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  1. I'm at an airport. Saw this t-shirt and thought of you guys. p.s. Amico is 15 months from launch and our next trailer coming at the beginning of August will show (among other things) 15 exclusive games. Including 3 Atari licenses. Just sayin'.
  2. THIS!!!!!!!!!!! This is my point exactly. Folks looking at our controller and thinking... how am I going to play Call of Duty on this?? EVERY game for Amico is being designed especially for the controller... and it's really great and like the games you mentioned above for the original... the games on Amico could not be played properly with other controllers/machines. Lots to look forward to and discover!
  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing and helping me continue to spread the word!! Yet another perfect example of the way the world will really be reacting to Amico! Our market research and focus testing tells us the same exact thing. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it... the only folks we encounter who are the naysayers and doubters and who think the concept is going to fail miserably... are only looking at it through their own personal lenses (and without ever playing it). It's actually pretty obvious that a system like this is needed for the living room. Anyone making the argument that "mobile" is already filling the gap we are trying to fill is just plain ignorant. With the exception of Jackbox and a few others. 99.9% of all mobile games are solitary, don't involve groups in a room playing together, always ask you for money, don't have tactile controls and ZERO curation (i.e. MOST of the software being made is total crap). Can't wait for 2020!!!!!!!
  4. OH YES! I've already storyboarded it out! Going to do it a little George Plimpton style as well. "This Christmas you'll have a few choices for your family when purchasing a new video game console. You can purchase an XBOX or PS with 3 additional controllers and 1 game for over $900 (show kid in dark room with headphones on playing a violent game and looking sickly, dressed all in black and not speaking to anyone with a distant look in his eyes) OR... you can purchase the new Intellivision Amico... that comes with 5 games, 2 controllers, ability to hook up to 8 mobile devices, no violence, simple games for the entire family to play together... all for $179." (Show same kid from the dark room but now it a white sunlight lit room with mom & dad, kids, grandparents... then people in the teens/20's early 30's all playing as friends. Show a bunch of great gameplay and say... "You decide!" Plimpton would be proud.
  5. We have a few different things in that regards. One is the "dimple" that was mentioned. But the other we have yet to reveal.
  6. I totally respect that you had a different experience growing up with the controller. Mine was different, and I'm sure there were tons of folks who were used to arcade joysticks or the 2600 that couldn't deal with it. I would like to mention one thing about your experience though... you said you were at a Radio Shack and that people who walked up to the machine didn't like it. Which I totally understand. But my point was that the people who actually owned the system and played it a ton didn't mind it at all. The majority of folks back then only really knew joysticks (or a spinning knob/paddle for PONG rip-offs) as a controller. So anything so different would naturally turn folks off at first. But when folks gave it a chance and saw how it was utilized with the games... it all made a lot more sense and you couldn't imagine playing those games any other way. Baseball is a perfect example. I STILL don't like the way modern baseball games control with modern analog controllers. Anyway... thanks for sharing your experience. I remember initial dislike of the controller from a lot of my friends also when they first saw it (they mostly didn't like the size of the buttons)... but once you play it... it all starts to make sense. Same thing can be said about Amico.
  7. Speaking of the original Intellivision controllers... someone just posted this review on YouTube yesterday. Prepare yourself for the most awkward and uncomfortable to watch hand gesture video you've ever seen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLHvtM8aZ6Q
  8. I agree. I also find that the people who hate the original Intellivision controller either never played it... or had an Atari. It's hard to find folks who actually owned an Intellivision who hated the controllers. I know there are some out there of course (mainly because they had an Intellivision II)... but it certainly wasn't the majority in my own personal experience. And I personally much preferred the original Intellivision controllers to the stiff Atari stick or the horrible Coleco ones. Although I did LOVE the sports grip Super Action joystick controller for Coleco.
  9. Impossible for small kids. We tried a few versions like that. Didn't work and made the controller way too wide.
  10. It really depends on the game. We've had tons of people play the games. Hardcores, little kids, folks who never played a game before, casuals, old/young/boy/girl/men/women, etc., etc. Not a single person has ever complained about the controller while playing. It may be hard for folks to wrap their head around at this point (without playing it yourself)... but until you see the way the games are and some of the secrets we have yet to reveal with the touch screen... it's really tough to judge or try to form an opinion. But trust me... the way the games are being made... the controller is amazing and the games we're doing can NOT be done on any other platform.
  11. No... they never played any of the games with the actual controller. They only played with mobile devices hooked up. And the guy on left (at around 44:00 in the video) did say he liked the controller. But the guy on the right did NOT play with our controllers. We had a lot of different set-ups back there and the idea was showing that games could be played with our controllers or mobile devices. We had 2 Amico controllers and 2 mobile devices for each machine. They played with the 2 mobile devices.
  12. Absolutely stunningly HUGE!! It went even better than we expected or would have anticipated. So many incredible announcements coming later this year. You are 100% correct... big box retailers only make around $5 - $10 for a $400 PS4, XBOX One or Switch. $5 - $10!!!! The markup is in the software (100% mark up in fact). And now a lot of the manufacturers are going digital. The only reason the stores carry the machines is so they can make the money on accessories and software. So what happens when the software portion is gone?? I can tell you from personal meetings and experience... the retailers are NOT happy. Intellivision on the other hand is the opposite! We are EMBRACING retail where the others are moving away from it. We are doing huge exclusive deals with the biggest retailers IN THE WORLD. And our margins are a LOT better so it's a win/win for everyone. The retailers LOVE US. Again... we are doing things completely different than the others... so folks who know nothing about what we're doing can keep complaining about a system they've never seen... but here at Intellivision HQ... we are very confident that a lot of folks are going to be surprised at how serious and big this will be.
  13. I agree with your Game Informer assessment. In regards to our controller. Once you have a chance to play it... you'll find that everything you thought... is different. That's all I can really say at this point.
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