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  1. Fairchild Channel F Tetris - Videocart 28

    Are any of these still available?  If so I would like one.



    1. e5frog


      Well... I haven't been able to get box prints, most likely due to the current situation. 
      I'm not sure I'll do a second run as the number of interested people has been quite low (less than 25). 

      If you want to get in on this run I suggest you also make payment to reserve a copy. 


    2. Alaskaman


      Payment is made using Paypal.  $116.00 is sent.


      Quinten Arndt

      39850 Fernwood Drive

      Homer, Alaska 99603


      Thanks, Looking forward to it.  Send an email when it looks like you get enough interest and the box situation worked out.



    3. e5frog


      Thanks, there's enough to break even, mainly awaiting to get in touch with the box prints guy. 

  2. PM sent, would like to order when shipping is available
  3. Does anyone have information on the memory expansion installed on my Atari 520ST. The PCB is labeled 1987 V.2 AERCO easiest Solderless Ram. The PCB is halfway populated with KM41C1000AP Chips. I would like to fully populate the board and was looking for information. Thanks,
  4. Is the RF shield reinstalled after installation or can it be left completely off? I've installed two in different Aquarius and on both video is fuzzy (a shadow or offset reflection). Changed TV's but am looking for another video cord to try. I'm posting a photo. Thanks, Quinten
  5. Wanting to buy a 1040ST, doesn't matter if the floppy doesn't work or if it has a RF box or not. Would look at a non-operating one if it was cheap enough. Thanks, Quinten
  6. If you make any pcbs or complete boards, I would be interested in two for the model I and one for the model II. Quinten
  7. Was using a slide rule my first two years of College. HP came out with the HP35 ($450) and the next year came out with the HP45 ($450) one of my classmate's dads company made a group purchase and I bought one for $350. Was waiting for TI, but graduated from Engineering school before they came out with an engineering calculator.
  8. Wanting to buy a working stand-alone Adam computer or would consider an expansion model. Thanks
  9. Very interested in 2 of these!
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