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  1. SmellyJelly

    Games and Their Stories

    This is just a display of some games that I own that have some story or depth behind acquiring them. Some are rare, some are common, all have a lot of meaning to me.
  2. SmellyJelly

    Smelly's Setup

    Just an album where I'll display what I own :^)
  3. I'd realistically take any console if it was given to me for free, but if I had to choose one to decline, it'd either be a hyperscan or an xbox one.
  4. I've got a few T-Shirts/Beanies that are video game related -N64 Shirt -A shirt that has the cartridge art for Berserk -Jaguar logo shirt -Playstation controller symbols shirt -Dreamcast Beanie -Atari 2600 Beanie -The Nintendo 1-up mushroom vans I also have a few pokemon shirts laying around somewhere
  5. Found this at a local retro game store for 2 dollars. Their atari selection usually sells pretty slowly, so I don't actively prioritize it when I'm looking for purchases, but when I saw this I knew I had to snag it.
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