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  1. Thanks. I took a quick look at the PDF as well, but clearly I didn't look closely enough (I was on my phone). Now that I'm looking on a computer, I see references to the resolution flags, and the related resolutions. That right there is the big selling point to me. Very nice.
  2. By “selectable DVI modes,” I assume you mean that the resolution is now user-selectable and user-setable, yes? That would be a great new feature.
  3. Hi, all. Has anyone tried the Hyperkin Ranger with the Stella community build on the RetroN 77? I’d love paddle functionality, and while the latest community build is much better with the paddles, mine are still pretty jittery. Thanks. edited to add: I’ve done google searches and have searched the forums. Didn’t find anything in any searches.
  4. That's how it works on my system: menu is in 16:9, but games are 4:3. On my TV (Vizio D43fx-F4) menu is letterboxed by the same amount on all 4 sides, but games are full-screen-height 4:3 with no black bars on top & bottom.
  5. Thanks, yeah, I can rsync my files onto a smaller drive, but it appears that there's some sort of special formatting or special file allocation that isn't getting copied when I make my own FAT16 image with the same files. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. This isn't a huge deal, but if I can reallocate the 32GB card that's in my RetroN77, I have a tiny 64MB card that would have space left over, and I'd love to be able to use that for the R77.
  6. Is there any chance a 64MB image exists, or is there maybe a way to reduce the size of the existing image from ~80MB to 64MB? I have a 64MB micro SD chip I'd like to use.
  7. Thanks. Believe it or not, I did some searches on here, I just didn't find anything. Clearly I used the wrong search terms.
  8. Hey, guys. Tonight I pulled out the 5200 for some game time, and while my controllers generally work well (some buttons need repair, but the joysticks are fine), in Pole Position the car only drives to the left. No matter where I move the stick, I can't get the car to drive straight or turn right -- it is pegged at "hard left." This is true for both the bin file in my AtariMax and for my actual cartridge. My joysticks test fine with pete's diagnostic cart, and my CX53 trackball steers the car just fine. Any idea what's going on here? Thanks.
  9. I received my EPROM chips last Friday, and was able to burn an XL OS to the EPROM, and ... et voila ... my 600XL boots right up to the READY prompt. Fun stuff.
  10. Thanks for the comments, all. I want a soldering mat anyway, so I figure I'll get one of those and an ESD wrist strap.
  11. There's no danger of that! lol
  12. Awesome, thanks. I'll get a cheapy mat and a grounding wrist strap, and be off to the races. Note my moniker -- I'm all about software... new at hardware.
  13. Hi, all. I think that I should probably start using an ESD mat for my repairs. I don't know anything about this, but it looks like I should ground myself to the mat, and should ground the mat to the ground terminal in an electrical box. Is this correct? Also, will any ESD mat do, or do I really need to spend $50+ on one? I am interested in a soldering and ESD mat, and I find them at all price points on Amazon. My guess is that I don't want the $15 ones (they appear to be soldering mats and not ESD mats), but I probably don't need to spend $150 on one either. Thanks for any tips/guidance. I searched the forums before posting, and didn't really find anything applicable. I wasn't sure which forum this belonged in; since I mostly work on 8-bit computers, I chose to put it here.
  14. Yup, that's exactly what happens. I detail the state of the 600XL and 800XL bootups using Sys-Check in this comment. I just figured I'd try dumping the OS ROM, since that's all I can do with my new EPROM burner until I get the EPROM chips.
  15. Yes, I do get 16KB of $FF. Specifically, hexdump shows: % hexdump OSROM.rom 0000000 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff * 0004000 % ls -lh OSROM.rom -rw-rw-r-- 1 unixdude staff 16K Mar 26 21:12 OSROM.rom % I was seeing 32768 bytes yesterday, but I've rebuilt the file. Anyway, I think I'll chalk this up to "the chip is completely toast," as I suspected it was. My EPROMs (TI TMS-27C128-1) are coming today, so I will burn an XL ROM image to one of them, then try booting my 600XL with that. That will hopefully fix my 600XL.
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