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  1. Hey all, I thought some of you might get a kick out of this Atari 400-inspired keyboard theme I’m using on my iPad. The keyboard app is GBoard (Google), which lets you customize colors, key borders, backgrounds and other things. I was pretty happy to see that the GBoard theme editor offered colors similar to the 400 membrane keyboard, as well as cool key borders too. These color options may only be for tablets using GBoard, since I do not see this level of customization for GBoard on my Android phone.
  2. Chillin and playing with my 1200XL : )

  3. Chillin and playing with my 1200XL : )

  4. Guys, I grew up with Ken (Cartridge Stealer) and he's not lying. We all had Atari and Coleco systems back then and all we did was swap games and systems around. So relax everyone, he's not BSing you. He has a MASSIVE Coleco collection and I've been bugging him to sell me his mint 5200 for years. I had CV back in the day too, but I also had an Atari computer and I generally preferred the Atari 5200 system, though it was a very close call. Coleco had some very good games that were not available on the Atari and vice versa. I also have a new-in-box Atari 5200 and Coleco Adam now, but the point is, growing up in NY during the cold winters, this is what we did as kids.
  5. Oh, and I also have this, new in the box, to go with the 400
  6. I never touched the keys. The plastic is still on the badge, but never removed. I didn't look closely at the keys on the 1200XL if they had plastic. They do look straight there, and in the close up picture. But did you straighten them? Because in the first picture they do look really crooked. But crooked in a different way then mine, mainly like some are lower and some are more raised. Mine are more like they're turned at differnet angles.
  7. I paid $230 for the 1200XL. That's the most I ever paid for an Atari machine. Did you say a new in box 400? How's this? This one is part of my collection, never used. Just a quick snapshot. I'll do studio pics soon. Oh, and I also have the very rare Atari 48K expansion for this machine too, still sealed
  8. Thanks everyone. Metalguy is correct - this machine was never used. Further, the 1200XL badge still has the protective plastic on it, which is visible in the photo if you look at the edge of the metal. Will I use this? I want to - I haven't yet though. Maybe I'll try to find a nice used machine to mod instead. I'll set up my studio gear and photograph all my machines if you all want. I'll do it this week and set up a gallery where you can download all the images Here's a quick snapshot of the top keys (just used a crappy point and shoot camera)
  9. I could do it, but I would need to pull out my studio lights to really make 'em look nice for wallpapers.
  10. Thanks guys, that was just a quick pic. Philsan, I have the following machines, new in the box: Atari 400 Atari 600XL Atari 800XL Atari 65XE Atari 130XE Atari 1200XL Atari XE Game System Atari 2600 Atari 5200
  11. Sure, no problem. I actually made the pic for a wallpaper. If you need a larger one, let me know.
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