you! Cool that you know Grant's work... he's a good friend of many years. Great guy and awesome talent!
  7. Thanks! I really appreciate it. I want everything about Intellivision to be different from the rest. So tired of the corporate nature the industry has become. I'm hoping that eventually folks will start to understand that. Such a shame that some folks instantly hate the system and what we're about without ever actually looking in to what we're doing and what we're really about. If they would take the time to see and understand us (and hopefully the effect it will have), they will realize that they should be rooting FOR us as opposed to against us. ❤️
  8. Exactly! Just think... E-Sports... but casual and for the entire family!
  9. Thank-you so much for your kind words. It really means a lot. This is exactly the reason why I sometimes get upset when folks will come in here and call me a liar or that the system is a scam, etc. I've been trying to be as completely open and honest and forthcoming as possible on as many things as possible. So for folks to just lazily assume I'm something I'm not gets really frustrating sometimes. But messages and comments like yours makes it all worth while! Thank you!
  10. I just noticed that exactly one week from now... it will be the 1 year anniversary of this thread! I know we have a lot of folks who read but don't post... but it would be cool if everyone came in and gave a Happy Anniversary next Sunday.
  11. Yeah! As a follow up it would be super cool! Of course I'd want to do an Italian version! Meatballs, Spaghetti, Tortellini, Pizza... it would be hilarious! Parmesan & Red Pepper shakers instead of S&P!
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