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  1. Hahahha! I figured if anyone would like it... it would be you! I actually really dig the purple one as well! Will be back later to respond to everyone. Very busy day. Tons of international and national interviews and so much more planned!!
  2. Hollywood Reporter (this is HUGE in the entertainment industry) https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/intellivision-amico-retro-gaming-console-release-delayed-due-pandemic-1306136
  3. Just wanted to leave a few of these here for folks who may have thought that delaying the event a day was bad. You'll notice a "theme" throughout these. A "spotlight" on a certain worm character? These kinds of massive headlines are only a very small part of what is to come. USA TODAY https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/gaming/2020/08/05/video-game-console-intellivision-amico-delay/3302367001/ ENGADGET https://www.engadget.com/intellivision-amico-delay-april-2021-220932325.html?guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAADSYuFBKJCU00kA_ZbgX9sm4ZlceDevpM-RK7AqoMFhvPeuIR51WTdHmoFI9KlBFZYPWg-3VEv3-ETMVdx7ELCIX4-Ycoz6U-VsGsDci56oZqWfdreIyc8oZCYD7dLPu_qQnwS_eDucKgY2y00I7yKMM7r3v6JoOjnzXqFPvMZ40&guccounter=2 BEST BUY https://blog.bestbuy.ca/video-games/intellivision-amico-launch-date-and-games-announced POLYGON even wrote a very informative piece https://www.polygon.com/2020/8/5/21356036/intellivision-amico-delayed-launch-date-window-2021 Lots more on the way! Make sure to be following and tuning in to CNET this week.
  4. Yo! Just wanted to come in really quick to say PLEASE try the e-mail address again. It was down for the first few minutes but its up and running again now. Thanks!!
  5. Over 220 people already in the event waiting! Good sign! Folks are already chatting live. https://youtu.be/6Tzx2hBHI-U
  6. 2 hour reminder and countdown for our @Intellivision Amico Special Event happening on our YouTube channel today!!! Here's the direct link to the event and chat has already started! https://youtu.be/6Tzx2hBHI-U
  7. You need to cleanse your palette by watching @OEB_Pete videos. He'll get ya humming "Have an Amico Day!" in no time.
  8. Try to switch to the other control mode (you can switch at ANY time by hitting the middle section of the screen. That then uses the tilt controls on the phone but separates the fire & jump to a much bigger area on the phone.
  9. Yes! Great news indeed! Now, imagine you put a real controller in her hand and then put it on a TV with family watching then throw in the ability to play both co-op together or versus against each other... It will get her interest even more!
  10. Thank-you! It would have been very easy to just "blame" the awful storm yesterday for the delay (so many people lost power on the east coast). We even had people e-mailing us in the morning from their phones because their power was out and asking if it was going to be re-posted on YouTube after the Live showing (which it is!). But when you have nothing to hide and are doing things for all the right reasons... being up front and honest is always the best way to go. when you have nothing to hide... you don't need to hide! We've done this from the very start. And although some things may change or need to be adjusted along the journey (which the weak-minded try to use against us and say we "lied"), as long as we are always true to ourselves and the vision and the goal... then there is never a reason to do or say anything that isn't true or the real reason. Can't wait for you to see the event today!!!!! Looking forward to your response.
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