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I'm just a person who loves Atari and old school gaming, just like you.  The first video game i ever played was Arcade Ms Pac man, followed by Mario bros. I've always had an affinity for games, especially coin op games ever since. I've been PLAYING and collecting classic video games and consoles since the late 90s. I've owned every "mainstream" system i can think of at one point or another, besides the Neo Geo consoles. The Atari VCS, and all Sega consoles are my favorite though. I also collect books, comics, dvd, and blu ray movies, and ALF memorabilia. I've browsed these forums for years, but only made an account recently, and got into the amazing homebrew scene. So don't mind me, I don't post much other than to express my gratitude. I'm just here to absorb what i can and have a good time.



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