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  1. Man, it sure is right there! Not sure how I missed it. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, I was actually looking for that info on the site and did not come across it. I probably just missed it. I did reach out to Steven; hopefully he gets back to me soon. I really wonder what happened.
  3. Anybody ever have an AtariMax SD multicart die? Mine died today, and I'm not sure why. The blue light doesn't come on anymore, and I have verified that the SD chip works fine and has exactly the contents I expect it to have. Super bummer here...
  4. Thanks, I didn't figure it was something to worry about, just wondered what it was. And, of course the S-video output looks amazing -- thanks @-^CrossBow^- for encouraging me to not stop at composite. And, @x=usr(1536), thanks for the link to the FAQ!
  5. Hey, all. I'm modding a 5200 for UAV today, and I came across a couple of oddities. Anybody know what these are? On the GTIA, pin 11 is pulled and is not connected to anything. On the bottom left of the board, there's a couple of wires, and one of the pins is pulled on a 74LS51. As you can see from the pic, this 5200 works fine. Thanks.
  6. I think I noticed the same thing on Asteroids as well. And, you're making me wonder if I should reconnect RF for those games. I'm definitely much more impressed with the 5200's UAV/S-video output than I am the 2600's, but modding the 2600 for UAV + S-video was definitely still worth it.
  7. Confirmed the issue was my cable: I bought 2 more, and using those I am now getting good S-video signal through the switchbox. It's nice to have this done. I am extremely happy with a setup of: 2600/5200 UAV -> s-video to RetroTINK 2X-MINI -> HDMI to TV. Thanks for all your help all through this journey, @DrVenkman and @-^CrossBow^-.
  8. unixdude

    UAV mod help

    All done now - thanks guys. I wrote a blog post about it.
  9. unixdude

    UAV mod help

    Thanks, I think that might have been it. I decided to desolder the UAV from the 4050, then solder a socket on top of the 4050 - kind of like what @DrVenkman did to his UAV-modded 5200. That way, I could easily solder all 16 pins (can't get 8 of them under the UAV if soldering that one directly onto the 4050!), then drop the UAV into the socket. Did that, and bam - perfect video - see pics. Thanks so much, @-^CrossBow^-, for suggesting that I add S-video. The difference really is quite something. I don't think it's going to get any better for my 5200, without going to something like a Sophia.
  10. unixdude

    UAV mod help

    Hey, all. Yeah, it's me again. After I realized that my 2600's S-video issue was related to the S-video cable, I decided to finish up my 5200's UAV install. That meant I was to solder the UAV onto my 5200's 4050, and put the system back together. After I did that, I tested and found that now the colors on the 5200 are all out of whack. This 5200 worked perfectly on both S-video and composite until I soldered the UAV onto the 4050. Did I maybe kill the 4050? See attached pics. I show the AtariMax menu so that you can see the line on the top and bottom. This is new today. I show the Missile Command startup screen so that you can see the lines on the colors -- previously these colors were solid as they cycled. I would appreciate any pointers to what happened here. Constructive feedback also accepted on how to do a better job with the UAV. I bought some dupont connectors today, a crimp tool, and some wire, and that will definitely help with future installs.
  11. Hmm, I'm not sure that's the problem with mine. I opened mine up and you can see from the attached pics that it seems to be nothing but a dumb circuit switch. All the audio grounds are connected to each other. All the composite grounds are connected to each other and to nothing else. All the S-video grounds are connected to each other and to nothing else. All the S-video shields are connected to each other and to nothing else. There is no crossing those boundaries. Edited to add: The video issues are coming from one of my cables. At the moment, I only have two S-video cables, and one of them has video issues. I'll be buying two of these this week. I mean, maybe this switch is problematic as well, but one of the cables is definitely bad.
  12. Thanks. I’ll open one of the switch boxes and see what I see. I wonder if rhe RetroTINK 2X-MINI will care about switching inputs like that. I hope not. My idea is to have everything hooked up via either S-video or composite, and both outputs connected to the RetroTINK.
  13. Thanks, guys. I finally got this sorted - I must have been crimping the terminal block screw onto the insulation of one of the wires. 2600 displayed through 5200's S-video connector, and 5200 displayed through 2600's S-video connector, so I tried again with 2600 S-video on 2600's connector, and all is well. I note that both of my S-video switchboxes introduce vertical bars onto S-video sources (see attached pic) -- neither switchbox does this with composite sources. I need to google this yet, but if anyone knows of a good solution to that, I'd love to hear about it. Finally: @-^CrossBow^- - I love the dupont connectors I saw in one of your videos. I'm going to buy a set of those and use them in future UAV mods.
  14. I forget where I found this diagram (it's here on AA in a 2600 UAV thread I think), but I include it here because it's what I used as my guide. I don't know whether the author of the diagram is showing the S-video connector as the male or female side, but I got it to work by wiring it up with the diagram showing the S-video connector male end (that is, when wiring it up to my female connector, I left-right flipped it). @-^CrossBow^-, with the left-right flip, it is wired as shown below -- that is, Chroma ground goes to the rightmost pin on the 6-block. Luma ground is on block-pin-2. Chroma signal is block-pin-3. Luma signal is block-pin-4. You can match the colors between my connector and terminal block to see what I mean. Also, I have made progress getting this 2600 sorted: on a whim, I disconnected the S-video connectors from both the 2600 (not working) and 5200 (known good), and ran the wires from the 5200 connector to the 2600 UAV, and I do get S-video out. So, something is wrong with the connector or my wiring or both, on the 2600. It's weird, though -- my multimeter shows continuity between the UAV and the correct pin on the male end of an S-video cable connected to the 2600 S-video connector. Who knows. I bought 10 S-video connectors, though, and I have gobs of wire, so I'll just make a new one. I'm not sure of the best way to solder a wire to these S-video connector pins (there's no hole in the pins), so I've just been creating a loop on the end of the wire, then looping that around and soldering it to the pin. Is there a better way? Also, am I correct about the s-video connector in the diagram showing the male side?
  15. Thanks. I do not have a scope, but I do have a logic probe. Maybe a logic probe would indicate the changes in the signal? Here are some pics. I show the s-video connectors on both systems, and the UAV on both systems. I trust you will be able to identify which is which.
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