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  1. Ordered a Pluscart earlier today, and a few homebrews I've been wanting for a while. Really excited to check out the Pluscart, a real nifty little gadget. 


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    2. Machine


      No, I am an idiot.  :)


    3. Gemintronic


      Ordered one myself.  Be real interesting if I could set up my own "cloud" to talk to the PlusCart and make a game that grabs it's world data from the server.

    4. jwelsh


      @Gemintronic That sounds like a cool idea. I'm no programmer,  and don't know the limitations. But if you could somehow program the game to grab  level and map files from the Plusstore/cloud and only load constantly used assets like character sprites and hud from the start, couldn't one make a massive game beyond the size of cartridge format? Really cool stuff to think about here

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