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  1. Was the bin file for this ever released? I own a cart, just want to put it on my Harmony Cartridge.
  2. I don't have a 7800 Shawn, So I wasn't aware so my apologies. I should have been more specific. I was talking about the 2600 titles. And specifically the ones not made by Atariage, Packrat or the Videosoft titles. Thanks for the info as well.
  3. The carts look great. Thanks again @Armscar Coder!
  4. The carts look great. thank you to Shawn & Cpuwiz for all the hard work on the carts. And another big thank you to Red5 for making the game, and keeping everyone in the loop and informed every step of the way. Excited to give it a try, I'm a sucker for Atari themed hacks. Justin
  5. Damn. Get well soon Cpuwiz, you got this.
  6. No problem @Armscar Coder! Either paid or free, I would like one if possible whenever you get these made. And Amazing story too. I actually saw your game on ZPH and played the heck out of it. I somehow missed the post about cartridges being made. Scott Dayton posted a link about it today on his homebrew page on Facebook which led me here again. Thanks for creating such a fun game, and sharing with us all.
  7. I would like to purchase one as well, good sir. I'll keep an eye out for a "reserve post", as this doesn't seem to be an order thread. Fun game.
  8. Michael usually ships my games out the day after i send payment. I'm pretty sure he has all of these games in stock, and aren't made on demand. The only possibly negative thing i can say, is the labels are sometimes peeling off at a corner every so often when i receive them, and i need to really press the label down, and its fine. Other than that the carts are clean, have the dust covers, and I've never recieved a non working game. Plus Michael is a real nice guy. Just an fyi, the labels are in the style of "older" homebrew releases and not the quality of Atariage labels. Just something worth mentioning.
  9. I want to get around to taking some decent pics, but this is what i have..in no particular order. I also probably have close to 30 hacks on cart that i didn't list, and a few reproductions. Atariage: Ultra Scsicide Stay Frosty 2 Space Rocks Scramble Star Castle Arcade Draconian Super Cobra Arcade Oystron Colony 7 Crazy Balloon Spies in the Night Encaved Toyshop Trouble Vault Assault Melbourne Tatty Epic Adventure Okie dokie Pac Man 4k Skeleton + Seawolf Wizard of Wor Arcade boxed Starfire boxed Juno First boxed Good Deal Games: ET Book cart ET return to earth Pro Bowling Pro golf boxed Depth charge! boxed 1v1 baseball 1v1 pro tennis Prehistoric times Asteroid Rescue Alien Attack Alien Revenge! Root beer pong Packrat: Spaceman Splorf boxed Hozer: Oystron Crazy Balloon This planet sucks! Edtris Gunfight Jammed Power Off! Allia Quest Scsicide Others: Mean Santa NERDS boxed Crazy Valet CGE2k1 UFO lcd Death Race Arcade Endless snow Space Raid Stacker
  10. Nice. Thanks for the info. I was more curious as to what was Enhanced about the future boards, but this isn't really the post for that. Look forward to receiving my Encore and giving it a whirl. Thanks Fred.
  11. Ordered an Encore last night, Thanks. Been putting it off for years. Didn't know that the sales for the harmony cartridges went to Atariage for new boards, so i bit for a good cause. You mentioned Enhanced Melody boards. Do you mean for Homebrews at the Atariage store? I'm intrigued.
  12. Looking to buy The Philly Classic 3 version of Scsicide and the CGE2k1 Scsicide. Serious buyer.
  13. Looking to buy a clear cartridge version of Venture II and a blue Seawolf, though i am open to purchasing others.
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